[AndroidMOD]: instale a nova CyanogenMod-6.1 para o Nexus One em seu Android

[AndroidMOD]: instale a nova CyanogenMod-6.1 para o Nexus One em seu Android

 [AndroidMOD]: instale a nova CyanogenMod-6.1 para o Nexus One em seu Android

Para instalar o CyanogenMod 6.1, sistema operacional alternativo (ROM) para smartphones Android, siga o tutorial deste link.

Cyanogen Mod 6.0.0 froyo 2.2

Se você ainda está em dúvida, segue o changelog (que está incrível, incluindo agora até Rádio FM!!). Veja abaixo:

CHANGELOG da versão 6.1.0:

• Common: Update to Android 2.2.1
• Common: Various bugfixes from AOSP and CodeAurora
• Common: ADWLauncher 1.2.0 – Ander Webbs
• Common: Configurable audio focus for music app – Jonas Larsson
• Common: APN cleanup (fixes many issues with GPS and MMS) – Cyanogen
• Common: Use ARMv6 optimizations for DS/Hero targets – Ninpo
• Common: AudioDSP updates – Antti S. Lankila
• Common: Status bar themes – Michael Webster
• Common: Email app updates** – Michael Webster
• Common: Selected kernel optimizations – Kernelzilla
• Common: EMMC support – Koush
• Common: Camcorder touch-to-focus – Cyanogen
• Common: Notification “quiet hours” – Evan Charlton
• Common; Superuser 2.3.6 – Adam Shanks (ChainsDD)
• Common: Camera/camcorder continuous autofocus – Cyanogen
• Common: Camera option sliders – Cyanogen
• Common: Control locking of MMS app in memory – Julian J. M
• Common: Kill foreground app by long-pressing back – Evan Charlton
• Common: New AppWidgetPicker dialog – boombuler@XDA
• Common: FileManager app – OpenIntents (graphics update from Fitsnugly)
• Common: Anonymous install statistics gathering – Chris Soyars
• Common: Stable shot camera mode – Cyanogen
• Common: Dual-mode snooze (long press dismiss) – Evan Charlton
• Common: Compose SMS/MMS via search button long press – Wes Garner
• Common: Notification category support – Pedlar
• Common: Galaxy S style power widget in notification bar – Pedlar
• Common: Autodetect if we should use /cache for system dex files – Kali-
• Common: Quick PIN unlock – gsarrica
• Common: Increase performance of Gallery3D caching system – Androbot
• Common: Gallery3D bugfixes and improvements – CodeAurora
• Common: Gallery3D highres patches – Petar Šegina
• Common: Skia performance enhancements – CodeAurora
• Common: APN list update – Paul Weiss
• Common: Fix AGPS issues on all platforms
• Common: Ability to customize location to save attachments in MMS – Wes Garner
• Common: Dismiss notifications by swiping – Evan Charlton
• Common: Enabled Sound Recorder app
• Common: Bluetooth OBEX performance boost – Sony
• Common: Updated Terminal Emulator app – Jack Palevich
• Common: Updated headset drawables – blunden
• N1/Bravo/Supersonic: FM Radio support – MIUI – https://miui.com (graphics from Fitsnugly, HaXzAmaTiC, and blunden)
• N1/DS – Kernel 2.6.35 based on Pershoot’s repository
• DS: Updated hardware drivers from official release
• DS: CompCache sizes can be adjusted through CMParts – Wes Garner
• Supersonic – Kernel 2.6.34 courtesy of Toast and Madcoder
• Bravo: Kernel 2.6.35
• Espresso: Improve backlights – Wes Garner
• Espresso: Kernel OC patch – dumfuq (no OC by default)
• Legend/Supersonic: Proper notification light support – Alex Hofbauer
** Note on Email update: This requires a one-time wipe of application settings.


 Download links:

Última versão: 6.1.0-N1-RC1 – 10/27/2010
Download: https://mirror.teamdo…1-N1-signed.zip
MD5Sum: d84a0552aaa4c5488aa71d63ad6e4b1a

Google Addon (pacote de aplicativos da Google): HDPI-20101025
Mirror: https://www.tap3w0rm….1025-signed.zip  – Caso não funcione, tente este link.

Radio Firmware:
Download: https://android.cheml….06.00.12_7.img
MD5Sum: 3321c196d8ec1cf748fd20c3c4068520

Fonte: CyanogenMOD

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