Tutorial: how to earn free trips on Uber

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Learn how to use a promotional code, or more, to Uber have off his travels with the application; It is easy, practical and fast

How to use promotional code uber to travel for free

The Uber changed the way we move within the major cities. Through the application for smartphones and an internet connection, you can go where you want – with a lot of convenience, agility and, most importantly, of course, the economy.

Inside the Uber app, choose your destination, know in advance how much it will pay, request a driver and, coming to your destination, thank you. Get out of the car and the payment is made automatically, that if you do not select the option to pay by cash – you see how many options are available?

But speaking of payment, did you know that you can walk around without taking a penny out of your Pocket?! That's right, you can make a trip to any place and your Uber free. Just use a promotional code on your first trip or Uber indicate new users to the platform.

See below how to earn free trips on Uber.

For new users: use a promotional code Uber

Uber free promo code

If you're a first-timer in the app, make your first walk of Uber free is easy. Download the application, available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Use the code "2et4b9" when you register and you win a free trip to 30.00 per. Accessing this link to make your registration on the platform you also earn the discount.

This will give you a discount code to be used in their next two trips. Cool, isn't it?

For those already registered, but never used the app

Uber yfnjaawuue promotional code

If you already registered on Uber, but never made any trip, you can still win your free trip. Here's how:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Touch "Set location", then "promotional Code".
  3. Now put the code "2et4b9" and then tap apply.

Ready, your discount of up to 30.00 per was applied. To make sure that the code has been validated, access the Menu and check the Promotions > discount appears there.

[atualização] How to use the Uber code 2017

How to use coupon free new app uber 2017

Recently, the Uber application has changed, so we brought the new way to enter a promotional code and earn your free trip Uber.

  1. Open the application;
  2. Tap Menu, on the left side and select Payment;
  3. Tap "Add promo code";
  4. Now put the code "2et4b9" and then tap Add.

You've already spent your free trip? Here is how to get more

Tutorial: how to earn free trips on uber

If you have used the discount your first trip, but want more discounts of up to 53 ha.and 25 ha beside, just invite your friends to register in the application: each friend who register with your code and use the service wins the same 30.00 per and you win more 53 ha.and 25 ha beside discount. Best of all is that the more of your friends use, the more you earn.

Note: the values can change from city to city.

To find your promo code, follow these steps:

Travel with discount uberviagens discount win uber win

  1. Open the application;
  2. Touch the Menu > "Discount Travel";
  3. Select "invite friends" and send your code in WhatsApp, Facebook, via email, or copy to the Clipboard and send it to whoever you want.

How to share your Uber promotional code and get more free trips

How to share uber promotional code

  1. Open the application;
  2. Touch the Menu > "Discount Travel";
  3. Tap the share button and sent to your social network or to a friend by WhatsApp, Facebook, or copy to the Clipboard and send it to whoever you want.

Now, who's to say if you deserve your discount is your ability to persuasion in time to convince his friends about the benefits of the Uber. Tell them how was your experience and invite you to use the app, not forgetting to indicate your code.

Tell me how your experience, show the price of the trips, the teach the use and download the application and thus win new customers for the Uber, and win coupons!

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