Sneakers printed with HP technology

3D, Latex and even shoe printing: see what's new from HP for printers

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The company announced a partnership with Brooks to find out if something new can be done on a large scale. News for the 3D printing market was also highlighted

During the event HP Imagine 2023, the company presented new robots, peripherals for gamers, even a new notebook, and also showed new models for its line of latex printers (yes, they exist) and the partnership with Brooks to print the midsole of a sports shoe that can capture data from those who use it. Check out all the details right now.

Printed sneakers

Sneakers printed with HP technology
HP developed the sole for sports sneakers (Photo: Disclosure)

Still being tested and done in a limited way to find out if all the companies' ideas can really be scaled, the HP closed a partnership with Brooks which resulted in the manufacture of Brooks Exhilarate-BL. It has a 3D printed midsole using 3DNA technology, which provides comfort and also gives that special boost in heels.

More than being a useful sneaker for exercising, the printing of shoes allows accurate monitoring of training: this is because it has sensors that can measure stride lengths, cadences and other factors influenced by height and weight that will help to inform future iterations of Brooks sneakers with 3DNA.

For this to work, a partnership was announced with Brooks Wear Testers and loyalty members of Brooks Run Club, who synced their wearable devices through the platform Brook. Such data will allow the HP and Brooks know if the midsoles will deliver what is needed for more units to be manufactured on a large scale.

Using HP 3D printing technology has allowed our design team to adjust elements of the midsole down to the millimeter in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible. As a brand rooted in the science that each individual has a unique motion trajectory, we're just scratching the surface in terms of how we can change the ground experience and use 3D printing to deliver a premium performance running experience with the potential for greater optimization.

Nikhil Jain, Director of Footwear Product Line Management and BlueLine at Brooks

Sustainability was not left aside by the company and for the manufacturing of the midsoles, it was reported that fewer materials were needed for the product to be finished. Energy saving is another highlight that helps sneakers to be more sustainable.

As a brand, we're focused on doing our part to ensure the shoes we build use far less energy and virgin material to manufacture. And from a sustainability perspective, we are learning how 3D printing can help us on this journey.

Nikhil Jain, Director of Footwear Product Line Management and BlueLine at Brooks

Other innovations in 3D printing

Decathlon sole developed with HP technology
Decathlon also partnered with HP to develop training sneaker soles (Photo: Disclosure)

More than helping to manufacture a shoe, which is just the first step towards the process we know today, HP has helped other companies fulfill their purpose through their printers.

The first was Decathlon, which uses technology Multi Jet Fusion da HP for the manufacture of shoe elements, which also includes soles. For this to work, companies hope to deliver personalization, without leaving the message recyclable by carrying out local production instead of having to outsource this task. See the result:

Smith Optics also entered into a partnership with HP to produce snow ski goggles that, compared to traditional models, eliminate light leaks, air gaps and hot spots. The partnership resulted in an entry on the list of Inventions of the Year 2022 da Time Magazine. In addition to being customizable, the accessories Smith Optics have managed to be safer and more pleasant than traditional models.

Smith glasses with 3D technology
Smith also entered into a partnership with HP (Photo: Disclosure)

Healthcare also benefits from 3D printing models from HP: orthopedic devices and prosthetics are now produced from scratch and at a lower cost, which allows people with disabilities to have a life with fewer difficulties in their daily lives. Prosthetic sockets, ankle-foot correction parts or devices and pediatric cranial helmets are among the products to be produced.

HP is also involved in the tractor market: the company John Deere, famous in this segment, has metal parts in its engines manufactured using HP's Metal Jet S100 solution. This allows parts to be produced at a cost value 50% of conventional.

3d, latex and even shoe printing: see what's new from hp for printers. The company announced a partnership with Brooks to find out if something new can be done on a large scale. News for the 3D printing market was also highlighted
HP also provides support for the manufacture of tractor engines (Photo: Disclosure)

This same functionality Metal Jet is used by Schneider Electric for part of the manufacturing of the NSX Breaker Hammer, something that could not be achieved with conventional industrial production due to the shape and complexity of the material. 

And finally, it was announced during the event that HP 3D printers are also allowing its partners to use molded fibers in place of traditional, environmentally harmful conventional plastics. The manufacture of egg cartons, coffee cup holders and food trays are among the examples.

New Latex printer

Finally, the HP launched new versions of its latex printers. Are they:

  • HP Latex 630 and HP Latex 630 W (W means white capacity);
  • HP Latex 630 and 630 W Print & Cut: Offers users the option to upgrade to a two-device solution with print and cut functionality.

The new line arrives with its manufacturer's promise to deliver greater time savings in each of the processes, through the automated front loading system and fast loading/unloading workflows. It will also be possible to perform easy reprints with printer storage of up to 10 GB.

The new HP Latex 630 Series brings together our key latex capabilities, like white ink, in a more compact, affordable format – enabling even the smallest print businesses to effortlessly deliver high-impact signage and decoration applications while increasing margins. Beyond hardware, we continue to innovate when it comes to services and solutions, with new cloud-based HP Print OS capabilities giving time-pressed users the ability to process and monitor jobs from virtually anywhere

Daniel Martinez, General Manager, HP

The technology HP PixelControl and new print head architecture for sharper small texts at standard speeds of 14 m² per hour, which delivers greater productivity on a daily basis and also greater assertiveness in all processes.

Another solution announced today was called PrintOS Design & eCommerce. In practice, it allows HP customers to integrate an online system integrated with the cloud that allows files to be sent from anywhere in the world, as long as the models are connected to the internet.

We spent a lot of time listening to print providers about what they need to grow, and a key area was evolving their ecommerce capabilities and better connecting the front and back end of their business. HP Print OS Design & eCommerce is our answer, offering PSPs a quick and easy way to improve their online store, as well as new ways to process orders and automate work.

The new printers are available from September 19th, 2024, in selected countries, without its price revealed until the closing of this article. The service that allows printing files to be sent online will be available from November in the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

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