Instagram launches creator marketplace in Brazil to connect brands and influencers. New feature will allow brands to find creators to send proposals and should bring more opportunities for profiles from different markets

Instagram launches creator marketplace in Brazil to connect brands and influencers

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New feature will allow brands to find creators to send proposals and should bring more opportunities for profiles from different markets

With its launch in the United States in 2022, the Instagram is expanding its creator marketplace to eight more countries. The tool serves as a bridge between brands that are looking to reach specific audiences and need content creators to make this work. The proposal and closing process for paid content will be done entirely by MetaBusiness Suite. Check out the information right now.

What is the Instagram Creator Marketplace?

Instagram creator marketplaces screen
Tool works as a bridge between brands and creators (Photo: Disclosure)

A Meta launched this tool in 2022 in the United States only, and is just now expanding to more countries: Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan and India.

The creator marketplace is a tool that helps brands in the process of selecting creators ideal depending on the campaign and/or product they want to promote. Marketing agencies can have quick access to number of followers, level of engagement, participation in previous work and more information can be linked to a profile so that it can be found. Referrals and other relevant filters are points that will be available to be connected to a profile.

Example of Instagram creators on the marketplace
Profiles will be displayed for brands according to filters (Photo: Disclosure)

Brands can carry out research by filtering the audience that a profile reaches most and, when they find an option, they can check the entire portfolio and also receive suggestions based on machine learning.

In a statement to the press and influencers, the Meta cites that its new creator marketplace is the most transparent and efficient way for a brand to connect with a content creator.

Instagram's creator marketplace will help brands easily find relevant creators for any type of collaboration, but one of the most effective collaborations is co-branded ads (previously called branded content ads), which allow advertisers to Augment content with a creator or other partner's username to expand your collaborations. Partner ads are the most efficient and transparent way for advertisers and creators to run ads together, and the tool helps brands discover creators to partner with.

Goal on the launch of the creator marketplace

How will partnerships be closed?

Instagram creator marketplace showing portfolio of a profile
Everything will be done within Instagram (Photo: Disclosure)

Partnerships will be closed by MetaBusiness Suite, available through a special section of the Instagram app. The influencers of Instagram They will be able to indicate which brands they would like to work with and also which subjects they have the most knowledge about to create paid content.

So, there are two possibilities: brands can contact the content creator directly or place a joint order, in which several people can submit a proposal. All brand messages will be displayed in a special folder in the messages tab. That way:

Special Instagram Creator Marketplace Partner Messages Section
Creators will have a folder just to talk to brands (Photo: Disclosure)

When a brand and content creator define all the work, the post can be made. Content can be boosted, receive paid advertising marking or even new partnership ads can be created directly in the Ads Manager.

Instagram's creator marketplace helps brands find the right creators while helping creators get discovered by brands. We're excited to continue improving the Creator Marketplace and co-branded ads, providing even more opportunities for brands and creators to connect, collaborate, and grow.

Goal on the launch of the creator marketplace

When will the launch take place in Brazil?

Special Instagram Creator Marketplace Partner Messages Section
Launch is scheduled for “next few weeks” (Photo: Disclosure)

A Meta highlighted that the launch of the creator marketplace will take place in Brazil and seven other countries “in the coming weeks”, without a specific date revealed until the closing of this article. It shouldn't take more than four weeks for this to happen, but we will update the article as soon as the tool is available.

The launch of a tool like this puts Instagram on the same level as its competitors: TikTok e Kwai they have this bridge of connection between brands and their influencers. O YouTube There is also a resource that does this same service.

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