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New WhatsApp: now you can hide that annoying group forever

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Users can participate in the testing phase of the new version of WhatsApp and take advantage of the news, but it may experience instability

O WhatsApp will receive a very welcome new update: now the user will be able to Ignore archived conversations. The feature is still in the testing phase, but users can experience it first hand through the Google Play Beta Program.

For now, the 2.19.101 beta version of the app is only available for the operating system Android and focuses on more specific updates for archiving conversations. Let's get to the changes:

Testing phase of the new whatsapp
Users can participate in the testing phase of the new WhatsApp

Ignore archived conversations on WhatsApp

A much-requested new feature is being enhanced for the entire platform: ignore archived conversations. Initially called Vacation Mode, when the Ignore archived conversations is enabled in the app's notification settings, conversations will not be unarchived when new messages arrive.

Currently, whenever a new message arrives in an archived conversation, the window automatically reverts to normal.

Ignore archived conversations on whatsapp
Credit: WABetaInfo

As mentioned above, the configuration will be available at Settings of the application and then in Notifications.

activating the Ignore archived conversations, archived conversations will not be unarchived until the user manually decides. This update is very requested since when the WhatsApp added the “archive conversations” feature.

The app will also introduce a new archived cell in the main menu, which will be displayed when swiping down the conversation list:

new whatsapp window
Credit: WABetaInfo

When the user opens the new section, the WhatsApp will present the new option Ignore archived conversations:

Whatsapp new feature ignore archived conversations
Credit: WABetaInfo

The end user has not yet received the Ignore archived conversations through official means, but the app is working on it for beta version 2.19.101. It still needs to go through some improvements before it can be activated, so if you've updated your version of the app and this feature isn't working, don't worry.

The only update from beta 2.19.101 that is now available to the end user is the “archived conversations” shortcut in the app, which has been repositioned to the main menu.

There is still no date for the app's new features to become available to all users. But when they arrive, we'll be ready to announce them and show you the step by step their. Stay tuned!

Source: BetaInfo
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