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Amazon may be close to launching its own smartphones

Amazon is preparing to launch two smartphones with its own operating system, based on Android, with new technologies such as a 3D interface.

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The rumors that the Amazon, the American online commerce giant, is preparing to launch its own smartphones for a long time. New rumors point out that the company would be preparing not one, but two models running its own operating system, very similar to the Fire OS, which runs on tablets of the line Kindle Fire.

Now, new information indicates that one of the models, codenamed “Smith”, will have 3D technology that will allow the phone to recognize user gestures even before the screen is touched. With supposed four front cameras, the phone will allow manipulation of the interface in a way that is still unheard of in current systems.

Another new technology will also allow the phone to identify real objects and match items in the Amazon, since the main objective of the device should even be to facilitate access to the company's catalog. Think of something like taking a picture of a home appliance and the phone already presenting you with the product page on the Amazon, ready with the one-touch buy button, making the impulse buying process even easier.

Although the rumors indicate very interesting technologies, the device is not yet ready for the market, and the chance of being released later this year is minimal.

The second model would be a simpler device, without the “Smith” technologies mentioned above, and, according to some sources (not all agree), it would be offered for free to customers of Amazon.

With the success of Kindle Fire, tablet company that runs a highly modified version of the Android, nothing more natural than the next step was the phone screen. And we know that, if this is true, the main objective of these devices will be to facilitate the user's access to the Amazon, but it is certain that if smartphones really have new and interesting technologies, soon the other competitors will also run after, which will only bring good to the competitive mobile market.

Source: The Verge.

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