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Apple ProRaw: discover the characteristics of the new image format of the iPhone 12 Pro

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Apple ProRaw combines Apple's multiframe image processing and computational photography with the versatility of a RAW format.

On the 13th, the Apple announced four variants of iPhone 12, including the iPhone 12 Pro e Pro Max, both equipped with a triple rear camera system. In order for users to take full advantage of the photography features of the two new models, the manufacturer has revealed the Apple Pro Raw, a new image format that combines the computational photography resources of Apple with the benefits of shooting in RAW.

While for the average user the most important thing is to have a beautiful photo with as little effort as possible, more advanced photographers don't like this automation and prefer to shoot in RAW, format where image data is stored without processing.

While smartphones have been shooting in this format for some time now, Apple's custom format could be the start of a new way of taking data-rich photos. Until then, when using this format, users were able to preserve the details of the image, but they lost the benefits of the apple's computational photography features, such as Deep Fusion, technology that uses machine learning to remove noise and improve the level of detail, oe Smart HDR, a feature that improves image lighting and colors. Now how ProRaW, this limitation no longer exists.

Photo taken using apple iphone 12 pro camera
Photo taken using Apple's iPhone 12 Pro camera

What are the benefits of Apple ProRaw?

When you take a photo RAW on a smartphone or DSLR digital camera (Digital Single Lens Reflex), the captured image is not compressed. These files are typically much larger than the standard JPEG photos on many cameras due to capturing a large volume of data, which means there are many more possibilities for editing them later. (

Professional photographers tend to use the RAW to manipulate the images using editing software, such as Photoshop and the Lightroom, and then process them for viewing in digital or physical format. However, shooting in this format with an iPhone meant that computational photography capabilities would not be applied to the captured image. That is, users had to choose whether to use the JPEG to get these benefits, or RAW to be able to manipulate the image later.

O Apple ProRaW comes to change this scenario and offer users the best of both worlds, uniting the RAW image flexibility to high quality post processing of the apple. Simply put, the iPhones 12 Pro and Pro Max will capture photos in this format and apply some image processing, such as merging multiple captured photos or applying noise reduction, but will leave room for color, exposure, and contrast editing.

Image taken with apple iphone 12 pro
Image taken with Apple's iPhone 12 Pro

However, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max users will need to wait to be able to use Apple ProRaw, as the new format is still undergoing final adjustments and will only be released after the devices hit the market.

With the arrival of iPhone 12 on the shelves closer and closer, it is very common for cell phone enthusiasts to prepare for an upgrade. If in doubt about the ideal model for your needs, check all available options from Apple and the specifications of each.

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