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15 favorite apps of influencers

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Find new trends, manage your networks and edit your content with celebrities' favorite apps

In the strongest digital era of all time, social networks have brought influencers to life, transforming them into true global celebrities and masters of personal and even corporate marketing. The boundary between the personal and the public disappeared in front of the television screens. YouTube, TikTok e Instagram, where content creators win hearts and minds, raising a legion of fans eager for new projects.

The digital market reaches significant numbers, moving an impressive 16,4 billion reais in national advertising in the first half of 2023 alone. However, the life of an influencer goes beyond photos and videos. For this, there are applications that also help with task management and searching for trends to generate relevant content. For those who are starting their journey as a digital influencer or just want to give a up in its feed To impress your friends, we highlight some influencers' favorite apps that promise to make this experience even more enriching. Check out!

Trend search


Influencers' favorite apps: feedly
Feedly is a tool for influencers that indicates trends (Reproduction/Internet)

O Feedly stands out as an essential tool for influencers on duty, offering resources that go beyond simply monitoring news and updates. Its clean and organized interface simplifies the task of staying up to date on topics of interest, providing a consolidated view of favorite websites and blogs in one place. The ability to create custom categories and organize feeds by topic allows influencers to quickly filter and access the content most relevant to their audience.

The ease of sharing content directly on social networks such as Facebook, X and LinkedIn amplifies influencer visibility and reach. Additionally, connecting to tools such as Evernote e Pocket offers the convenience of saving and organizing articles for later reading, contributing to efficient management.

Feedly is available for free download at App Store e Google Play.

AI Hashtags

Influencers’ favorite apps: hashtags ai
Hashtags AI is one of the apps that help you direct posts (Reproduction/Internet)

The app's main mission is to monitor trends in real time, making it easier to choose relevant hashtags and monitor the reach of each one. Furthermore, the AI Hashtags offers advanced functionality such as personalized suggestions based on your content, detailed analysis of the performance of your chosen hashtags, and the ability to create unique sets of hashtags for different types of posts.

And if you want to invest heavily in the search for engagement, you can invest in premium resources and get even closer to your goal. With the premium version of AI Hashtags, influencers have access to deeper analytics, exclusive insights into audience behavior, and the ability to create custom hashtag sets for different niches.

AI Hashtags is available for free download at Google Play.


Influencers' favorite apps: leetags
Leetags is one of the key applications for generating engagement on social networks (Reproduction/Internet)

If you fill your posts with random hashtags and think that this will reach more people and increase your engagement, stop that now! Perhaps hashtags are not given as much value as they should be and, as a result, many opportunities are lost along the way due to poor choices. The hashtag is the first step towards engagement on a social network. It's taking a concept out of anonymity and presenting it to the world, making it part of a community. To do this, you need good direction.

But how to do this? The answer to this question is simple: Leetags. This is an app that makes the work of influencers much easier, as its main objective is to monitor what is trending at the moment. This makes it much easier to choose your own hashtags and monitor the reach of those you generate yourself.

Leetags is available for free download at App Store e Google Play.


Influencers’ favorite apps: metricool
Metricool is the personal assistant you were missing (Reproduction/Internet)

O Metricool is a social media analysis and management tool that stands out as a valuable ally for influencers on duty. With a range of robust features, this app offers insights detailed information and strategic tools to make it big on the internet. Among the main features, the monitoring of crucial metrics stands out, such as engagement, reach and follower growth on various social platforms.

Customizable reporting functionality also allows you to create specific analyzes to meet individual goals and objectives. Furthermore, the Metricool It simplifies post scheduling, allowing influencers to plan and schedule their content in advance, and it's even possible to sync with all your social networks.

Metricool is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.


Influencers’ favorite apps: trendtok
If your social network is TikTok, this is the app for you (Reproduction/Internet)

If your desire is to become a successful TikToker, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the TrendTok, an artificial intelligence-powered platform that is revolutionizing the creator experience on TikTok. Through the app for influencers, it is possible to monitor the analysis of the TikTok, discover, follow and predict viral trends on the network, whether in your location, specific niche or by following your favorite creators.

Explore trends nearby, within your category or with your favorite creators through the platform, which provides metrics and insights updated in real time, keeping you constantly informed about the latest news. Use algorithms and artificial intelligence to anticipate whether a trend will continue to trend, lose relevance soon, or emerge as the next big thing.

Metricool is available for free download at App Store.

Media editing


Influencers' favorite apps: facetune
Facetune is a tool that allows you to fix imperfections and generates controversy (Reproduction/Internet)

O Facetune It's like having your own beauty studio in your pocket, allowing you to refine, brighten and rock every selfie. Want flawless skin? O Facetune is the master of smoothing, eliminating any imperfection with just a few taps. And if the lighting didn't favor your best angle, don't worry, with this app, you can play with shadows and highlight your most incredible features. Additionally, you can even add virtual makeup for days when you haven't done a big production.

Perhaps this is where the great leap of the cat of the influencers who live off their image and are also the main source of problems. It guarantees you to correct your imperfections, but it doesn't mean that everything is rosy: this is also where the distorted images in the background, out of square and some other small details that a clinical eye cannot miss. Use with moderation!

Facetune is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.


Influencers’ favorite apps: inshot
InShot allows fun edits for social networks (Reproduction/Internet)

O InShot is another valuable tool for influencers. With it, you can cut, merge, add music, emojis, stickers, insert transition effects and adjust the playback speed in your videos, which can be a real gold mine for those who want to personalize their partnerships with advertisers or for those who just want to make their social networks more relaxed. And the app isn't just about video editing, with it you can also edit your photos. O InShot offers brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness adjustment tools, allowing users to intuitively refine their images.

Its interface is simple and the app can be greatly appreciated by those who use different social media platforms. The good thing is that InShot does not make the user hostage to his own tools Instagram or TikTok, making it possible to customize your social networks as you see fit. However, although many of the app's features are available for free, the app offers premium options that unlock advanced features, such as removing the watermark, access to a greater variety of filters and effects, among other benefits.

InShot is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.


Lightrrom is influencers' favorite photo editing app
In addition to memes, Lightroom is one of the most complete editing tools currently available (Reproduction/Internet)

It is impossible to use social networks and not have heard some digital influencer talk about Adobe Lightroom. With a wide range of advanced tools and features, the app helps you transform your photos into true works of art directly from your smartphone. Known for its wide range of filters and presets special, with the Lightroom it is possible to completely change an image with a few taps on the screen.

Lightroom It is widely used to perform quick edits — such as brightness, contrast, saturation, lighting, effects and filters adjustments, among other features — on images, automate adjustments or edit a large number of images at the same time. Despite being a free application, some features available in Lightroom can only be used in the paid version.

Adobe Lightroom is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.

OVER/GoDaddy Studio

The old one ABOUT US, now called Godaddy Studio, is also another of influencers' favorite apps for its editing capabilities that refer to more professional quality programs, such as those belonging to the package Adobe. It is ideal for professionals who want a more graphic quality for their work and posts on social media. The app allows you, with a few clicks and a good sense of aesthetics, to create real advertisements or collages worthy of respect, as well as banners, logos, CVs and others.

Like any good app, its interface is simple and well explained and there is a good range of options that allow you to structure your visual identity from scratch, which gives you good autonomy as a business person on the internet. Despite being free, the application offers paid options to enhance your edits.

OVER/Godaddy Studio is available for free download at App Store e Google Play.


Vsco is a favorite tool of influencers
VSCO is a rage on social media and has become a style trend (Reproduction/Internet)

If by any chance you have come across the term "VSCO girl", don't think it's free. The term, which has become increasingly popular in hashtags on Instagram, shows girls with a laid-back style and a range of knowledge in photo editing. Behind the simple interface VSCO There are a series of tools that can optimize every selfie and photo on your cell phone to a professional level.

A big difference from VSCO These are the filters, created by a team of professional photographers. These filters are inspired by analog films and offer a wide variety of styles for your images, ranging from classic to more modern and funky styles. Additionally, the app offers a comparison feature, which allows you to view the image before and after applying the filter.

VSCO also offers advanced video editing features, allowing you to trim, add effects, and adjust the color of your clips. Although free, this tool for influencers offers a subscription that unlocks additional features, such as access to all available filters and more advanced editing tools, as well as access to an exclusive community of photographers.

VSCO is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.

Task Management


Influencers' favorite apps: buffer
Schedule YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels and Stories with Buffer (Reproduction/Internet)

Facing challenges in scheduling and managing your social media? Meet Buffer, a tool where you can not only accurately schedule posts weeks and months in advance, but also easily plan and publish content across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, Pinterest, LinkedIn e YouTube.

And if your problem is creative block, the buffer is also the solution: with the innovative AI Assistant you will have no shortage of ideas for engaging posts. Test different ideas, hold brainstorming sessions, hold meetings to create together and work with the team to improve the content. And the best part: track everything clearly with detailed social media analytics for all posts, receiving easy-to-understand information about how your posts are going.

buffer is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.


Influencers’ favorite apps: miro
Schedule and manage your posts conveniently in Miro (Reproduction/Internet)

Explore new possibilities, collaborate with your team, and enhance your content with Miro, a complete application for digital influencers. Schedule and manage your posts conveniently directly in the app, unifying your planning for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X and many others.

Creativity also finds space in Miro, which offers advanced tools for brainstorming and team collaboration. Influencers can explore innovative ideas, work together with other team members, and enhance your content effectively. Additionally, the app provides detailed social media performance analytics, offering valuable insights into the reach and effectiveness of posts.

Miro is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.


Influencers’ favorite apps: mysocial
Turn every click into revenue with the benefits of Mysocial (Reproduction/Internet)

Mysocial is an intelligent manager for digital influencers. The app offers a comprehensive set of tools designed to effectively boost, manage and monetize your social media presence. With just one click, you can generate ideas for YouTube, challenges TikTok, subtitles for Instagram , and more.

Mysocial offers effective collaboration with similar influencers through its AI-based matching system, connecting you to a vast network of media creators. Additionally, it provides easy access to high-profile brands and sponsors across multiple platforms without charging fees.

Mysocial is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.

Social Sked

O Social Sked is the ideal app for digital influencers who are present on different platforms, such as Instagram, X, TikTok, e até YouTube, who want to save time and increase their impact on networks. With special features for Instagram, it is possible to regularly manage not only your posts in the feed but also in stories, which is a great advantage for those who want the maximum optimization that the platform can offer.

And you don't have to feel anxious if your brand is taking its first steps, the Social Sked understands that, in addition to influencers, this is an app for everyone, and offers packages that best meet its client's demands. If you are solo in your endeavor, that's okay, you won't be left aside. And there is also the possibility of customizing a package that best meets your demands.

O Social Sked is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.


This is the first step for those influencers who are multiplatform. With Trello, you can create boards, lists and cards to track the progress of tasks or organize anything, as well as add checklists “Things to do” on cards, assign tasks to yourself and colleagues, upload photos and videos, attach files, among other functions.

It is, of course, the first step towards a an influencer who needs to keep their commitments up to date and cannot give in to bad luck and miss important content. The app offers advanced features, such as the ability to add due dates, set priorities and create custom labels to categorize tasks.

Furthermore, the Trello It is an extremely versatile tool and can be used both to monitor personal tasks and to organize projects involving large teams in large companies. O Trello It's free, but it also offers paid plans with additional features, such as the ability to add integrations with other productivity tools.

Trello is available free of charge at App Store and Google Play.

Are there any apps that were left out of our list? Leave it in the comments and help our readers! Or search for best Android apps this year.

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