The best tips for updf 60% off. updf has tons of features like the ability to save files to the cloud and many other basics too like editing and signatures. Come check it out!

The best tips for UPDF 60% off

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UPDF has tons of features like the ability to save files to the cloud and many other basic ones too like editing and signatures. Come check it out!

PDF has been part of our daily lives for many years. But as practical as it is, there are still some barriers that we have to overcome in terms of use. Making changes, annotations and other activities is very easy nowadays thanks to the existence of PDF editors, however, to be able to do everything that these tools offer, it is usually necessary to pay for a subscription, which can be annual or lifetime.

To give you an idea, the iLovepdf is currently costing around R$348 reais in the annual subscription, and the Adobe Reader is BRL 86,00 per month or an annual charge of BRL 1.032. As an alternative to these programs, we have the UPDF. Its annual subscription costs BRL 111,90, while the lifetime subscription costs only BRL 219,90.

This makes UPDF an excellent alternative, since in addition to being cheaper, it is much more complete and, if you purchase a lifetime subscription, you don't need recurring payments. For this reason, we will present some of the best tips for UPDF – in addition to bringing a big discount – and how to get the most out of the tool.

cut pages

This function is excellent if you need to remove any unwanted marks or something like that. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the PDF in UPDF;
  • In the panel on the left, locate the option “Crop Pages”;
Tutorial tips for updf
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  • The screen will change, click on the second button, which is “Options”;
  • In the box on the right it will be possible to determine the size of the margins and also the size of the cut.
  • After determining what the size of the margin will be, click on “Crop”;
  • If you want, you can apply the same cut to the other pages of the file. To do so, determine the size of the desired cut, and click Apply Changes;
Tutorial tips for updf
(Image: Ailton Bueno)
  • Activate the “Apply Changes” option and select whether they are all pages of the PDF, only the odd ones or even ones; it is entirely up to you.

Converting files using OCR

The technology OCR (Optical Character Recognition, optical character recognition in literal translation) has the ability to read the most diverse types of files, whether they are produced by a printer, a typewriter or manuscripts.

With UPDF it is possible to make 3 different types of conversions: the first makes the text fully searchable, but not editable, since the texts end up being located just below the images; the second maintains the quality of the images and places the texts over the layers; the third is fully editable, and the user can choose only the text or the images. Therefore:

  • Open the PDF;
  • In the right pane, click the OCR button;
Tutorial tips for updf
(Image: Ailton Bueno)
  • A screen with several options will open;
  • Under “Layout”, just select one of the 3 types available;
  • When you finish configuring everything, click on “Run OCR”.
Tutorial tips for updf
Image: UPDF


One of the biggest advantages of UPDF is having access to the UPDFCloud. With it, the user has up to 1 GB of space to transport PDFs. In addition, it is possible to rename the files, delete them and have easy access on any device. Let's see it:

  • Open the UPDF;
  • On the left side menu, click on UPDF Cloud;
Tutorial tips for updf
(Image: Ailton Bueno)
  • There will be located all the files that are present in the cloud, which you can download to your device, change the name or delete it;
Tutorial tips for updf
(Image: Ailton Bueno)

PDF converter

If necessary, the UPDF can convert the PDF to other formats, but being able to choose between three different types of conversions: maintain the fluidity of the text, maintain layout or an exact version. It is possible to convert PDF to Word, Power Point, Excel and many other files.

  • Open the file in UPDF;
  • In the menu on the right, click on “Export PDF”;
  • Select the desired format;
Tutorial tips for updf
(Image: Ailton Bueno)
  • On the screen that opens, click on the gear that indicates “Layout Configuration”;
  • Choose between the 3 types of conversions and click on the “Export” button;
Tutorial tips for updf
(Image: Ailton Bueno)

How to add comments in PDF

With UPDF it is also possible to make different types of comments in PDFs: check out all the options below.

  • Open your PDF;
Tutorial tips for updf
(Image: Ailton Bueno)
  • In the menu on the left, click on “Comments”;
Tutorial tips for updf
(Image: Ailton Bueno)
  • A small menu will appear at the top. The first button adds a sticky note: there are several colors to choose from;
  • If you want to highlight, with an effect similar to that of the pen, click on the pen icon;
  • To make the text strikethrough, click the button with an S cut in half
  • To add an underline, use the U button;
  • For a squiggly effect, similar to when you misspell something, use the first T button;
  • To add a comment, use the second button with the T;
  • If you need a comment box, press the T inside a box;
  • If you need to draw, use the pencil tool;
  • If you need geometric shapes, click on the button with a square;
  • To decorate your PDF with stickers, click on the white circle with a black tick;
  • If you want to use stamps, use the button that looks like one. You can add your own stamps if you want;
  • Finally, if you want, you can register a signature and add it whenever you want.


UPDF is an excellent PDF editor and we've already talked about it here on Showmetech. The program is currently available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users. With just one subscription, it is possible to use UPDF on all platforms and it is possible to make different types of annotations and PDF conversions, in addition to its low price, compared to other options on the market. In addition, the company promises to add in the coming months the functions of digital signatures, PDF batch processing and also the creation and filling of forms.

To see everything about the world of games, or know everything about the world of technology, how Google Cloud bets on AI for chats, databases and more, keep an eye out here on Showmetech.

Source: UPDF

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (30 / 03 / 23)

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