Best of the week: cinema releases in December, ai q-star and more!. Timotée Chalamet and Beyonce are highlights in the cinema, in addition to the possibility that Openai is causing internal problems. Check it out now!

Best of the week: December cinema releases, AI Q-Star and more!

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Timotée Chalamet and Beyoncé are highlights in the cinema, in addition to the possible OpenAI AI causing internal problems. Check it out now!

The last month of 2023 is already with us and with December it's time to talk about the best of the week here at Showmetech. Among the highlights, we have the premieres on big screens throughout the month, a possible threat from artificial intelligence Q* (also called Q-Star) about Bitcoin gave people something to talk about this week. Furthermore, this week we had the long-awaited launch of the Spotify retrospective and lists with incredible robots that you can't miss. See the highlights!

December cinema releases

The month of December for fans of the seventh art is full of options. Highlights of the month include wonka, the prelude to The fantastic chocolate factory, starring Timothée Chalamet, and Aquaman 2 – The Lost Kingdom, direct continuation of the 2018 film, with Jason Momoa and directed once again by James Wan, responsible for the success of the first film.

Timotée Chalamet bringing Willy Wonka to life in new film
Timotée Chalamet will play Willy Wonka in the new Warner film (Photo: Disclosure)

Besides, Beyoncé will please Brazilian fans with the show on your tour Reinsance which, until now, still has no date to arrive in Brazil. The feature film arrives here on December 21st and shows the complete show and behind the scenes of one of the most talked about shows of 2023.

Continue reading and check out the full article now on link Next: See cinema releases in December 2023.

AI Q-Star raises concerns

The third week of November was chaotic in OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. The company even fired Sam Altman, one of its founders, after an alleged failure in his communication in not warning about the existence of artificial intelligence more powerful than humans.

openai q-star animation
Q-Star has not been proven to exist, but it causes concern (Photo: Disclosure)

With the name Q-Star, it is rumored to have broken cryptography, which puts the existence of Bitcoin at risk. Furthermore, OpenAI researchers are afraid of what could happen if it revolts against the human population.

See all the details in our article: Q* (Q-Star): OpenAI discovery could end Bitcoin.

2023 Spotify Retrospective Available

It seems like it took a while, but this year's Spotify retrospective was released 3 days earlier than 2022's. With Ana Castela winning the title of most listened to artist in Brazil and Taylor Swift as the most listened to artist in the world on Spotify globally, the music platform has prepared several new features for music fans.

Spotify retrospective examples
Spotify retrospective has finally been released to users (Photo: Disclosure)

Among this, there is a new way to use the tool Match for friends, couples and family to compare what was listened to the most during the year. New definitions were also presented to define your musical taste, in addition to charts with artists and most listened to songs during the year 2023.

Find out about all the news and see your reports in our article about the 2023 Spotify retrospective.

The best GPTs on ChatGPT

still about the OpenAI, the company has another chatbot than ChatGPT, did you know? This allows, using conversational AI as a basis, new robots to be created for the most diverse daily activities. And you can create a chatbot for everything: image creation, image recognition, recipes and much more.

chatgpt gpts
GPTs from ChatGPT arrive to help with various tasks (Photo: Reproduction/OpenAI)

We talk all about this technology and how to use each of the ChatGPT GPTs in practice In our article this week, be sure to check it out.

30 incredible delivery and service robots

The growing demand for efficiency and convenience has driven the development of delivery and service robots. These autonomous robots are becoming increasingly common across a range of industries, from food and package deliveries to courier services. catering and customer service.

Robot performing service in a restaurant
There are many robots that work in our daily lives (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

You will understand that the phrase “this is very Black Mirror” has never made so much sense and, despite all the technological innovation, we are already living in the future that was predicted for 1000 years from now. What will come next? Just living to find out, right?

Discover all the innovations in our list of 30 incredible delivery and service robots.

16 robots that are revolutionizing the industry

CES 2023 featured several new features for the robot industry and it's almost time to see what's new for the new year in January 2024. Meanwhile, companies like Boston Dynamics Anybotics and Hans Robots They are already changing the gastronomy, agricultural and even pet markets.

Best of the week: cinema releases in December, ai q-star and more!. Timotée Chalamet and Beyonce are highlights in the cinema, in addition to the possibility that Openai is causing internal problems. Check it out now!
Did you know that robots already operate in the agricultural market (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

We gather 16 robots you need to know and keep an eye on so that, soon, they will be even more part of our daily lives so that complex activities become easier.

Video: Q* (Q-Star): OpenAI Discovery Could End Bitcoin

Prefer to watch video content? Showmetech also published a special video just about AI Q-Star so that you can stay up to date with everything this possible artificial intelligence can do, if its existence is indeed proven.

Watch the video by clicking above or directly on our channel YouTube No. link Next: Q* (Q-Star): OpenAI Discovery Could End Bitcoin.

LG OLED B3, C3 and G3: see which is the best!

Looking for a new smart TV for 2024? LG is the brand with the best OLED panel on the technology market and there are many options for different types of use and consumers. Thinking about helping you choose, we have gathered all the positive points of the OLED B3, C3 and G3 models.

Watch the video by clicking above or directly on our channel YouTube No. link Next: LG OLED B3, C3 and G3: see which is the best!

And that's it for this week! What is your favorite subject in Best of the week? tell us Comment!

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