Black Friday 2023: everything you need to know to enjoy the date. showmetech brings a little about the history of the date, how it works, expectations for this year and how to take advantage of the discounts in 2023. Check it out now!

Black Friday 2023: Everything you need to know to take advantage of the date

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Showmetech brings a little about the history of the date, how it works, expectations for this year and how to take advantage of the discounts in 2023. Check it out now!

One of the most awaited dates of the year is coming! THE Black Friday, date when consumers and sellers come together with a single purpose: to take advantage of special offers! While some hope to save a little money, others project good revenues for the date, which is one of the most important in national commerce. But when the Black Friday 2023? What are the best tips to take advantage of discounts? And how to be careful to avoid scams? We answer these and other questions for you to enjoy the date in the best way!

After all, when is Black Friday?

When is black friday 2022?
Black Friday takes place on the 25th of November in Brazil (Reproduction/Internet)

The event, which originated in the United States, is traditionally held the day after the local Thanksgiving holiday and always on last friday of november. This year, the Black Friday 2023 it will be on the day November 24 in Brazil. Officially, the traditional date begins at the turn of Thursday to Friday, at midnight on November 24th. However, many commercial establishments and online stores take the opportunity to extend the period for the whole week. Some even do theBlack November, with promotions throughout the month.

Because there is no specific date, as happens at Christmas for example, confusion and doubts about the date can arise in consumers' minds. To help, the showmetech listed Black Friday dates for the next ten years.

  • Black Friday 2022: November 25th;
  • Black Friday 2023: November 24th;
  • Black Friday 2024: November 29th;
  • Black Friday 2025: November 28th;
  • Black Friday 2026: November 27th;
  • Black Friday 2027: November 26th;
  • Black Friday 2028: November 24th;
  • Black Friday 2029: November 23th;
  • Black Friday 2030: November 29th;
  • Black Friday 2031: November 28th;
  • Black Friday 2032: November 26.

How did Black Friday come about?

How did black friday come about?
Black Friday became popular from the 80s in the USA (Reproduction/Internet)

In the Portuguese translation, the expression refers to "Black Friday", in the literal sense. The date appeared in the United States and marks the reopening of trade after the Thanksgiving holiday, which takes place every last Thursday of the month in the United States. In the United States, the Black Friday It began to become popular in 1980. Here, the date began to be incorporated in 2010. In that year, a website called Busca Descobrimentos had promotions on the same day as the American Black Friday. It didn't take long for other brands to jump on the bandwagon.

To this day, it is not known for sure where the name came from. "Black Friday", but some versions have gained traction in recent decades. One of them dates back to slavery in the XNUMXth century USA. Many blacks who arrived from Africa and were sold as merchandise were weakened and sickened by the undignified conditions of work and food. For this reason, they were allegedly sold at below-market prices at fairs that would take place on Fridays. This version, however, has never been proven.

Another explanation is that American merchants needed to empty their stocks before Christmas and began to make large price clearances after the holiday. However, the uproar caused by the discounts contributed to real chaos in the cities, which recorded cases of violence and traffic jams. With that, the patrols of Philadelphia, a city located in Pennsylvania, would have nicknamed the date of "Black Friday".

How did black friday come about?
Several theories are raised about the origin of the name of Black Friday (Reproduction / Internet)

There is still a third possibility for the origin of the name, but this time with a positive connotation. In the North American country, the word “black” is also used when a company closes accounts “in the blue”, that is, with profits. The date would then be an opportunity for merchants to end the month with good revenue, as the Thanksgiving holiday was considered weak in sales.

Currently, Black Friday is responsible for 70% of spending on household products in the USA, being one of the most important dates of North American trade. The lines are huge and the date is so popular in the USA that although it is not a public holiday, there are people who take the day off Black Friday. In addition to the United States, countries such as Brazil, United Kingdom, Portugal, Australia, Canada and Paraguay also have this date in their sales calendar.

Black Friday in Brazil

black friday in brazil
Black Friday has been held in Brazil for over a decade (Reproduction/Internet)

As previously mentioned, the first Brazilian Black Friday took place in 2010, online only. On that date, more than fifty national retail stores participated in the event. In 2012, several criticisms of the national date began to be made by consumers, when large stores practically did not offer discounts on their products, compared to North American stores, which dropped the price of goods.

Although the event is a great option for Brazilians to shop at lower prices, Black Friday discounts in Brazil are much smaller compared to American values. Another very common criticism is the false promotions and discounts carried out by some stores, which usually increase the price of the product days before the date in order to reduce the value during Friday.

As in the United States, Black Friday in Brazil takes place every year on the last Friday of November, in physical and virtual stores. Any business can advertise Black Friday deals. Due to the increase in demand for the term, many advertising agencies began to vie for the position of official advertisers of the event.

As Black Friday happens on a date when consumers have more money in their account because of the 13th salary, the preparation of Brazilian commerce to host the event has become increasingly greater, with advance negotiations with suppliers, functional organization of the store and team and work by the marketing department to attract more customers.

black friday in brazil
Despite the success of recent years, date still raises distrust among Brazilian consumers (Reproduction/Internet)

In Brazil, during the period from the Thursday before the Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday (an online shopping event that takes place on the Monday following Black Friday), total revenue reached the $ 6,1 billion. A highlight was the repurchase rate, which reached 7,1%, significantly exceeding the results of 2021, which were 4,4%. Another highlight was the growth of Pix as a payment method, registering an increase in 142,87% compared to 2021. Additionally, the shopping cart abandonment rate reduced by 12%.

Regarding service channels, the WhatsApp led handily, representing 90,87% of requests before the event and 91,49% during the event. With regard to access, a trend that was confirmed was the importance of having responsive websites. In 2022, 61,4% of visits occurred on mobile devices, while 38,6% occurred on desktops. Top categories searched on computers included food, home and construction.

Top stores and shopping tips

Main stores and tips when shopping on Black Friday Black Friday 2023
Researching prices in advance is a good alternative to getting a good deal during Black Friday (Reproduction/Internet)

Everyone wants to take advantage of discounts and the best stores to shop on Black Friday. However, there are those who still have some fear of falling for scams and seeing the product of dreams becoming a nightmare – either because it was not delivered or because it cost half twice as much. To ensure you have an amazing Black Friday 2023, we have listed below some options from reliable stores to enjoy the date without worries. Check out.

If you don't mind waiting a little longer and are willing to import products from outside the country, sites like AliExpress They also have good discounts for the date.

Wherever you are thinking of making your purchase, it is important to research the items you want in advance and monitor prices to ensure that, in the end, you got a good deal. Also, avoid unknown sites or sites that do not have a good reputation in the market. For that, you can use super useful tools, such as "Reclame Aqui" and "Black List” of Procon-SP websites. Other tips are:

Always check the website address

Black Friday 2023: everything you need to know to enjoy the date. showmetech brings a little about the history of the date, how it works, expectations for this year and how to take advantage of the discounts in 2023. Check it out now!
Always check the website address before making any purchase on it (Playback/Internet)

It is very common for advertisements to appear with promotions that are unrealistic and that fill the eyes of those who are “walking around” on social media. If you enter a website through a link in a WhatsApp group, Telegram or even by email, it is important that you always check the URL, that is, the browser's address bar.

Often, the scam is so well done that they can clone a website completely, from the visual part, to the final parts where payment is involved. To avoid problems, it is important that you verify that the site contains that padlock in the address bar, which already guarantees greater security. However, the best way is to Google the store name and access it through the search engine. That way, you can be sure that you are browsing the original site.

Do not fill in forms with personal data

Never put your personal and banking information in forms on the internet (reproduction/freepik)
Never put your personal and banking information in forms on the internet (Reproduction/Freepik)

Yours personal data They are very valuable, and by having access to them, fraudsters can make purchases and incur debts in your name, and even steal your access to email and other internet accounts.

Do not pass your personal data to anyone or any platform. Make sure the site is safe and always put reason before emotion in these cases. Why would a marketing email ask for your personal details? Does not make sense.

For online purchases, use virtual cards

Always use virtual cards when making online purchases (reproduction/n26)
Always use virtual cards when making online purchases (Reproduction/N26)

Most banks today offer the option of a virtual card. Always give them preference when purchasing online, after all, if there is a problem with it, you can simply delete it through your bank's app. In addition to increasing the security of the purchase, it also avoids bureaucracy in more extreme cases. And to increase security, generate a virtual card for each purchase you make, and discard it immediately afterwards.

In fact, avoid buying with bank slip or Wise App or PayPal (+ taxes), after all, they are more vulnerable to scams. And to give you even more security, whenever possible, use tools such as purchasing through PayPal.

Always check the value on the machine before entering the password

Black Friday 2023: everything you need to know to enjoy the date. showmetech brings a little about the history of the date, how it works, expectations for this year and how to take advantage of the discounts in 2023. Check it out now!
Always check the amount entered in the machine before authorizing the purchase with your credit card (Playback/Internet)

In physical purchases, the concern is a little different, but still very important. Before entering the password or approaching your card, check the value on the machine's screen. And speaking of approximation payment, know that it is very safe, but never let someone else pass you by — after all, there may be another value being passed without you realizing it.

Use price comparators to haggle

That discount is good and everyone likes it is nothing new. Few sensations are as pleasurable as that of buying a product you want so much at a super affordable price, isn't it? In this sense, many promotion apps and price monitoring websites have been designed. We have as examples the Zoom, Buscapé and the peeling, which help you monitor and decide the right time to buy that much-desired item.

Expectations for Black Friday 2023

For the year 2023, the prospects for Black Friday continue to point to continued success, according to projections from neotrust, a company specializing in e-commerce data analysis. In other words, the scenario for Black Friday 2023 is quite positive.

One of the main indicators of this success is the increase in the average value of purchases made throughout the year. According to Neotrust, in 2023, the average purchase value is on the rise, reaching R$ 473. This value is close to the highest level ever recorded historically, which was R$475 in the second quarter of 2021, suggesting that consumers are willing to spend more on their purchases during this year's Black Friday.

Consumption when purchasing products during Black Friday 2023 is expected to be higher than last year. Image: e-commerce brazil
Consumption when purchasing products during Black Friday 2023 is expected to be higher than last year. Image: E-commerce Brazil

In addition to the increase in the average purchase value, another forecast is the growth in sales during Black Friday 2023. Neotrust predicts an increase in 12,6% in sales compared to the previous year, consolidating the sustainable growth trend of this event in the Brazilian market.

several factors drive the positive expectation for Black Friday in 2023. This includes the maturity of the market, as Brazilian consumers become more experienced in searching for offers, the increasing digitalization of retail, which favors online shopping, a greater variety of products in promotion offered by retailers and growing awareness about regular product prices. Many consumers are also preparing in advance by researching and creating wish lists, increasing the chances of conversion during the event.

Products to keep an eye out for on Black Friday

Products to keep an eye out for on black friday
Check out a special list from Showmetech to take advantage of the date

Throughout the year, the showmetech brings a list of products thinking especially of you. All of them bring detailed information about products from different categories, which can be useful for you when researching what to buy. Check out some of them below.

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Intends to use the Mercado Livre to do your shopping during Black Friday 2023? Check out some tips to buy even more safely on the marketplace.

Source: Digital Nation e E-commerce Brazil.

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