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Brazil is the 20th best country to drive, according to Waze

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Waze ranks Brazil as the 20th best country to drive

O Waze is a pioneer when it comes to GPS navigation. The application with social appeal and well-known voices of great characters of pop culture, such as Sid from "Ice Age"" C-3PO, from “Star Wars" it's the "Terminator,” is a favorite of the most connected drivers.

The app released a report, called the “2016 Driver Satisfaction Index,” which ranks the best countries to drive, according to data collected in the app.

O Brazil occupies the 20th position in the list led by Holland, that according to the Waze it's the best country to get your hands on the wheel. For the consolation of Brazilians, our country is ahead of countries like Russia, Mexico e Chile, but it's not all right if we consider that our neighbor Argentina is in front of us.

Speaking of cities, the best city to head to is valence, na França, followed by Tours e lemans, also in França. The first Brazilian city to appear on the list is Volta Redonda, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in 29th place.

The worst Brazilian city, situated in the ranking, is Maceió, in the state of Alagoas, which occupies the 178th position. According to Waze, the 10 best cities to drive are:

  1. The Netherlands
  2. França
  3. United States
  4. República REPUBLIC
  5. Sweden
  6. Emirados Arabes Unidos
  7. Letonia
  8. Hungary
  9. Eslovaquia
  10. Italy

To prepare the list, 23 criteria were taken into account for the evaluation, which are divided into seven categories: Global, Traffic, Road Safety, Road Quality, Services for Drivers, Social Economy and Wazeyness, which measures the happiness of drivers.

Although the Waze be used in 185 countries, the report only took into account countries with more than 20.000 active monthly users, totaling 38 countries e 253 cities, and measured the degree of satisfaction of drivers who use Waze on a scale of 1 to 10.

You can read the complete document here (Caution, PDF).



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