"Seeing is believing" campaign highlights LG's exclusive products and technologies. Televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other products were the company's highlights during the campaign, check them out!

“Seeing is Believing” campaign highlights LG’s exclusive products and technologies

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Televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other products were the company's highlights during the campaign, check them out!

"Seeing is believing" is LG's new campaign that aims to bring new products to its consumer audience, promising a high level of quality and technology that only LG has. There are several new features among the new products, which we will present in this article. If you are interested in finding out more about this initiative by LG? Stay with us and we’ll tell you everything.

The connected home with LG ThinQ

The great innovation on the part of LG is the technology LG ThinQ, a control system that puts you at the center of attention for the company's entire product line. With it, it is possible to integrate the smart home with shopping services such as Google Assistant e Amazon Alexa at the simple push of a button.

When connecting your home appliances LG In this artificial intelligence system, it is possible to leave them all interconnected to act together to make your life more peaceful, because thanks to a special technology, the LG ThinQ analyzes your habits and preferences, shaping the functioning of your equipment to make the experience in your home unique and exclusive to you.

This all fits in the palm of your hand, as it will be in the smartphone that the control will be carried out, through an application that you can download directly from Google Play or the service of Apple Store

And that's not all: along with artificial intelligence technology that helps the development of activities necessary for day-to-day life, the LG ThinQ will also work to bring suggestions to further improve home life. In addition to ensuring autonomy for household appliances, the system will work to keep you up to date with any needs, such as changing refrigerator water filters, for example.

A LG cares about the future and its devices, in union with ThinQ, will work efficiently, so that electricity consumption is kept to a minimum, not to mention other resources such as drinking water. 

recommended products

Here, we will make an overview of the main products in the smart home appliances line. LG, commenting a little on each one in order to help you decide which products best suit your daily life, showing the many advantages of joining this new campaign.

LG OLED evo G3

LG, seeing is believing

OLED technology reaches its most advanced variation with the new television LG OLED evo G3. Featuring self-illuminating pixels and guaranteeing a sharp contrast never seen before, as the very bright whites do not invade the space of the deep black color, the product provides a level of image quality that is jaw-dropping.

Making use of the a9 Gen6 AI processor from LG, there is a visible enhancement of objects presented on both planes of the image, which generates a natural depth to what is being displayed on the screen, in addition to guaranteeing colors with great life and saturation, which practically jump out of the TV in front of you. Seeing is believing!

Along with technology Brightness Booster, which is just the LG that it provides, the processor helps to find hidden details in images, ensuring a pure and detailed image, without losing any elements and providing textures that will make you want to touch.

At just 6 mm thick, the new television LG OLED evo G3 It has an elegant design that does not obstruct your view: it can be attached to walls and become a unique element of your home decor, as it is ultra-thin and has no visible angles. With the guarantee of a clear image that only LG has, with technology developed over more than ten years of presence in the OLED TV market, this television from LG it is an excellent choice. 

Specification table

ModelLG OLED evo G3
Panel Type4K OLED
Resolution4K Ultra HD (3.840x2.160)
native frequency120Hz Native
OLED Color RangeWide Color OLED
ProcessorAI α9 Gen 6 4K Processor
upscaler AIAI Super Upscaling 4K
AI Genre SelectionYes (SDR/HDR)
AI BrightnessControlYes
HDR (High Dynamic Range)Dolby Vision/HDR10/HLG
HFR (High Frame Rate)4K 120 fps (HDMI, USB)
Dynamic Tone MappingYes (OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro)
Dimming Technologypixel dimming
Motion OLED MotionPicture Mode 10 modes
G-Sync compatibleYes (Nvidia)
FreeSync compatibleYes (AMD)
HGIG ModeYes
Game OptimizerYes (Game Panel)
ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode)Yes
VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)Yes
Operational systemWebOS 23
LG ThinQ® AIYes
Intelligent Voice RecognitionYes
Smart Magic ControlBuilt-In (Integrated)
Amazon AlexaYes (Built-In)
Compatible with Apple Airplay2Yes
Smartphone Control AppYes (LG ThinQ)
Hands Free Voice ControlYes
Art GalleryYes
Full Web BrowserYes
lg channelsYes
Sports AlertYes
Sharing between EnvironmentYes (Sender/Receiver)
Family SettingsYes
Always readyYes
Compatible with USB CameraYes
Audio Output60W 4.2 Channel Sound System
Lower Sound DirectionDolby Atmos
AI soundAI Sound Pro (Virtual 9.1.2 Up-mix)
Clear Voice ProYes
AI Acoustic TuningYes
WiSA ReadyYes (Up to 2.1 Channels)
lg sound syncYes
Shared audio modeYes
Simultaneous Audio OutputYes
Bluetooth Surround ReadyYes (2 Way Playback)
audiocodecAC4, AC3 (Dolby Digital), EAC3, HEAAC, AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, WMA, aptX (see manual)
HDMI input4ea (supports 4K 120Hz, eARC, VRR, ALLM, QMS as specified in HDMI 2.1 (4 ports))
Simplink (HDMI CEC)Yes
eARC Audio Channel Return (HDMI 2)USB 3ea (v2.0)
Wi-FiYes (WiFi 6)
Bluetooth BracketYes (V5.0)
RF Input (Antenna/Cable)1ea
SPDIF (Optical Digital Audio Out)1ea
High contrastYes
gray ladderYes
Inverted ColorsYes
Dimensions without base (WxHxD)1.222 x 703 x 27,2
Dimensions based (WxHxD)1.222 x 757 x 245
Packing dimensions (LxHxD)1.360 x 810 x 172
TV base (LxHxD)432 x 245
weight without base17,8
weight based22,0
packing weight24,7
Vesa Support (LxA)300 x 200
VoltageAC 100 ~ 240V 50 – 60Hz
Standby power consumptionBelow 0,5W
Remote ControlSmart Magic Control
Remote Control BatteriesYes (2 pcs. AA)
Wall supportYes (Annex)
IR blaster cableYes
MarketStarting at R $ 8.549,05

Smart LG Side by Side InstaView Craft Ice UVnano Refrigerator

"Seeing is believing" campaign highlights LG's exclusive products and technologies. Televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other products were the company's highlights during the campaign, check them out!

The smart refrigerator from LG, Smart LG Side by Side InstaView Craft Ice UVnano It's a show in itself. With technology InstaView Door-in-Door that only the LG Yes, with two touches on the appliance screen you can see the main items inside the refrigerator and choose what you want to use before even opening the door. By doing this, there is a reduction in the loss of contained cold air and prevents heat exchange with the external environment.

Furthermore, the new refrigerator produces incredible ice spheres that take longer to melt, guaranteeing cold drinks for much longer, using the exclusive machine craft ice, the company's exclusive technology. Everything is cold and delicious in a way that has to be seen to be believed! 

A LG aims to keep its customers healthy, and with the UVnano, which uses an ultraviolet lamp in the nozzle of the water filter, Smart LG Side by Side Instaview eliminates a large part of the impurities in the water served to you, next to the system HygieneFresh+.

With the compressor Linear Invert, an innovation among traditional compressors, your new refrigerator, in addition to working very well, will do so in a quieter way when compared to products currently on the market, ensuring great comfort, tranquility and spending as little energy as possible in the cooling process. your foods. 

This, in turn, happens up to 35% faster thanks to DoorCooling+, which guarantees the freshness of what is inside the refrigerator, including what is on the door, and next to the LinearCooling, leaves you with more time to enjoy your home without worrying about the food in the refrigerator, as it will be more than safe.

Specification table

ModelSmart Fridge LG Side by Side InstaView
product typeFridge
Standard/bench depthNot specified by brand
Power consumption classA + + +
Product weight (kg)131
Packing weight (kg)141
Product dimensions (W x H x D, mm)913 x 1790 x 735
Internal LED displayNot specified by brand
external LED displayNot specified by brand
external LCD displayNot specified by brand
express freezingYes
Finishing (door)Brushed steel
Door (Material)Not specified by brand
handle typeNot specified by brand
Flat metal duct (cool metal)Not specified by brand
automatic ice machineYes
no plumbingNot specified by brand
Daily ice production (lb.)Not specified by brand
dispenser lightNot specified by brand
double ice machineNot specified by brand
water dispenserYes
Ice and water dispenserYes
manual ice machineNot specified by brand
ice storage capacityNot specified by brand
Water filter model nameNot specified by brand
Door Cooling+Yes
Door in doorYes
LINEAR CoolingYes
Compressor TypeLinear Inverter Compressor
Energy consumption (kWh/year)57,5
Smart DiagnosisYes
ThinQ (WiFi)Yes
refrigerator lightNot specified by brand
extra spaceNot specified by brand
Hygiene Fresh +Hygiene Fresh +
cantilevered shelvesNot specified by brand
tempered glass shelfYes
transparent door basketNot specified by brand
opaque door basketNot specified by brand
Fruit and vegetable drawerYes
fresh drawerYes
opaque door basketNot specified by brand
transparent door basketNot specified by brand
freezer drawerNot specified by brand
drawer dividerNot specified by brand
freezer lightNot specified by brand
tempered glass shelfYes
convertible drawerNot specified by brand
complete conversion drawerNot specified by brand
MarketR$ 15.199,05

LG Top Freezer Fridge

"Seeing is believing" campaign highlights LG's exclusive products and technologies. Televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other products were the company's highlights during the campaign, check them out!

Speaking of the refrigerator, we still have the LG Top Freezer, another great new feature from the brand LG for your smart home. It has a capacity of 395 liters, which are very well compartmentalized through an efficient design, which provides a cutting-edge finish to ensure that vegetables always remain fresh and for much longer.

Also through the same compressor Linear Invert da Smart LG Side by Side InstaView Craft Ice UVnano, LG Top Freezer keeps everything inside cool and without making any noise, silently. And of course, with the same heat dissipation technologies as the other refrigerator model, it uses less energy to maintain the cold temperature inside when you open the door.

There is also the exclusive technology of LG call Multi Airflow, which ensures that there will be no temperature variation between the refrigerator compartments LG Top Freezer, through multiple air vents spread throughout the economical appliance.   

Specification table

ModelLG Top Freezer 395 liter stainless steel refrigerator – GN-B392PLM2
Product typeTop month
Energy RatingA + + +
Freezer Capacity (L)84 Litros
Refrigerator Capacity (L)305 Litros
Product Weight (kg)63 kg.
Package Weight (kg)69 kg.
Product Dimensions (L x H x D)700 mm x 1.760 mm x 680 mm
Express FreezeNo
Finishing (Door)P/S3
Door Materialpet
Handle TypeHorizontal handle
Water DispenserNo
Automatic Ice MachineNo
Daily Ice Production (lb.)Not available
Ice Storage CapacityN/A
Manual Ice MachineNormal Ice Tray
Door Cooling+No
Door in doorNo
Compressor TypeSmart Inverter Compressor
ThinQ (WiFi)No
Smart DiagnosisNo
refrigerator lightUpper LED
Hygiene Fresh +No
Fresh HygieneNo
Tempered Glass Shelves2
Transparent Door Baskets4
vegetable drawerYes 1)
Tempered Glass Shelf1
Transparent Door Baskets2
MarketStarting at R $ 3.799,05

LG WashTower Smart Washer and Dryer

LG, seeing is believing

When it comes to washing clothes, the LG it's unbeatable. With the new LG WashTower Smart Washer and Dryer, taking care of your clothing just got even easier. With an elegant and innovative design, you will be able to wash and dry your clothes in the same device.

At the top, you will have a dryer whose drying capacity is up to 16 kilos of clothes, while below, the washer guarantees high-level cleaning for up to 17 kilos of clothes. To facilitate the washing process, the WashTower allows you to perform both functions, washing and drying, simultaneously, without losing any of the quality of the two processes, as they are treated differently by the household appliance. LG.

As well as the other news we present in this matter, the WashTower da LG It has cutting-edge technology that guarantees the maximum possible savings during its operation, not weighing down your pocket when paying the electricity bill. This synergy of functions is guaranteed by a Central Control panel, located between the dryer and the washer, so that both work exactly the way you need them. 

And with the artificial intelligence system Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive, which analyzes your washing and drying of clothes to find one of more than 20 thousand operation combinations to ensure how best to care for your clothes inside your drum, taking into account their weight and types of fabric, which guarantees a increase of up to 18% in the protection of your clothing items. 

Specification table

ModelSmart LG WashTower
TypeWash and dry
Washing Capacity17 kg.
Drying Capacity16 kg.
OpeningFront Load
Wash ProgramsCotton, Duvet, Wool, Sanitization, Quick Wash and Cycle Download
Drying ProgramsCotton, Comforter, Wool, Bedding, Quick Dry and Cycle Download
Water temperatureHot Cold
Automatic Water LevelYes
Centrifuge OptionsLow, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High and High
Centrifugation Speed0-1400 rpm
Postpone Spin functionYes
Filter Eliminates LintYes
soap dispenserYes
fabric softener dispenserYes
bleach dispenserYes
Security lockYes
Basket Finishingstainless
Washing Steps ViewerYes
Anti-wrinkle functionYes
Anti-wrinkle systemYes
Double Rinse FunctionYes
Quick Cycle FunctionYes
Direct Drive EngineYes
Custom CycleYes
Self Cleaning CycleYes
Artificial IntelligenceYes
Smart DiagnosisYes
ThinQ appYes
Load SensorYes
ColorBrushed steel
Water consumption19 Litros
Power ConsumptionCold water: 0,43 kW/h - Hot water: 2,44 kW/h
Procel Seal (Energy Efficiency)A
Warranty12 months
Product dimensions without packaging (HxWxD)1890 x 700 x 770 mm
Product dimensions with packaging (HxWxD)1997 x 754 x 802 mm
Product weight without packaging154,0 Kg
Product weight with packaging165,0 Kg
Included Items01 Wash & Dry
MarketR$ 24.699,05

LG Styler Smart Closet

"Seeing is believing" campaign highlights LG's exclusive products and technologies. Televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other products were the company's highlights during the campaign, check them out!

Finally, we bring great innovation when it comes to taking care of your clothes, so that they are always ready for you to wear. That's where the LG Styler Smart Closet comes into action. With it, you can trust the technology that only LG brings you with the system Truesteam, which produces steam cycles that aim to keep your clothes clean and free of any type of odor.

Since the LG Styler Smart Closet is the first product of its kind in the country, LG I wanted to ensure that it will bring a unique innovation to how Brazilians store their clothes and keep them safe from fungus and mold, not to mention that pleasant freshness when wearing a piece at any time of the day with the same freshness it would have in the morning.

The LG Styler Smart Closet guarantees that your clothes will be free from wrinkles and any types of odors from daily use, as well as, of course, leaving them feeling new. The device also has a clothes rack system that moves your clothes up to 180 times per minute, keeping all the clothes inside the closet equally fresh and clean at all times. Everything is soft and delicious to use, you just have to see it to believe it.

And don't worry: regardless of the type of fabric, your new closet LG will do the job, as it includes a list of more than 16 types of fabric and how to care for each one so that your clothes stay safe inside, whether they are made of silk, linen, wool, leather or even nylon, which will leave your shirts, suits, dresses and other types of clothing always ready for you to wear them without any worries. 

Specification table

ModelLG Styler Smart Closet
body colorBlack cabinet, mirrored front
door colorBlack cabinet, mirrored front
Door type (material)Not specified by brand
Capacity2 hangers + 1 trouser hanger + 1 shelf
Display TypeTouch LED
figure indicatorNot specified by brand
postponement timerNot specified by brand
Aroma KitYes
Type of dryingNot specified by brand
empty tank indicatorNot specified by brand
end of cycle signalYes
Water fill indicatorNot specified by brand
Internal lightyes, LED
Max RPM from the mobile hangerNot specified by brand
mobile hangerYes
Beware of PantsNot specified by brand
reversible doorNo
versatile shelfNo
Energy Efficiency Class (Washing)Not specified by brand
Downloaded CycleYes, downloadable cycles via the LG ThinQ app
Gentle Drying – DehumidifyYes
Gentle Drying – NormalYes
Gentle Drying – Rain/SnowYes
Gentle Drying – Time DryNot specified by brand
Deodorization – HeavyYes
Deodorization – LightYes
Deodorization – NormalYes
Hygiene - BeddingYes
Sanitization – Fine DustNot specified by brand
Hygiene - Heavy DutyYes
Sanitation – Kid's ItemYes
Hygiene - NormalYes
Special Care – Pants CreaseYes
Special Care - School UniformNot specified by brand
Special Care – SportswearNot specified by brand
Special Care – Suits/CoatsYes
Special Care – Wool/KnitNot specified by brand
child lockNot specified by brand
postpone startYes, up to 19 hours
Night CareYes, keeps items warm until picked up
ThinQ (WiFi)Yes
Remote Start and Cycle MonitorNot specified by brand
Cycle downloadYes
Smart DiagnosisYes
energy monitoringNot specified by brand
Product dimensions (W x H x D, mm)445 x 1850 x 585
Product depth from back cover to door (P' mm)Not specified by brand
Product depth with door open 90˚ (D” mm)Not specified by brand
Weight (kg)78
Anti-tip kit (qty.)Not specified by brand
Carpet Installation Tip (qty)Not specified by brand
Drip tray (qty.)Not specified by brand
Trouser hanger (qty.)Not specified by brand
Rear Leveling Feet (qty.)Not specified by brand
Regular hanger (qty.)Not specified by brand
Shelf (qty.)Not specified by brand
MarketR$ 15.199,05

Are you hooked on these new features from LG? Tell us in the comments which one you liked the most and that you'll have to see to believe as soon as possible!


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Sources: LG, showmetech

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (27 / 09 / 23)

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