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Exploring the Game Pass Xbox and Xbox 360 Games Catalog

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Join us on this journey through the Xbox Game Pass catalog of games, focusing on older Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

That the Xbox Game Pass It's a great deal for any homeowner. Xbox One ou Xbox series s ou X, there's no denying it, as it has an enviable list of games of all kinds available, always adding new ones to replace others that are out of line. Among these games are the various fun options with games from older consoles in the line XboxSuch as Xbox original and the Xbox 360.


We have prepared an article with the complete list of games from previous Xbox platforms, with mini reviews to help you find your next adventure when you next turn on your console. Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit in your favorite armchair and fasten your seat belts, because there's so much to enjoy at the Xbox Game Pass without spending a single penny more than your subscription.

Ah, it is worth noting that some of the games on the list that are shown as single, may also be part of the collection Rare Replay, another title available on Xbox Games Pass. When applicable, there will be a note advising of this availability, as Rare Replay gives some extra bonuses to the experience of playing, such as videos containing interviews, in addition to the special outfit given by the presentation of the collection.

And don't forget, this entire catalog can be played both on Xbox One and Xbox Series line devices, and also via cell phone and other compatible devices through the function Xbox CloudGaming, available to service subscribers Xbox Game Pass from category Ultimate.

All doubts cleared, let's go!

original xbox games


When Black was still in development, during the presentation in which it was revealed, they described it as “gun porn”, literally “pornography with guns”, so detailed it would be for the time. Nowadays, this game still impresses with its high level of graphic quality, even more so for the generation in which it was released.

Overall, the version Xbox is higher than that left for PlayStation 2, and besides, Black received a nice performance upgrade upon entering the games catalog of Xbox Game Pass. It's a first-person shooter that existed with the sole intention of being beautiful and bringing a level of chaos never seen before. In fact, they managed to do just that. 

Blinx: The Time Sweeper

In the age of 3D platform games, Microsoft has tried its hand at creating an entirely new character to debut on the gaming console scene with the Xbox. Blinx: The Time Sweeper, ironically, ended up being forgotten in time, but here's your opportunity to play it! 

And hey, he's not that bad. The great mechanic of the game is the ability of the kitten Blinx to manipulate the flow of time in his favor, and the whole game is shaped based on that, with very creative situations and interesting puzzles. It was enough to receive a continuation, which unfortunately is not yet part of the Xbox Game Pass.

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Crimson Skies was supposed to be one of the launch games of the Xbox original, but ended up being released a year after the console's debut. It is to this day one of the best air combat games of all time. It's an adventure set in an alternate version of the 1930s, where an evil empire is slowly taking over the skies of the world at gunpoint.

Controlling a kind of "handyman" from the air, it ends up falling on your shoulders the task of putting an end to the growing threat, but before any heroic action, you will have to work hard in mercenary missions to be able to gather the necessary money to buy new and more powerful parts for your aircraft.

The version of Xbox Game Pass de Crimson Skies has a series of graphics and game performance improvements, which make it the best option to play this one of the most fun options in the game. Xbox classic.


Original creation of Peter Molyneux, who for many is one of the greatest creative minds in the world of games in the 2000s and for the rest is a charlatan, the series Fable brings the player elaborate fantasy worlds where humor reigns and Molyneux's ambition as a designer is shown.

Initially, Fable it was supposed to be an action RPG in which all aspects of nature, such as plants, would react to the players' actions, but the initial promise ended up giving way to a simpler, binary system, in which depending on how you played, your character acquires angelic or devilish characteristics.

Fuzion Frenzy

Fusion frenzy was Microsoft's answer to gaming Mario Party, by Nintendo. In it, you and up to three friends can compete in a series of wacky minigames. There's the option to create matches with up to 12 different events, which gives the game plenty of ways to entertain you. 

If you can't find enough friends to play with, don't be sad: Fusion frenzy it has a single player mode in which you play against three bots. It's fun up to a point, but it doesn't hurt to try it out, as it's part of the service's catalogue. 


Psychonauts it's a product of the developer's mind Tim Schafer, the same behind the classic Day of the Tentacle and many other classic adventure games. This time, the action takes place at a summer camp for children with psychic abilities. As Raz, it's up to you to investigate strange disturbances and put an end to the mystery behind the brain theft going on in the place.

In terms of gameplay, Psychonauts is a very typical platform game from the time it came out in the Xbox original. There's no big news about that; what makes it stand out from the rest is all its clothing, from its art direction that drinks from the source of Tim Burton, as for the world itself, of extreme creativity.

please note that Psychonauts 2, below, is part of the catalog of Xbox Game Pass as a game compatible with both Xbox One how much S series e X. Psychonauts received a huge amount of improvements upon joining the service's list of games, and the version you'll be able to play is even better than the one in PC, with stable frame rate and HD graphics.  

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls is a series of great importance in the history of videogames, and Morrowind it's the game that put her on the map for good. incredibly ambitious, The Elder Scrolls III brought to the small screens of the owners of Xbox original an adventure of epic scope, the likes of which has never been seen on consoles. 

Its sequels, Oblivion e Skyrim, have overcome a lot in technical terms, but there is an indisputable charm that Morrowind It has features that make it well worth exploring, despite its age. While The Elder Scrolls 6 is not enough, why not enjoy an adventure through the cursed swamps of this game? 

xbox 360 games

Alice: Madness Returns

Coming from the mind of American McGee, former level designer at id Software, Alice: Madness Returns is the direct continuation of game released in 2000. In this new version, Alice will have to face even greater dangers in Oz, for who knows how to finally put an end to the terrible enigma that traps her there.

The game has a very typical gameplay of games of the generation Xbox 360 e PlayStation 3, where combat is based on combos and lock-on, which allows free movement around an enemy. Alice uses her Vorpal Blade to attack enemies in both melee and ranged fights. The platform mechanics this time around are much more fluid and relaxed to deal with; this was one of the main negative points of the previous game.

Alice: Madness Returns is very much worth playing, which in itself is already quite fun for its darker theme of the popular children's novel by Lewis Carroll, something that both games in the series got much better than the films of Tim Burton, for example.

Army of Two

Army of Two it was part of EA's effort to find new intellectual properties throughout the first decade of the 2000s. The game is set in the immediate aftermath of the 11/XNUMX attacks; you play as a pair of mercenaries placed on missions around the globe, using a game mechanic in which two players participate in the same game, at the same time, interacting with each other through jokes and many hi-fives

The “great” difference Army of Two with respect to other military-themed games at the time, it was the existence of different masks that both characters could exchange, changing their look over the course of the game's story. Apart from all the bombastic way, Army of Two it's a pretty forgettable shooter and not worth your time.

Battlefield 3

With Battlefield 3, DICE, responsible for developing the franchise, reached the peak of popularity with its already established series of first-person shooters. The game brought the chaos of battles to urban scenarios, one of the most realistic that the technology of the time allowed, opening up the possibility of insane multiplayer combats.

This was on top of an engaging single player mode with high production value, with many movies that told a simple but concise story, adding value to the game as a whole.

Despite having a version for Xbox One: Battlefield 3 which is available on Xbox Game Pass is the one that was released for the Xbox 360🇧🇷 Despite being a port from a technologically inferior console, like every game updated for the Xbox Game Pass, it has better performance and technical fixes that are not present in the disk version.

Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2

Both sub-series games Battlefield Bad Company depart from the same premise stipulated by DICE: to deliver a quality story mode, with captivating characters and a lot of action. In this, both games deliver a cool experience, despite the 2nd no longer having a plot as tied as the debut. 

Even so, here are two of the best action games in the world. Xbox 360 without a shadow of a doubt. These are examples of masterful programming that makes perfect use of the available technology, using everything the platform has to offer. Not to mention the ways multiplayer, that DICE is absolutely adept at delivering something really fun. These games are no exception.

Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie

banjo kazooie was Rare's great asset to compete with the giant that was Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64. They managed to bring an adventure with balanced doses of collecting and platform gameplay, with cute and funny characters. When Rare was acquired by Microsoft, banjo kazooie eventually ended up in Xbox 360, together with its sequence, Tooie banjo.

Both games received a remaster upon release for that system, and that's the version of them we see here on the Xbox Game Pass. Remembering that the two, together from the exclusive continuation of Xbox 360, are contained in the collection Rare Replay, where there is a series of videos that talk about the production of the games, in addition to Grant Kirkhope, the composer of the addictive soundtrack of these games and other classics of RareAs Donkey Kong Country.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

There are those who hate this game for having changed the basic concept of the previous ones, presenting a totally new aspect to the franchise: the construction of contraptions to be piloted by the duo Banjo e Kazooie. I'm part of the group that loves Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts; is a highly addictive game that stimulates the player's creativity by proposing increasingly crazy challenges as you advance through the levels.

Nuts & Bolts it's also a continuation of the story from the previous games, taking the cast into a whole new world, giving them a different, squarer look that makes them even more cartoony and funny. As well as the other games of Rare in service, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is part of the collection  Rare Replay, but in case you choose to play it by itself, it is also possible.

Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3 there's not much of a secret: it's a matching game of colored pebbles. PopCap Games has established itself as the home of mobile games of this type, and Bejeweled 3 is the ultimate version of this concept of simplicity. this version of Xbox 360 offers different game modes, but the basics are the same as you've probably already played while waiting in your doctor's waiting room, or on public transport.

Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend it has all the madness of the actor Jack Black on an adventure beyond metal. Black embodies the roadies Eddie, who, after an accident, is transported to a magical world worthy of the covers of the most amazing LPs of heavy metal. What at first appears to be a mere 3rd person action game soon becomes an amalgamation of brawling, adventure and RTS.

Yes, you read correctly: Brutal Legend is a real-time strategy game. Not only do you control Eddie, but also several other types of metalheads, each with their own arsenal of skills, and pit them against enemy armies in order to save this strange world from the forces of chaos.

Brutal Legend features several appearances by true metal legends, such as Lemmy Kilmister, Ozzy Osbourne e Rob Halford. This is a game that has always divided public opinion, but for those who are fans, there is nothing like it. 

Costume Quest

This is another one of Double Fine's jewels in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass. Costume Quest is a turn-based RPG set during Halloween in a sleepy little town in the United States. 

You control a group of kids with powerful imaginations, transforming their trick-or-treating costumes into outfits with real combat capabilities. The game itself is relatively simple, nowhere near the level of complexity of a traditional RPG.

Crysis 1 to 3

The big joke of the early 2000s among PC gamers was “can your computer run Crysis?”. The game developed by Crytek served as a benchmark for the power of the machines as it was one of the most demanding games ever seen, so when it finally reached consoles, many doubted that it would be the same thing to play it with a controller, on platforms considered inferior, like the Xbox 360.

And is not it worked? Crysis landed hard and slashed blocks with its fluid gameplay, which made use of the protagonist's ultra-powered suit mechanic; the game world fit the format of the consoles at the time, and Crysis had its second life, enjoying such great popularity that from that point on, all of its sequels had console versions. 

The three games are extremely fun and varied, with a lot of action and high-level shooting. Crysis 3 in particular, it is a programming achievement under demanding limits, as it features an open world that is much more ambitious than most games of its generation, and is also the only one in the series to include the bow and arrow as a weapon. Silent and deadly.

Dante's Inferno

Who knew that the classic of literature Dante's Hell, Dante Alighieri, would make an action game along the lines of God of War? Well, that's exactly what Dante's Inferno proposes, placing the protagonist in the role of an agent at the service of the Church, bringing divine punishment to sinners in the purest beating.

Compared to action games of its time, Dante's Inferno little differed due to its gameplay very close to what was already established. What put it on a different level was its theme and the story told, showing a side of the anti-hero never seen before. 

Dante's Inferno was a gamble on the part of EA, as well as Dead Space, but ended up ending where it started, without receiving any continuation, whereas Dead Space… well, you can find out more about this one below.

Dead Space 1 to 3 and Dead Space Ignition

The misadventures of the luckiest space engineer in the world of video games began long before his glorious remake, released last year. Dead Space was a product of the imagination of the extinct developer's team visceral Games

The game, heavily influenced by Resident Evil 4, helped raise the bar for the horror genre of video games, featuring some of the most disturbing creatures, so-called necromorphs. It received two sequels and a puzzle-centric prequel called Dead space ignition

However Dead Space 2 e Dead Space 3, especially, have tried to innovate, the original will always be treated as the best of all, so much so that it ended up receiving a remake which kept many of the scares and setting of that first version, so good it was and still is.

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins was Bioware's first venture into the tactical RPG genre within an entirely new world, without any relation to other intellectual properties, as it was previously with Baldur's Gate e Neverwinter Nights, both belonging to Forgotten Realms, subset of Dungeons & Dragons.

Although it doesn't deviate much from the classic archetypes in terms of character classes, their races and the world in which the game takes place, DA:O showed what it came with robust gameplay, relying on the already very well established system of relationships between the members of its group of heroes.

There is also another title in the series in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass, Dragon Age Inquisition, released to Xbox One by Electronic Arts.

Fable II and Fable III

With Fable II e Fable III, the focus shifted to growing the world along with the player, in the sense that by performing heroic deeds, everyone around your character would either admire or fear you, so much so that in the last game released, you were the monarch of the world. kingdom of Albion, the fantasy world in which the series takes place. Since a new game Fable is about to be released, there's no better time than now to enjoy the old titles, which received updates and improvements when they arrived in Xbox Game Pass.

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout was the masterpiece of a long-defunct studio called Black Isle, responsible for some of the greatest RPGs of the 1990s and early 2000s. Fallout underwent a radical transformation when it reached the hands of Bethesda. With Fallout 3, the game view became in 1st person and the combat in real time. There's a holdover from the gameplay of the old games through VATS, aim assist that stops the game momentarily so you can target specific parts of the enemy's body, dealing bonus damage and all.

Fallout 3 takes place in the wreckage of Washington DC after the nuclear apocalypse has wiped much of humanity off the map. It remains for the survivors and their descendants, coming out of radiation chambers called Vaults, to rediscover the world around them, and make it habitable again. The problem is that standing between them and victory are hideous radioactive mutants and gangs of troublemakers ready to slaughter anything and everything. Fallout: New Vegas features the same gameplay as Fallout 3 to the rubble of Las Vegas, with Obsidian injecting what they do best in the game, featuring a brilliant script, full of incredibly difficult decisions to make as the game's hero, a desert courier on a quest for revenge.

Both games have always been known for the huge amount of bugs; the versions included in the package of Xbox Game Pass are as current as possible, which is not exactly a guarantee that you won't encounter any problems in the hundreds of hours of fun that both games will provide you.

Fight Night Champion

This is nothing more than a very competent and realistic boxing game. Start as an amateur and climb through the ranks of fighters until you reach the belt match. There are several options for training and character customization, giving the game a lot of longevity, in case you find yourself liking what you will find in the rings of Fight Night Champion.

Gears of War 1 to 3 and Gears of War Judgment

For Epic, there was a great need to put their engine on display to the public and possible prospects among other development studios. Gears of War is the great demonstration of what the Unreal Engine was capable of doing in the first decade of the 2000s, bringing a frantic action of shooting in 3rd person, with a delicious hide-and-seek mechanic in which all it took was a negligence on the part of an enemy that he turned a puddle of bones and blood on the floor. 

They are games with an almost cartoonish amount of violence, but they are still exciting and delicious to play. The multiplayer modes, needless to say, are still active and loved by legions of players who have been perfecting their shooting skills for almost 20 years. There's a reason why the series is now only known for Gears, because like beer, half a word is enough to know what is being talked about when it comes to Gears…of War.

Heavy Weapon

If you're old enough to remember Moon patrol e Missile Command, arcade classics, you can enjoy what Heavy Weapon has to offer. The gameplay brings some innovations, such as the possibility to choose the type of vehicle controlled, and the variety of situations during the campaign mode help to differentiate this game from its gamistic inspirations, even fun if you are looking for something simple to play. enjoy for a few minutes.

Iron brigade

Double Fine is extremely creative, even with games that should be mediocre. Iron brigade, formerly known as Trenched, is a mecha combat game, only with all the charm of the studio. 

In it, combat is based on the different parts you attach to your giant robot. But what makes it so unique is the 1950s science fiction garb that the story mode carries, masterfully playing with the innocence of the era. It is possible to play with another player.

Jetpac Refueled

Jetpac Refueled is yet another reinvention of an old game, now from the British studio RARE. It uses a game mechanic very similar to that of Lunar Lander, where your movement is based entirely on the realistic physics of a jet-propelled ship; except that in this game, you control an astronaut who is not only able to glide through the air with his jets, but also shoot enemies. 

The fun of the game is quite simple and after a few minutes you'll have seen everything it has to offer, but that doesn't detract from it for what it is, something to be played a few minutes at a time. Also part of the package Rare Replay.

Joy ride turbo

Remember the avatars? Yes, those little dolls you created for each account you had on your Xbox 360. Good, Joy ride turbo is another of several minigames in which your avatar took the place of a controllable character. This time, you become the driver of a cart in crazy races against the computer, the clock, or your friends. 

There's not much more to say about this title, it is exactly that and delivers what it promises quite well. for a game of Xbox 360, until it remains beautiful, even on a current HD screen.

Cameo: Elements of Power

Cameo: Elements of Power was Rare's big bet for the debut of Xbox 360, and in every respect it met the needs of a brand-new console: it's a 3D platformer in the mold of banjo kazooie e Super Mario 64 in which you control a little Indian with the ability to transform into incredible beings.

By turning these little monsters, you become able to perform different feats, being able to reach new places in the different stages of the game. By today's standards, Kameo is a game that has its charm, despite being dated. 

Mass Effect 1 to 3

The Mass Effect series is one of EA and Bioware's greatest successes, but that only came at great cost, as the last game in the series, Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One), also in the catalogue, nearly bankrupted the production company. But that's a story for another time, as the original trilogy is excellent and you can play it all in its original format, or through the remastered edition, also part of the back catalogue. Xbox Game Pass.

Mass Effect is a tremendous series of science fiction games in which you control Commander Shepard, responsible for leading an elite troop against an invading force from space that is determined to take over the universe at all costs, even if it means destroying it. it in the process. Obviously, the remastered version is the best option to play the series, but it's still nice to have the option to play it the way it was at launch. 

Medal of Honor Airborne

Electronic Arts

A série Medal of Honor already showed signs of fatigue with the launch of Medal of Honor Airborne, but despite the regrets, the game turned out to be good, even though it is yet another first-person shooter set in World War II. The protagonist of the time is a member of the allied paratroopers and his mission is to infiltrate enemy territory and help the advance of American and British forces in the resumption of France.

There's not much to complain about what the game proposes, because it does everything very well. It's bad luck to have left when he left, when the market was saturated with titles with the same theme as his. In any case, it is worth playing as a historical piece and also for the fun, which like it or not it delivers very well.

Mirror's Edge

next to Dead Space, Mirror's Edge it was EA's bet on new intellectual properties that paid off. This time, the footprint is a first-person game in which there is practically no combat. The goal is to get to the goal as quickly as possible as a delivery girl in a futuristic world ruled by an authoritarian regime. The game's environments are practically all painted white, with the elements you can interact with taking shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Mirror's Edge was revolutionary in bringing the experience of the game closer to the player's eyes. parkour, which for some might be enough to make them nauseous. For everyone else, it's a one-off game, and lucky for all Xbox Game Pass, it and its sequel, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, are part of the catalogue.


Peggle is that addictive mobile game that everyone must have played at some point. just start playing ode to glory that all the hairs on your body as a player must stand on end by now, right? Well, enjoy this PopCap classic anytime, it's part of your collection.

Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360)

Perfect Dark was the anything-but-story sequel to GoldenEye 007 back in the Nintendo 64 era. Xbox 360 following Microsoft's purchase of Rare. Now we can play it on the current generation of Xbox thanks to Game Pass

As Agent Dark, you will have to face the forces of corporatism and even space on your journey. The gameplay is dated, yes, but it's still fun, and we're not even talking about the many multiplayer modes present in this gem.

Yes, Perfect Dark Zero is exactly what the name promises, the beginning of everything in the history of Dark. It was one of the launch games of the Xbox 360 and that's pretty clear once you start playing it: it's quite stuck and not very fun to play. In any case, it has historical value as part of the Rare Replay, where you will be able to watch videos about it while the new game in the series does not arrive.

Plants vs. Zombies

Can you imagine what the zombie apocalypse would be like if you had a garden with plants and flowers ready to defend yourself? Well, you don't need it anymore. Plants vs. Zombies is the brilliant little mobile game, now on console. It's addictive until you say enough to set up your defenses against the threat.  


Rage is the pilot project of programmer and id Software alum John Carmack. With this shooting game, he developed the technology of "mega textures", maps of textures of giant size, containing entire parts in the game, with the intention of facilitating the loading of stages and assets game in the course of your adventure. The result was an extremely detailed game, but one that lacked that "something" of the studio's older games.

The story revolves around an artifact that was found in the deserts formed after, yes, another nuclear apocalypse, which led humanity to take refuge in underground communities. You play as a member of a group of astronauts who crash-land on Earth after spending hundreds of years in cryogenic sleep in space. It's up to you to put an end to an authoritarian regime that with an iron hand controls everything that's left on the planet. Its continuation, also part of the Xbox Game Pass, is a better developed game, in all respects. 

Skate and Skate 3

In the middle of the golden age of skateboarding games, Tony Hawk and its pro skaters dominated the market, there were few competitors capable of standing up to the phenomenon that those games were for a generation of gamers.

EA entered the fray with games Skate, coming very close to supplanting Tony and his friends. The big move Skate e Skate 3 it's how you move in them. Unlike competitive games, in them, controlling your character and the board were directly dependent on handling both analog sticks on the controller, without the need for any buttons.

This innovation brought a naturalness both to navigation through the open world of these games and to tricks and acrobatics. As it couldn't be otherwise, there is a very, say, unique air to this series, which has somewhat disturbing games, such as the game mode in which the more bones of your character you manage to break, the more points you earn.


Electronic Arts

SSX was the latest installment in a series of excellent snow sports games that began with the PlayStation 2 generation. In it, EA tried to make it a little more serious than previous ones, which never took themselves seriously, with an irreverent tone. . Even with this different tone, the fun factor remained the same thanks to the varied game modes that featured not only snowboarding, but also skiing.

Despite being the farewell to the series, SSX is an excellent request, and thanks to the improvements given when joining the Xbox Game Pass, is a game that remains super fun and beautiful.


The basic concept of Stacking it's extremely simple: play as a tiny Russian doll and “engulf” larger ones to acquire her abilities to solve a series of puzzles spread across several levels. 

The game's charm is by far its greatest asset, like the overwhelming majority of the producer's games. It can be completed in a few hours of gameplay.

Viva Piñata and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

The games Long live Piñata were Rare's first major hits following Microsoft's acquisition of the studio. Full of brightness and cartoony colors, they are games in which the objective is to create a pleasant enough environment for you to start receiving the illustrious visit of the loving piñatas.

But beware, not everyone wants to see you achieve it, so keep an eye on your private Eden to make sure no one ruins it! Don't let the cute looks fool you, both Long live Piñata are fun games for any age.

Zuma's Revenge

For PopCap, there were no limits to creativity, and Zuma's Revenge is the studio's answer to the big question: is there more than one way to create a game of matching colored pebbles? Of course! There's a little bit of everything in this one, from Peggle to Bejeweled 3, and even a little bit of Plants vs. Zombies. Do not believe? So check out the stone throwers and tell them they don't look like the super-armed little plants from that game...

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