Ces 2024: bmind ai is a smart mirror to improve mental health. Baracoda invested in artificial intelligence to analyze people's moods and provide tips for users to have a better day

CES 2024: Bmind AI is a smart mirror to improve mental health

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Baracoda invested in artificial intelligence to analyze people's moods and provide tips for users to have a better day

The largest technology fair in the world has several technological innovations that will be launched throughout the year, but most people did not expect to see a smart mirror like the Bmind AI.

Through artificial intelligence that identifies the mood of the day by analyzing your expressions and receiving some answers, you will be able to receive tips to have greater confidence in yourself. Understand the idea of baracoda in detail.

Smart mirror has 4K camera

Bmind ai smart mirror from baracoda
New is an interesting curiosity at CES 2024 (Photo: Disclosure)

To be able to analyze the mood of a person in front of him, the Bmind AI It has a 4K-ultra-HD camera with support for facial recognition, which helps with privacy. The smart mirror also has omnidirectional microphones for the user to say how they feel and the artificial intelligence to interpret the information correctly.

A speaker box with speakers for the appropriate recommendations to be given was also included by baracoda, a US-based company that is presenting the new product at a stand at CES 2024. Everyone who visits the technology fair can test it in practice and receive recommendations.

The company's idea is that, when the user wakes up, their mood is analyzed to know how to have a better day. The mirror will also display calming lights to make a person's day better: during tests, those who were identified as having a bad mood started to see a blue light to be reassured.

Bmind ai smart mirror from baracoda na ces 2024
The device can be tested by everyone who attends CES 2024 (Photo: Reproduction/ZDNet)

But the idea is that each person receives personalized tips according to their situation at the moment, like, for example, the reporter from the ZDNet website, who received tips to start taking guided meditation classes and phrases to enhance her natural beauty after she said that she didn't feel beautiful.

The same smart mirror can also send tips for the user to brush their teeth, perform skin analysis and even monitor the temperature of the bathroom water. To help the user have better mental health, the device displays calming images, such as nature.

CareOS platform protects personal data

Baracoda careos platform logo
Company guarantees user confidentiality (Photo: DIvulgação)

Baracoda highlighted, at the CES 2024 stand, that all data captured to analyze users' moods will not be shared with other companies until they themselves request it. Everything will be saved on the company's servers.

At the same time, we remember that a certain mistake can occur when allowing an AI to read people's behaviors. This is one of the reasons why ChatGPT, Bard and Bing AI are more focused on creating content than providing advice and opinions on societal issues.

We have to see how the Bmind AI will work in practice when it is installed in people's homes and hope it doesn't appear on the list of technologies gone wrong in 2024.

Bmind AI availability and pricing

bmind ai mirror
Bmind AI Mirror will be launched soon (Photo: Disclosure)

A baracoda expects to place its smart mirror on the US market at the end of 2024, with an estimated price between US$500 and US$1000, depending on the variants. In direct conversion, the smart device can cost up to R$4.891,20.

There is still no information whether the Bmind AI will be launched in other regions of the world besides the USA, so we can only wait for more data to find out if this will happen or not. Stay connected to showmetech to find out more details.

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With information: ZDNet

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