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Samsung announces its product portfolio at CES 2017

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In a press conference held at the Mandaley Hotel, Las Vegas, Samsung announced all its news for CES 2017.

_Among the highlights, we have the new line of televisions QLED, the company's bet against the OLED. All models are expected to arrive in Brazil in the second quarter of this year, as well as the new line of notebooks. Of these, we have the line Odyssey aimed at the gamer segment, the line Style S50 renewed and the Chromebook Flip. But these are not the only news from Samsung, as we can see below.


Galaxy Note 7 case

Samsung started the press conference by addressing the Galaxy Note 7 case, stating that it is still researching what is the cause of the explosions. In addition, it undertook to publish the results as soon as the cause was found beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Smart TVs


To keep up with the growth of the Smart TV market, especially the preference for larger models, Samsung, which has almost half of the North American market in this segment, is increasing the average size of its models. The new generation reaches 88 inches in the Q9 line, bringing the latest in QLED technology. One of Samsung's big bets is the ability to reproduce 100% of the color volume regardless of brightness, one of the "flaws" of OLED technology. The Q9 line also has backlighting, improving black levels and contrast ratios.

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CES 2017 has barely begun, but the QLED lineup has already won the CES Innovation Award this year. In addition to the technology itself, Samsung is investing heavily in the user experience of its models. This happens both through the hardware, with the One Remote, and through the software, bringing an interface to the TVs. Known as Smart Hub, this interface will now send real-time alerts about your favorite shows directly to your smartphone, even if it's turned off. Finally, it announced TV Plus, an exclusive app for its models with 4K content with personalized HDR, initially only for the American market.

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Don't forget to check out the full news of the QLED families in a special article on the topic.

Soundbar+ and H7

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To accompany the picture quality of the QLED models, Samsung announced two sound systems: the SoundBar+, a HiFi soundbar with built-in subwoofers, and the H7, a wireless sound system. Both are capable of uspcaling sound to up to 32 bits, as well as being able to reproduce frequencies up to 35 Hz.


Moving up the category, we have the Samsung Chromebook Flip. Both the ARM (Plus) and Intel (Pro) processor versions feature an integrated Stylus pen like the Galaxy Note. In addition, they now support the Play Store and all Android apps.

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In the Ultrabook segment, we have the Samsung Notebook 9, known as Style S50 in Brazil. Now it comes with the 7th generation Intel Core i900 processor (Kaby Lake) and NVIDIA integrated GPU. This weighing only XNUMX grams.

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The highlight, however, is the Odyssey line, focused on gamers. We have a 15-inch model and a 17-inch model, both with Intel's seventh generation quad-core processors, GTX 1050 (15 inches) and GTX 1070 (17 inches), 16 or 32 GB (respectively), SSDs as disk primary (2 SSDs on 17-inch models) plus data HDs and backlit keyboards. Samsung said that the 15-inch model will arrive in Brazil in the first half of the year at a lower price level than its competitors. These work in the R$10.000 range, and Samsung has promised an even more competitive price.

White line

One of the biggest launches in this category is FlexWash + FlexDryer. Both, together, result in two washing machines and two dryers in the same product. The great idea was to install a second washer and dryer on top of each one, respectively, for smaller clothes. (plu68.com) They work separately. Both are IoT compatible, meaning they can be controlled remotely via smartphone.


Another very interesting product is the Smart Hub 2.0, Samsung's smart fridge. Now the refrigerator app allows the purchase of food on the screen itself, with selected partners (only in the United States). In addition, it lets you control apps like Spotify and Pandora, usage profiles, calendars, drawing apps and, of course, the built-in cameras to look inside the fridge without opening it. First-generation models will be upgraded to Smart Hub 2.0 in the coming months, according to Samsung.


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