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How to activate the Apple Watch 3 cellular function on Claro

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Let your iPhone rest for a while while you use cellular services on the Apple Watch 3 itself.

Newly arrived in Brazil, the new Watch Apple 3 - or Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular - has as its biggest difference the independence of the iPhone. It is now possible to answer calls, receive messages, see notifications and use GPS from the watch itself, at any distance from the smartphone.

This novelty is possible thanks to technology eSIM, which replaces the physical SIM card with a virtual version configured on the device, as an extension of the cellular plan, with the same phone number.

This facility depends on the availability of the service at the cellular operator, currently offered in Brazil only by Claro.

See what are the requirements to start using the novelty and the configuration step-by-step.

What do I need?

1. First of all, besides the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) it is necessary to have a iPhone 6 or latest version.

2. How to Clear is the only operator to have the service, you need a plan postpaid from the operator. Prepaid and Control plans do not have this feature.

3. Having met the previous requirements, you must hire an additional service, called Clear Sync, not included in the plan, by contacting the operator. The current cost of the service is R$29,99 monthly, debited directly from the invoice. Promotionally, Claro is offering gratuity in the first three months.

How to activate apple watch 3 cell phone function in clear. Let your iPhone rest for a while while you use the cellular services on the Apple Watch 3 itself.

time to activate the Apple Watch 3

Plan and service contracted, devices in hand, you are close to starting to fully enjoy your Apple Watch.

1. To get started, activate the devices bluetooth to start the synchronization.

Clear sync service offered by the operator.

2. On iPhone, find the Apple Watch and log in with the same access data as in the Minha Claro application.

3. In the menu, find the option Serviceschoose Clear Sync and click activate.

4. After reading the order summary, click Continue to confirm activation. You may need to wait a few minutes for the service to be enabled.

Now you no longer need to carry your iPhone everywhere to keep your smartwatch in sync.

Already using the service? Leave your comment and share your experience with us. 😉

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