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How to put music in Instagram bio

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Setup takes less than five minutes and allows your profile to be even more complete

Famous feature on MySpace and in the deceased Windows Live Messenger (or MSN), Instagram allows everyone who has a smartphone app to put music in their bio. Activation lasts less than five minutes and, in addition to selecting a song that matches your personality, you can also choose the duration of the song and a caption that serves as a message for new and old followers. ( Here's how to do it.

Enabling your music in Instagram bio

First of all, it's important to remember that a song can only be added via an Android or iOS app. The configuration cannot be done via browsers and even the music on Instagram will only be played by those who access your profile via a cell phone or tablet. Let's go step by step.

Step 1: access your Instagram application, and then click on the tab to open your profile. Now click on Edit profile.

Initial step to put the song in the instagram bio
Functionality can only be activated in the app for tablets and smartphones (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Step 2: then, just scroll to the end of the options and click on Music. Here:

Second step to put music on instagram
Any song available on Instagram Music can be added to your profile (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Step 3: now just look for the option that will be like music in your Instagram profile bio. Once selected, you can trim the snippet so that only that part appears when someone plays the song you've chosen. Once this is done, just click on the “check” icon.

Step to search and put music on instagram profile
Be sure to make the 30-second cut (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Step 4: Another way to make your profile even more complete is to put a caption over the music, which will be displayed below the sound in your profile. When you finish all the settings, just click on the blue check icon in the upper right corner.

Insert caption in instagram profile song
Complement your configuration with a special legend (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

View the profile with music and subtitles set:


Did you see how easy it is to put the song on Instagram? Tell us us Comment which one was your choice and don't forget to share it with your friends so that they also put a song on their profile.

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