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How to become invisible on WhatsApp and remove online status

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Thanks to recent updates, it is now possible to remove WhatsApp online status. Want to know how to do this so that no one covers you? Come and see!

A recent update to the messaging application made available to users a useful feature to avoid disruptions: removing the online status of the Whatsapp. When configuring the messenger not to show if you are connected and using the application, your name appears isolated, without 'online' below.

At the same time that it came with this novelty, in February the app also implemented other features, such as leaving groups without anyone noticing, blocking screenshots in single view messages and other improvements in the display of media in the application's status. Here you will find a simple guide on removing the status and other relevant information about the new messaging app improvements. Follow:

Discover the most advanced improvements in WhatsApp

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By removing status, WhatsApp decided to respond to feedback that was constant among users; in the photo: screen showing the name of the app in the upper left corner of the screen, with focus on the top of a smartphone (Image: Analytics India Mag/Playback).

Both messaging app common mode and app WhatsApp Business are receiving constant updates. In addition to leaving groups without signaling other participants, the application recently gave its users a new feature to send media (including GIFs, photos, videos, etc.) for up to 24 hours.

Status updates, in turn, now have the reaction feature. Thus, you can put a clap emoji (👏🏽), or release confetti (🎊), for example, in media published by your contacts in the status section. This part of the application, by the way, had previously been hidden from other people. That is, users could already prevent some contacts from seeing their publications in this section of Whatsapp.

Which people can see online status on WhatsApp?

Available first top t alt
Being available to answer messages does not require the 'online' under your name on WhatsApp (Image: Pixabay/Reproduction).

If you use the messaging application, you already know that if you are sending messages or seeing others talking, there is an online sign below the name. Now the app also lets you choose not to appear on. You can change the audience your status appears to, depending on your personal preferences. If you want to limit the visibility of your online status, you can choose between “All” and “Even if 'last seen'”, as you will see in the tutorial.

Reasons not to go online on WhatsApp

Invisible on whatsapp hand screen
Being invisible on WhatsApp requires care not to let important messages go unnoticed; in the image: cell phone with WhatsApp conversation, with hands typing in a conversation in the application (Image: Alamy/Playback).

Protecting privacy is a crucial factor in maintaining secure use of the Whatsapp. Therefore, many people tend to look for ways to not give a sign that they are on, without being seen using the app by your contacts — or even by other people who are trying to reach the person for the first time.

Such was the public's concern with this issue that the Meta, the company that owns the messaging app, decided to include the status removal in updates last year. However, it is good to remember that, even with this advantage, the online that appears below the name continues to indicate that you were using the application, but it is not a sign that someone has seen your message.

Can I use airplane mode if the option to turn off 'online' doesn't appear?

WhatsApp t alt online not available
WhatsApp online can be removed, but only those who have the most current version of the application have access to this setting; in the image: screen showing the application in the Play Store (Image: Telecom Talk/Reproduction).

Since the second half of last year, the latest update wave, which includes up to voice status, is in effect. So, users who have the latest version of the messaging app can already configure this. That is, only people who have version on their smartphone can count on the possibility to remove the 'online' under the name of the contact.

Messaging app t alt screen
You can open the messaging application without needing to have the 'online' status under your name to use WhatsApp; in the image: screen of the Samsung notifications bar, where the Offline Mode option is highlighted (Image: CCM/Playback).

If you are unable to update to the latest or higher version, you can yes use 'Airplane Mode' to remove 'online'. Just go to your mobile settings, activate the mode and then view the messages on the Whatsapp, without you being seen with online status. Remembering that you can only do this before seeing the message. As the focus here is to see how to configure it in the latest version of the application, you will see below how to remove this status.

Tutorial on how to remove WhatsApp online status

Messaging app t alt tutorial online status
Here's how to avoid online status in the messaging app; in the image: person uses WhatsApp, with the screen shown perpendicular to the camera (Image: News18/Playback).

No showmetech, you can see a simple step-by-step on how to go to the settings of the messaging app in the version for Android and remove the status. See below:

Step 1: when opening the application, click on the dots on the home screen and click on Settings;

online status tut 1
See online status in settings; in the image: WhatsApp home screen with the settings option highlighted (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).

Step 2: the screen that will appear shortly afterwards shows several options — go to Privacy;

online status tut 2 talt
The “Privacy” option lets you configure the online status; in the image: "Privacy" option highlighted in the messaging app (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).

Step 3: the first button on the privacy settings screen shows the option Last seen and online. Just click on it and continue;

T alt new and the status of online; in the image:
WhatsApp settings let you change status from online; in the image: screen that shows the settings for viewing messages within WhatsApp (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).

Step 4: When you open the viewing options screen, options will appear in two sections, which are “who can see my 'last seen'” and “who can see when I'm online”. We've highlighted the buttons that prevent you from being seen as online on Whatsapp, but you can choose to hide the status in just some contacts (by clicking on “My contacts except…”), for example.

online status t alt 4
On the “Last seen and online” screen, you have several options, it's up to you to choose the best one that fits your app usage profile (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).

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Source: Hostgator | Express | WhatsApp FAQ | BetaInfo

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (08 / 05 / 23)

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