How to use capcut online to edit videos with ai. Discover one of the most famous and practical video editors for cell phones, now also available in your internet browser, without having to download apps

How to use CapCut Online to edit videos with AI

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Discover one of the most famous and practical video editors for cell phones, now also available in your internet browser, without having to download apps

O CapCut Online is an editing tool for working with photos and videos, suitable for both professionals and personal use on platforms such as TikTok e YouTube. Being a free online option, this editor also incorporates Artificial Intelligence resources, providing a wide range of functionalities. Regardless of the use, professional or sporadic, check out the advantages of this tool below!

Discover CapCut Online

O CapCut Online is a product of ByteDance, the same company responsible for TikTok and by Toutiao, being one of the main companies in this field. The technological basis of ByteDance is expressed through the quality and impressive tools of the cap cut.

Understand better how to use capcut free video editing online. Image: capcut
Understand better how to use CapCut Online free video editing. Image: CapCut

In addition to versions for mobile devices — smartphones and tablets — and computers, the CapCut Creative Pack is an exceptional tool for editing photos and videos. This version, completely free and based on the cloud, eliminates the need for downloading, providing great convenience to users who want to use it via the browser on their computer.

This feature allows users to create an account and access the platform from any device, whether in a cafe, library or anywhere in the world.

image resources

The capcut online app is also capable of editing images. Image: capcut
The CapCut Online app is also capable of editing images. Image: CapCut

It has been highly used, as it has many video and image editing features, enabling incredible improvements to your photos and/or videos. If you mess with online sales, knows the importance of ensuring your product images are of high quality. And if you like share photos e memes nose social networks, the presence of resources that make it possible to enhance images and make funny edits is equally advantageous. Check out some of the things it is capable of doing:

Smart filters

This app uses IA to apply smart filters that instantly improve the quality of your images. So, in just a few clicks, you can remove blur, improve sharpness, reduce blurred effects and much more.

Background removal

Removing the background from your photos becomes an easy task with CapCut Online, enabling the creation of images with a transparent background. Consider the situation where you captured a great photo while traveling, only to realize later that there was something in the background that you didn't like and you want to leave just the main part on the screen.

With the resources of this online photo editor, you solve the problem easily.

Photo collage

Create collages with multiple photos in a matter of seconds. Whether to promote products on social media, create birthday tributes for someone special, or for any other purpose, this feature offers a highly interesting tool.

video resources

See the features of capcut online, the app for editing videos on your cell phone. Image: capcut
See the features of CapCut Online, the app for editing videos on your cell phone. Image: CapCut

Let's now explore CapCut Online's video editing features, which are numerous and quite efficient, adapting to different purposes. Whether to create professional content, videos for social networks like TikTok or YouTube, or for personal projects, CapCut offers a versatile range of tools to meet your video editing needs.

Simple video editing

You can cut, trim, join and add effects to your video easily. intuitive. Simplicity is at the heart of the editing experience — Just drag and drop the video into the editing area, select the desired frames, and that's it. This approach facilitates the creation process, allowing you to achieve professional results in an uncomplicated way.

Special effects

CapCut Online provides a extensive range of special effects to increase the attractiveness of your videos. Among these effects, you will find options such as glows, overlays, stickers, texts and much more. This diversity of features allows you to customize your videos according to your desired style, providing a rich and creative editing experience.

Soundtrack and dubbing

Include music, narration and sound effects to your videos easily and automatically through Artificial Intelligence integrated into the CapCut Online platform. This allows for an intuitive sound editing experience, giving you the ability to efficiently enhance the aural quality of your videos.


Select from a variety of elegant transitions to smooth transitions between clips. This choice allows you to enhance the viewer experience, and is particularly useful when editing commercial videos or creating tributes to important people. Applying these transitions adds a touch of professionalism and fluidity to your content, ensuring more pleasant and captivating viewing.

Features if artificial intelligence

A Artificial Intelligence CapCut Online makes inserting text into videos a quick and easy task, allowing you to add textual elements intuitively. The platform offers automatic subtitle generation functionality for your videos, including enabling translation into different languages ​​according to your preference.

This versatility not only speeds up the editing process, but also greatly expands the accessibility of your content, ensuring your message is understood by a wider audience. In this way, the combination of these resources facilitates the creation of more engaging and informative videos, meeting both practical needs and the search for efficient communication.

How to use CapCut Online

We will now guide you step by step on how to use the CapCut Online to edit both a video and a photo. See how simple the process is, requiring just a few clicks to complete the editing.

video editing

Check out how to edit video in capcut online. Image: capcut
Check out how to edit video in CapCut Online. Image: CapCut
  1. Access to the Platform:
  2. Video Upload:
    • Click on “Create new video” to start the editing process;
    • In the editing area, drag and drop the videos you want to edit or select them from your computer;
  3. Intuitive Editing:
  4. Addition of Elements:
    • Customize your video by adding soundtrack, narration and transitions according to your preferences;
  5. Export Settings:
    • Choose the desired format for the finished video, adjusting the settings as necessary;
  6. Video Export:
    • Finish the process by clicking “Export” to export the edited video.

Photo Editing

Check out how to edit video in capcut online. Image: capcut
The free video editor, CapCut Online, also performs photo editing. Image: CapCut
  1. Access to the Platform:
  2. Photo Upload:
    • Start the process by clicking “Create new image”;
    • Upload the photo you want to enhance into the editing area;
  3. Image Import:
    • Drag and drop the image into the designated area or upload directly from your computer;
  4. Image Editing:
    • Explore image features such as filters and background removal to enhance the visual quality of the photo;
  5. Salvage and Export:
    • After enhancing the photo, save the changes and export the edited image to the desired location.

CapCut apps for Android and iPhone (iOS)

Check out how to edit video in capcut online. Image: capcut
CapCut Online is a video editor for Android, as well as a video editor for iPhone (iOS). Image: CapCut

And of course you also have all the comfort of making your edits in the palm of your hand. You can download and install the cap cut on your smartphone, be it Android ou iOS (iPhone). Without many secrets, the entire app view is very intuitive and your edits will be as good as those made on a computer. Try it!

And you, what did you think of the solution? Are you already joining to improve your editions? Tell us Comment!

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