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How to use Midjourney to create AI-powered images

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Learn how to use Midjourney to create a multitude of new images generated by Artificial Intelligence in just a few steps.

Images created by Artificial Intelligence have gained the attention of many people in recent times. Many illustrations, detailed drawings and true works of art are built today only by the power of modern machines and their ability to learn in a short time. O midjourney can create such shapes.

As the name implies, AIs are still learning, so it is common for some failures to happen, such as the lack of recognition of human fingers and eyes, trees and other abstract concepts and mundane objects that are digitally verifiable and discernible by them. But this tiny fact doesn't exempt us from testing and playing with the tool, does it? So come and learn how to use the midjourney with us.

What is the midjourney

Midjourney is a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to transform text commands into different images based on the interpretation of what was written. Created by the company from which it bears the same name, it brings a proposal similar to that of DALLE-2, by OpenAI, a tool that also works on creating images from descriptions, with the only difference being that OpenAI creates rendered images, while Midjourney generates images with different artistic styles, in addition to interacting with users.

But to have access to this tool, it is also necessary to have access to Discord since it works within that platform, which is a great way to optimize this tool, bearing in mind that this application has about 150 million active users per month.

Creating a Discord account

The first step can be a bit tedious if you don't already have an account on Discord, but it's the only way to use the midjourney until now. On the other hand, the application is amazing to use, it is a sophisticated modern communication tool. Some say the messenger is known as a kind of mIRC of the present day (very suspicious of whoever writes to you, but it's too good to use the Discord on N occasions).

Follow these simple and quick steps to get your access:

  1. Get in
  2. Click “Login” at the top right of the page
  3. Then click on the “Register” link in the Login box, which is just below the Login button
  4. Fill in your registration information, field by field, and click “Continue”
  5. Wait for your confirmation email to arrive and click the "Verify Email" button.
Screenshot of discord - registering on discord (reproduction/renato reis)
Signing up for Discord (Reproduction/Renato Reis)

All very well. You can now login to your account Discord quietly. Chats can be accessed through the browser, but we recommend installing the software and verification of your phone number. If you need help with these extra steps, follow the tutorial showmetech and the official guide from Discord.

Adding the Midjourney

Let's go now add midjourney To your Discord to be able to use it. Follow the following instructions:

  1. Visit the site 
  2. Click on “Join the beta” in the lower right corner of the screen
  3. An invite screen to join the Discord server will follow. If you are already logged in with your Discord account, just click on “Accept Invitation”/”Join Midjourney”. Otherwise, fill in the username you have on the service (as it will be displayed to other members) and click “Continue” to continue with Discord registration (see step 1 of this post)
  4. Answer the two initial questions to enter the server and press “Finish”.
Screenshot of midjourney on discord - completing the initial questions to join the server (reproduction/renato reis)
Filling in the initial questions to enter the server (Reproduction/Renato Reis)

Requesting an image

At this point, you are ready to use Artificial Intelligence. So follow the latest instructions and tips to test and use Midjourney for your various needs and desires:

Midjourney screenshot on discord - typing instructions to order your midjourney screenshot (playback/midjourney)
Typing instructions for ordering your Midjourney image (Playback/Midjourney)
  1. Once on the server, you can choose any of the “Newcomer rooms” from the list of channels on the left side of the interface (see the image below)
  2. It will be in this chat where you will request your AI-generated images. To do so, just type in the send message field (“chat on #channel-name”) the command /imagination, press Enter or Tab as soon as the command prompt appears just above this field
  3. Then enter the conceptual idea of ​​what you want the machine to create in the prompt that will appear in the message field. The more detail your message has, the more accurate the images will be. But it's possible to work with short and simple descriptions anyway. For example: “an umbrella rabbit in the futuristic city”. It is worth typing in Portuguese, English or any other language compatible with Midjourney
  4. Ready! You will receive, within a few seconds, 4 images of this concept “imagined” by the AI. And it doesn't stop there, you can still work more with these images:
  5. As you will see, some buttons will be available below the 4 generated images. Explaining each one of them, the Us will make more of that generated image with more precision and details, while the Vs will make new versions similar to the image you selected by clicking the buttons (from 1 to 4); for example, by clicking on V2, the AI ​​will make 4 more versions of the same image that appeared in the upper right corner. The button with the redo icon (🔁) will precisely tell the AI ​​to redo the batch of images you just received.
Screenshot of midjourney on discord - the format of the images that AI gives you, with new selectable options (playback/midjourney)
The format of the images that the AI ​​delivers to you, with new selectable options (Playback/Midjourney)

Obs.: When refining (U buttons) some image, the next one received will also come with other options, which you can make 4 more variations of this one, make a lighter version of this one, generate another one with upgrade (best resolution), among other options.

You are entitled to use 25 image requests per midjourney on the free plan. After that limit, you need to pay for a full subscription (ranging from $8 to $48/month) to continue using the server and AI commands. If you want to receive more information about the tool as a whole, type in the same channel or to its Bot the command / help it's from Enter twice.

Screenshot of midjourney on discord - it's really cool to see AI working and forming her drawing little by little (reproduction/midjourney)
It's really cool to watch the AI ​​working and forming its design little by little (Reproduction/Midjourney)

Enjoyed using Midjourney? What did you think of playing and exploring the tool around? Tell us in the comments.

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Sources: Digital Trends, Discord, midjourney

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (07 / 03 / 23)

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