No way home is as grand as infinity war or ultimatum

REVIEW: Spider-Man No Return Home is great and is among the best in the MCU

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Not afraid to dare and with a spectacular script, Spider-Man No Return Home is in the same vibe as Infinity War and Endgame

After a long year of fans and media theorizing beyond the absurd to Spiderman: No Way Home, finally the movie Marvel which then ends the cycle of Spider man finally arrived between us. And what a movie! Great, daring, with a very well written script and wonderful direction and photography, Spider Man No Return Home is the great film that closes the year of Marvel with mastery.

While all of Spider-Man's cinematic stories began with the hero in high school, Tom Holland's view of the character is the one that is most firmly planted in the teenage experience. Spider-Man 2017 : Back home e Spider-Man 2019 : Far from home show a world where aliens invade and super soldiers wage war, filtered through the eyes of a boy from Queens who is strong enough to fight alongside the elder heroes, but still not wise enough to avoid certain messes. Hence the errors. 

E Spider-Man: No Return Home brings Peter into his biggest mess yet, making it a fascinatingly confusing movie that tries to reconcile fan service with an end to Peter's high school years.

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To talk about this film, we prioritize preserving the viewer's experience, so we will proceed with caution avoiding spoilers!

Spider man No Return Home starts with Peter Parker in hell. Starts immediately after the end of Homem-Aranha: Longe de Casa , as J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) – reimagined here as an InfoWars-style provocateur with a YouTube channel – both frame Spider-Man for Mysterio's (Jake Gyllenhaal) attack released in London and reveal that Peter Parker is the boy behind the mask.

It immediately runs with that momentum, as Peter Parker has only minutes to figure out how to live life as the most famous teenager on the planet. There is a wonderfully manic energy in the opening moments of Spider Man No Return Home , when Peter panics and tries to get home safely with his girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) amid a sudden media outburst. 

spider man no homecoming
Zendaya and Tom Holland as MJ and Peter Parker for No Way Home – Credits: Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios

This scene gives way to claustrophobic images in the apartment he shares with his aunt May (Marisa Tomei), as he tries to break the news to her before the news reaches the living room.

Sudden fame has all sorts of consequences for Peter and his friends, and their loss of privacy, unfortunately, is pretty low on the downside. Thanks to Jameson broadcasting Mysterio's efforts to frame Peter, he and his friends are seen as potentially part of a terrorist attack, which puts them under the scrutiny of law enforcement and jeopardizes their future — it turns out the colleges aren't interested. in registering alleged vigilantes and their accomplices.

Feeling that this is too high a price for his friends to pay, Peter asks the Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), asking for a spell to make the world forget that Peter is Spider-Man. When the good doctor agrees, Peter begins to question the ritual in ways that backfire, fracturing the boundaries between universes and bringing villains from previous film versions of Spider-Man into the future. MCU.

Among them are Norman Osborn / Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) and Dr. Otto Octavius ​​(Alfred Molina) from Spider-Man e Spider-Man 2 from Sam Raimi, and Electro (Jamie Foxx) from The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 by Marc Webb. Of course, the premise of No way home leaves room for viewers to speculate who else could join them, but the three standout items in the film's promotional material are also central to the film's narrative arc.

Spider man: no homecoming
Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stranger in Spider-Man: No Coming Home – Credits: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Coming after such a propelling opening for the character, the narrative contortions that Spider-Man's Homecoming script needs to make its central monster mix happen slow the story down considerably. But despite the magic and multiversal jargon, the point is pretty clear: Peter made a mess. Now he has to clean up and send these bad guys back to where they came from.

The danger of a story like this lies in how easy it is to give in to the spectacle and let the film be carried away by the superficial emotion of franchise lines being broken. Spider Man No Return Home don't shy away from that problem - you might as well call it Spider-Man: Fan Service Ahoy! — but screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers go to great lengths to give the film a beating heart, giving Peter a more humanistic purpose. 


When Peter discovers that these invading villains have been ripped from their universes before the fatal battles with their respective Spider-Men, he is unwilling to send them back to their deaths. Instead, he tries to find a way to "cure" them of their supervillain transformations and send them back with a second chance at the good life.

And that's an aspect that suits the MCU's Spider-Man very much, who is characterized by his kinder side, his more naive heart, and his unshakable stubbornness of always trying to do what's right, even when they say it could end up getting worse. more things instead of fixing.

These three main villains are good counterbalances to your altruism: each fits a different archetype. Max Dillon / Electro is a simple con artist motivated by greed. Otto Octavius ​​is the brilliant model debased by arrogance. And Norman Osborn? With split personalities, he is both a guiding light and the devil. Dafoe, bringing every fiber of his being to the role, becomes a smiling face of evil that challenges Peter to think that clinging to his moral compass is a foolish, futile mission against someone who doesn't care about morals.

The Homecoming Spider-Man story is also a flexible franchise. What better way to state that the MCU Spider-Man is the definitive version of Spider-Man than to have him not only defeat his predecessors' greatest enemies, but heal them as well?

Peter Park by Tom Holland

Spider Man No Return Home has some visual surprises up its sleeve to accompany the narratives. The usual effects-based spectacle we've come to expect from MCU rises to the epic occasion; a fight between Strange and Peter in the kaleidoscopic Mirror Dimension of Doctor Strange it's stunning. 

Other times, as in the initial confrontation between Octavius ​​and Spider-Man in the middle of a traffic jam, the action is merely useful. Some of the fights are surprisingly physical and brutal, however, balancing the lightness of computer-generated effects with some slugfests that feel all too real, like Peter, unmasked, brawls in a tight hallway or throws himself into a confrontation that's pretty much just a brawl. at dawn.

The more violent side of the action of No way home comes in part and parcel with the film's darker tone, which puts Peter in trouble both emotionally and physically. Tom Holland throws his heart into it, anchored by a smaller-than-usual supporting cast – effectively just his best friend Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), girlfriend MJ and Aunt May.

Spiderman: no way home
Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon for No Way Home – Credits: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

The “Homecoming” Peter Parker has fallen many times and hard, but he's always done it with a net adjacent to the Avengers to catch him. In No way home, that net is taken away from him and he is finally given the opportunity to try to stand on his own. Absolute enthusiasm that brought you here.

And precisely because his support network is not happy, he needs to grow. It's interesting how this third movie finally takes Peter Park out of the school and teenager realm to show that he's now becoming a young adult. He's no longer just a teenager trying to be just a "neighborhood friend," but a superhero with adult problems and an adult life.

We are waiting for more news about the universe of Spider-Man, and Sony/Marvel has plans for more, and I'd love to see the MCU's Peter Parker in a more adult skin then and try to see how he's handling things then.

Homeless Spider-Man premieres today, the 16th, in theaters.

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