REVIEW: Ahsoka ends the season with a bang!

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The long-awaited clash between Elsbeth and Ahsoka was exciting, leaving the field ready for future seasons with the return of the enigmatic Thrawn to the scene, consolidating the series as one of the best productions within the current Star Wars universe;

Let's face it: to spoil Ahsoka, the production of the series would have to put in a lot of effort, as so far, it has been one of the best Star Wars products of recent times, so it's not such a big surprise to see the eighth and final episode of this season closing it with a bang of solid gold.

The wait was well worth it

Together, Ahsoka, Sabine and Ezra fight against the supernatural forces of the alliance between Thrawn and the Nightsisters. (Image: Disclosure)

Unlike the other Star Wars series, which started with intentions without much baggage in itself, Ahsoka came bringing hints of the plot long ago constructed by the animations, which, in turn, already continued the ideas suggested by the films, both from the original trilogy and the prequels.

Ahsoka had many promises to fulfill, a responsibility, within the spectrum of which it is part, like a television series, of Herculean size, which the creator Dave Filoni and team killed in the chest and put in the goal, with security and a lot of personality, without fear of displeasing. 

They explored aspects never seen before in Star Wars while continuing links that had been in place for over a decade, and even others that were part of a part of the franchise that had been left aside in the acquisition of intellectual properties. of Lucasfilm by Disney. 

What do we have in the end with Ahsoka is the realization of what many fans previously only imagined would be material that would remain aired, without resolution, but which, incredible as it may seem, came to be finished in such a coherent, intelligent way, and of course, filled with the purest juice of fan service, because when it comes to Star Wars, it's the best.

Ahsoka proved that in the right hands, Star Wars will provide quality content – ​​just as it was done in Andor, another wonderful series that we hope will soon return for another season – and that the universe created almost 50 years ago by George Lucas still has a lot of breath and interesting facets to be explored, even though it has already been unraveled in thousands of productions , many of which are of dubious quality.

The band is back together

Ahsoka shows what she's come for by fighting not only Morgan Elsbeth, but an entire battalion of Thrawn's soldiers. (Image: Disclosure)

As has been expected since Ahsoka's arrival, Sabine and the rest of the cast to remote Peridea, which serves as exile for Thrawn and Ezra, the team of heroes is finally together, now that Ahsoka has landed, with great style, by the way. Thrawn's ship, the Imperial destroyer Chimaera, continues to soar above the temple that serves as home to the Nightsisters, and preparations for his triumphant return to the known portion of space are complete.

The Eye of Sion, that ring-shaped ship in which we saw Morgan and his companions make the journey to the planet, will now serve as a bridge for Thrawn and his troops to make their escape, but not before the tyrant puts an end to his executioner. The Grand Admiral, a unique strategist among imperial officers, strives not to make the same mistakes as his colleagues in underestimating the enemy, and puts attack ships on course to put an end to those who threaten his return.

"Never“, says the Chiss to Morgan's suggestion that he would be overdoing it by sending three TIE fighters in pursuit of a single Jedi, as he himself has already tasted defeat for not judging the threat as it should be dealt with. This gives the villain a weight never seen before by an Imperial in Star Wars, as he now has a new chance to repel his enemies, something that in the past served as an opportunity for the good guys to put them in their place again. 

The final moment arrives when the triple alliance of Elsbeth, Thrawn and the Nightsisters culminates in a substantial way: Morgan puts his life and loyalty to the test, subjugating himself to the sinister ritual of the sorceresses, becoming one of them in the process. and receiving the lethal blade of Talzin, conjured by the dark magic of the brotherhood of evil.

Aboard Ahsoka's ship, the robot Huyang (David Tennant, the eternal Dr. Who) and Ezra (Eman Esfandi) share a comical moment as the young man tries to assemble his lightsaber as quickly as possible. The droid, who in the past served as a guide for many apprentices to build the traditional Jedi weapon, doubts Bridger's method, as it is something taught in a very different way than the traditional one, by an unusual master, Kanan Jarrus, character by Freddie Prinze Jr. in animation Rebellious.

To Ezra and Sabine's surprise, Huyang remembers the time he taught the same thing to Jarrus, when he was a boy in the Jedi temple, and since then he has kept part of the saber's hilt, giving it to Bridger so he can Complete the construction of your laser defense means. In the midst of this, the robot shares his concerns regarding the Mandalorian and her training, at a time when she leaves them both in their reveries before the completion and activation of the weapon, with its blue glow, by Ezra.

Review: Ahsoka ends the season with a flourish!. The long-awaited clash between Elsbeth and Ahsoka was exciting, leaving the field ready for future seasons with the return of the enigmatic Thrawn to the scene, consolidating the series as one of the best productions within the current Star Wars universe;
REVIEW: Ahsoka ends the season with a bang!

According to Huyang, after witnessing the fall of Mandalore at the hands of the Empire, events seen during the animation Clone Wars, Ahsoka felt that there would be a danger of igniting Sabine's latent powers, given the tragedy that occurred on her home planet, with the death of her family. Despite the means by which Sabine reached her goal of finding Bridger, Ahsoka is satisfied, as otherwise it would be quite possible that she would not have succeeded, which leaves her apprentice confused.

In a very familiar tone of a true Jedi master, the heroine who gives the series its name recalls that she herself had her share of difficult choices during her career so far, on a path in which very few understood her reasons. Still, she says, Anakin never stopped supporting her, which she assures Sabine he will do as well.

With musical notes from the soundtrack A new hope, Ahsoka assures Sabine that being a Jedi is much more than wielding a lightsaber, and that her training must continue even in the midst of a growing threat, and that she must always trust the Force to guide her path, something that both Obi-Wan as Yoda told Luke during his own training decades ago.

The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Thrawn's TIE fighters, which with just a few shots damage the heroes' ship, almost knocking it out of the air onto Ezra's poor friends, the planet's inhabitants. In turn, Huyang and Sabine are able to take flight and shoot down two of the Imperial threats before crash-landing, the vessel's hull betraying the damage it sustained.

A calculated sacrifice

The witches of Dathomir elevate Morgan to the status of a sorceress. (Image: Disclosure)

At his base, upon receiving the report of the success of his attack, he is already preparing the next one, ordering a ground advance against Ahsoka and her group. Before leaving, Thrawn's soldiers receive the blessing of Morgan, now in fact one of the Nightsisters, giving rise to the theory that these troops have something supernatural in their mission to sacrifice themselves in the name of their Grand Admiral and the Empire.

Out of options, with Huyang fighting his own battle when trying to repair the ship in the company of the Noti, Ahsoka heads towards Thrawn, along with Sabine and Ezra, simply under the assumption of “knocking on the front door” of the villain, who prepares to leave. Thrawn, aware of his approach, orders them to be obliterated, and coldly states that "there will be no negotiation with Anakin Skywalker's apprentice."

Laser shots rain down above the heroes' heads as they ride towards the base of the rock formation that houses the destroyer's entrance. Amidst the chaos, they are able to open the base's gate, to the visible discontent of the blue guy, who wastes no time in ordering the Night Troopers come into action.

Armed with their sabers, the trio counter a multitude of shots as they are met by the Grand Admiral's forces, now within the dark construction of the Great Mothers of the Brotherhood of Night. One by one, the soldiers fall, while the witches' chants resound from above, bringing them back to life, like true living dead.

Long discussed in the stories of the expanded Star Wars universe, but never addressed in the series or films, it is the first appearance of the power of black magic in the plot, and is, as expected, a shock for the heroes and presented in a frightening way for us, the public. A force that follows its course, indifferent to death or damage to its being, shown in an extremely frightening way by the series.

For the Empire

Tasked with stopping Ahsoka and her friends, Morgan stays behind while Thrawn prepares to leave. On the stairs that lead to the upper floors, they continue to be chased by zombie soldiers until they reach their final meeting with the villain, who is waiting for them. It's her chance for a rematch against Ahsoka, who defeated Morgan during one of the chapters of the second season of The Mandalorian.

Ahsoka takes the fight against Elsbeth into her own hands, while Ezra and Sabine continue on Thrawn's trail. Armed with the demonic sword, the new witch of the brotherhood goes into battle with our heroine, who fights the armed battle with her double lightsabers. The clash is fierce, much like the one that occurred in Din Djarin's series, and takes place between cuts of another encounter, that of Sabine and Ezra against even more of Thrawn's supernatural battalion, already practically inside his destroyer.

Despite suffering mortal blows, the soldiers do not fall, and amidst the heavy blows and gunfire, the Grand Admiral gives the order to take off. In a particularly violent duel, the Imperial officer proves to be a dangerous opponent, choking the girl as she struggles to retrieve her lightsaber, which she uses for the final blow to the undead's head, finally defeating him in a clear shot. flash of the clash between Luke and the wampa in The Empire Strikes Back

Slicing the coconut of the soldier he had been fighting with, Ezra joins his friend and the two quicken their pace to enter the villain's ship before it leaves for good. The distance between the platform and them is immense and for a while, it becomes clear that they will not be able to invade the evil men's vessel. Meanwhile, Ahsoka is now forced to deal with the attack from the soldiers, who managed to climb to the top of the building, after being delayed long enough for Sabine and Ezra to escape.

With no time to discuss the probabilities, the Mandalorian tells Ezra to jump to the hangar that is far away from them, so that she can help reach him with the Force. With a touch of the classic Star Wars adventure theme composed by master John Williams, the boy manages to not only arrive, but also take out the soldiers waiting for him, and taking one last look back and seeing Ahsoka fighting for her life, Sabine apparently jumps to meet her friend.

Review: Ahsoka ends the season with a flourish!. The long-awaited clash between Elsbeth and Ahsoka was exciting, leaving the field ready for future seasons with the return of the enigmatic Thrawn to the scene, consolidating the series as one of the best productions within the current Star Wars universe;
REVIEW: Ahsoka ends the season with a bang!

But at the last moment, when her master is about to be killed, the young Mandalorian comes to her rescue, distracting the Night Troopers while Ahsoka continues her duel with Elsbeth. Again, reviving memories of agile and intense duels from feature films, the end of their fight is given, with a quick cross-section in the villain's belly, killing her.

Thrawn, as coolly as ever, claims she did her job. Ezra, in turn, alone, moves forward, while Sabine and Ahsoka try to escape the soldiers and the attack from the laser batteries of the Grand Admiral's destroyer. Of course, as they jump to what appears to be their deaths, the two emerge aboard the Huyang's piloted vessel, who managed to repair it in time to save the pair.

Giving everything their engines can give, they set off in pursuit of Thrawn, who, like a good villain, contacts her via radio to congratulate her on her successful escape. He provokes Ahsoka, saying that he knew her strategies from having met his master, and that victory, for now, is his, before giving the order to enter hyperspace, leaving Huyang, Sabine and Ahsoka eating cosmic dust and almost biting them. your heels.

For now, the danger is on the loose

With Thrawn free and loose, the dick will eat up space! (Image: Disclosure)

Back on the surface, the pair find themselves in the company of the Noti, where the white owl, Morai, who guided them in their training during The Clone Wars, says goodbye to Ahsoka. But let's not forget the fallen Jedi Baylan and his apprentice, Hati, as they also appear in the episode. As the girl approaches the garrison of mercenaries with whom they allied, her master finds himself in a kind of temple, with a gigantic statue of the god Mortis, whose last reference took place during the animated series, when Ahsoka found herself equipped with the consciousness of an entity from the past; the last time we saw him, the villain stared at a distant, mysterious light.

We get a glimpse of the planet Dathomir, Thrawn's destination with the Nightsisters, whose home they long ago left behind. We see two tiny soldiers carrying what appears to be a coffin among many, many others in the Imperial ship's hangar, before we cut to the New Republic fleet, where Ezra, dressed as an Imperial soldier, arrives, much to the delight of the little robot Chopper. , his old adventure companion, who instantly recognizes him.

Syndulla freezes upon seeing her long-lost friend. Jedi apprentice and master, in turn, share the view of Peridea's night skies, happy with the fact that Ezra has finally managed to return home, where he needs to be, the same as them, now together to continue training to face the great danger that awaits them. Sabine pauses for a moment, thinking she felt something, as Anakin's specter watches them from a distance.

Our verdict on the episode and series

Ahsoka brought to the screen, in format live action, a continuation that practically every animation fan had already given up hope of seeing to the events of their favorite series. What we received, even though there was no conclusion, so to speak, was a very well developed story over the course of the eight weekly episodes that we followed on Disney +.

Although we haven't yet seen the clash between Ahsoka and Thrawn, the final fight between our heroine and her tormentor The Mandalorian was excellent, rivaling duels made famous by films, such as that between the then young Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul, in The Phantom Menace, for example.  

Unresolved ends that will serve as links to future seasons or even other series, left by Ahsoka are quite promising. We still don't know what will happen to Hati, for example, as she is on the same planet as Ahsoka and Sabine, not to mention her master, Baylan, who didn't give many clues as to what he was looking for behind the scenes of the events of this final episode.

Not to mention how the series' producers will deal with the premature death of the actor who plays the character. Will there be a conclusion to his story, a branch of the plot that until now has been very well developed, as it questions the repetitive nature of the history of Star Wars and its good guys and bad guys? It will be up to the future to say how this question will be answered by Disney and Lucasfilm.

Regarding what we can comment on, which is the series so far, there is no way not to praise it not only for what it did, but also how it got to the point it is at. For the long-time fan of the franchise, who has been following the various books, games, comics, series and films, Ahsoka It was an excellent surprise, as it dealt with the story intelligently and with high doses of emotion.

The final episode released this week played a dual role, providing a conclusion to the season with lots of action and development for its characters, but also giving space to what's to come in the Star Wars universe. Given its apparent success with audiences and critics, we can only hope that the wait for a new season and a continuation of its events is not too long, nor nearly as long between the animations and the realization of what we have just seen.

In fact, everything we saw in Ahsoka It was of enormous quality, highlighted by the talent that Dave Filoni and his team have for telling an engaging story within a franchise that has suffered greatly from developments that fall short of its potential, as we saw with the last films released in theaters. In fact, the majority of TV series have been excellent channels for developing the saga; Let's hope what's to come is as good as what we had the pleasure of watching in Ahsoka

We do showmetech We will be with you on this journey, wherever it takes us! Until then, we'll see you in this distant galaxy, hopefully not too long ago!

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