Review: Marvels breathes life into the MCU, but opens up more questions. The film features a team that takes time to work well and brings hope to future Marvel films, despite problems with the script. See what we think!

CRITICISM: Marvels brings a breath of fresh air to the MCU, but opens up more questions

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The film features a team that takes time to work well and brings hope for future Marvel films, despite problems in the script. See what we think!

The new team from the cinematic universe of Marvel finally made his debut. During 01:45 am, Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau they face the villain Dar-Benn in a very comedic tone, but without becoming serious at the right moment. See what we think of the direction of Nia DaCosta for the marvels right now.

The villain of The Marvels

Zawe Ashton in Marvels
Zane Ashton's character was almost created for the film (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

The actress Zawe ashton was chosen to give life to the villain Dar-Benn, who in the comics, is a man. The character in question had little participation in the Captain Marvel comics and ended up killed by Robbery during an operation of the Avengers after taking the place of Kree Emperor Clumsy Foulop, using a ROBOT clone of the Silver Surfer.

It can be said that, on big screens, Dar-Benn arrives with a more worthy reason to go head to head with Captain Marvel, a well-accepted improvement that may even make some spectators side with Zawe ashton for a (short) time.

Zawe ashton in the marvels
Zawe Ashton does a great job as in the new Marvel film (Photo: Disclosure)

There is nothing negative to say about the work of Yours to make the character work for the MCU's general audience. Until halfway through the feature film, there is a great doubt as to why the character played by B being called “Annihilator” for much of the feature film. And to find out more about this, we will be transported to events from the first film from another angle.

The team that takes time to engage

The marvels
Before working as a team, heroines need to know each other and put differences aside (Photo: Disclosure)

As expected, the 2023 film follows the direct events of Ms. Marvel, a series launched and completed in 2022. The post-credits scene of the series Kamala khan, which in this film is the script's great comic relief in every situation, can be considered the first scene of the marvels. Disney has always been good at tailoring its productions and there is no denying its mastery.

Our famous Captain Marvel She has always been known and even prefers to work alone, so it is clear that she was not prepared to have a team to call her own. She needs to understand that, in addition to needing help to stop Dar-Benn, it is not always necessary to be alone at all times. Even if it means returning to memories you want to forget or revealing truths you don't want to.

Poster for Marvel, the new MCU film
Marvel could have approached characters more completely (Photo: Disclosure)

When they see each other again, Monica rambeau e Carol Danvers They still have unfinished business that can harm group work. Despite the explanation given by the director, I would like to see more of the relationship between these two, which was planted in 2019. I got a small taste of seeing more real interaction in a film that has a lot of CGI due to being 90% set in space.

Kevin Feige's need to fix the MCU is notable after controversies regarding poor delivery in terms of visual effects and scripts for films such as Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania e Thor: Love and Thunder that lead nowhere. Fans comment on the internet that they lost their breath after the events of Avengers: Endgame. So, introducing a new team that will be essential for the future is a good start.

In the great salad of events of the marvels, the character of Imam Vellani goes through a necessary maturity so that his journey in the MCU has great importance. Just as you and I would act, she is very nervous when meeting one of the people she most admires in the universe. At the same time, it is notable that the script was very focused on shedding Kamala's image from the “simple” Captain Marvel fan and becoming one of the focuses of this new phase of the MCU.

Diversity in the cast

Review: Marvels breathes life into the MCU, but opens up more questions. The film features a team that takes time to work well and brings hope to future Marvel films, despite problems with the script. See what we think!
Cast brings important diversity to the film industry (Photo: Disclosure)

Who watched the Ms. Marvel series in 2022 and never had access to Pakistani culture in full, he had a small preview of how the work of Disney would be done from then on. This positive element of the series can also be seen in the marvels.

Place Monica rambeau (played by the great Teyona Parris) as one of the protagonists was also a clear decision by Marvel that, not always, the main characters need to have a face that is “more accepted in society”.

It is true that issues such as racism, social inequality and other important issues are not addressed in the roadmap. the marvels, but a simple change in the cast brings important changes so that especially children identify with the look they have.


Marvels logo, new MCU film
The script lacks in some points, but brings necessary maturity to the characters (Photo: Disclosure)

The end of Captain Marvel in 2019 brought the destruction of the artificial intelligence that controlled and governed Hala, the planet of civilization kree who rescued Carol Danvers and helped her become as we know her. Half of the marvels shows how this affected those who lived in Hala, but at the same time it leaves the villain's motives open.

I mean, if it was so simple to solve, why wasn't the attempt put into practice before? When I understood the problems that caused so much insecurity in Captain Marvel and how everything could have been resolved, I began to wonder why the villain existed who didn't even have much relevance in the comics.

Of course, until we understand the villain's motives, it is necessary to build a path for such a moment to happen. But, at the same time, despite the resolution of emotional problems that special powers cannot handle, I believe that there are other ways of working on these points in a more complex way and without the need to extend so much.

The great irony is that, despite being defeated as in any film, the villain ends up getting what she wanted so much. Even though the means chosen by the three heroines are not the same.


The Marvels logo, the new MCU film
Trio of heroines has potential, but still doesn't solve the MCU's problems (Photo: Disclosure)

the marvels It's far from being a perfect film, but the final delivery isn't disastrous. The production brings an important maturity to all the protagonists, while presenting a team of heroines who have charisma, good teamwork and a lot of power, whether when they are together or when they are working separately.

The second film starring Carol Danvers It comes as a breather that the MCU needed, but it still doesn't solve all the problems; We should only see the true solution in mid-2024. The script could also be a little more in-depth so that the characters mature even more during the feature film.

The post-credits scene, as a Marvel standard, opens up doubts and, at the same time, opens the door to an exciting future for those who like hero films. But we can only wait for the future to see how this will be put into practice.

Kevin Feige, once again, has the cheese and the knife in hand to put the Marvel Cinematic Universe back on track and regain fan support. We will need to be patient.

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