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REVIEW: Loki S02 E06: The God of Stories 

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Finally, Loki gets to the heart of the matter and reflects on his past; Check out the season finale review!

Loki finally reaches the conclusion of its second season bringing an episode full of action, emotion and a surprising dose of reflection on the part of our beloved antihero. 

Stay up to date with everything that happened in the sixth and final episode of the series. This review contains spoilers, so watch it first and then come back to talk to us about all the events in the series' plot!

Here we are again

Marvel's Loki
All reunited again. (Image: Disclosure)

Back in time and with full control over the timeline, Loki finally has the opportunity to reverse the tragic conclusion of the fourth episode in the series, when Timely, in an act of bravery, volunteered to repair the Loom of Time, but ended up being disintegrated in the process. 

After rewatching the end of Kang's variant, Loki stops the time stream to ask OB what they could have done differently, but the only answer he can hear is that they took too long. And that! In full style time spell, the god of trickery repeats the scene multiple times until he quickly gets the sequence of events right.

It's one failure after another, with Timely turning noodles into everyone, despite Loki's efforts to reverse the result, running and interacting with scenes from previous episodes to make everything happen faster, going further and further down the line. of time. Nobody understands what's going on, of course!

For those who were lost amid all the jargon and chaotic events of the series, this summary made by Loki makes everything extremely clear, in a comical and clumsy way, in the Marvel style. He, like a God, spends an eternity to absorb everything Ouroboros knows, as he needs the knowledge to put his plan into action.

Centuries later… 

Marvel's Loki
Loki tries to stop Sylvie. (Image: Disclosure)

Everyone is confused by the sudden repertoire of astrophysics and quantum engineering he has accumulated during this period, but they follow Thor's half-brother anyway. Timely, the most lost of all, has the greatest responsibility, after all, the solution to Tear's collapse is in his hands.

With the security of someone who has trained for this moment countless times, Loki finally sets the repair in motion in the lightest way possible. Timely survives the procedure! Encouraged by Loki, he slowly walks towards the apparatus as the radiation waves push him back.

It's time to press the green button and it's time for Victor to return to the control room. Loki's triumph is celebrated by everyone: the timeline is saved! Or not? OB notices strange readings on the devices, the Tear is overloading again. There are too many branches. According to Timely, they are multiplying at an almost infinite rate, something the Tear cannot compensate for.

Everything was destined to happen, regardless of the heroic actions of the character who gives the series its name. Doom is inevitable. But Loki doesn't give up. He goes back in time to the end of the previous season to prevent Sylvie from killing Kang in her fortress, at the End of Time. He appeals to his variant's instincts, telling her that he has already seen all the repercussions of his actions.

The fight that ensues is fierce, and Loki finds himself once again trapped in a cycle of events, with the aim of preventing He Who Remains from dying, using his powers to try not to kill Sylvie. Kang, who is not stupid or anything, realizing that Loki has been repeating the scene over and over again, disdains suffering.  

The conversation between the two unfolds as Loki comes to the conclusion that Kang knows of his efforts and did not expect to remain dead, as the trickster would somehow save him. After all, the villain knows everything that will happen in the future, the possible future, explaining in detail the reason for Loki's repeated failure to save the timeline. 

It's easy to rebuild

Marvel's Loki
Kang, Sylvie and Loki: the trio returns to the end of season 1! (Image: Disclosure)

In short, everything is happening to keep the Sacred Timeline safe, in other words, a tremendous waste of time. Multiple copies of Kang are spread across different realities, and even with Loki's divine effort, there is no way to avoid the worst. Everything, times of peace, war and joy only happened because the evil one was watching and keeping an iron hand over everyone. He keeps them safe, at least in his opinion.

But Loki refuses to believe this and at all costs wants to find another way to resolve the situation, to break the Tear. The solution, however, Kang taunts, is to kill Sylvie. Going back even further in time, Loki goes back to the beginning of the series, when he was sitting in front of Mobius. He puts on the table everything that will happen during this examination, coming to the conclusion that his life has been nothing more than a terrible mess.

Mobius questions Loki about leading a life knowing the burden they carry, telling a story of when he almost failed to perform a pruning, and how his partner had to do it, exposing all the consequences of his actions. It was Renslayer. There is no comfort in this line of work, only the burden of your actions, says Mobius. This is the key to everything. The god of trickery does what has to be done and eliminates his friend from the timeline.

Without Mobius, there is no conflict that triggers the Tear's collapse. The big loss, however, is Sylvie's life, because by killing her, there is no way for her to eliminate Kang. The Sacred Timeline must be maintained, no matter who it hurts. That's all, at least, what he thinks. Sylvie argues that everyone has the right to die fighting, as she has seen this in the countless apocalypses she has lived through as the Chaos variant and target of the AVT.

Loki, the God of Stories

Marvel's Loki
For the first time in his life, Loki puts himself in second place for the good of another. (Image: Disclosure)

The solution to the problem that afflicts him appears in Loki's mind. He is the one who has to face the temporal radiation in the Tear's chamber. He knows the type of god he has to be, sacrificing himself to save everyone and everything, in a dramatic scene in which he wears his usual uniform, equipped with his characteristic horns. The sacred apparatus disappears and Loki grasps the branches of time with his bare hands, slowly walking towards the crevice at the end of the platform.

The throne he seeks is within his sight. Dragging the many temporal branches, he settles into the seat, and with a final effort, brings long-awaited stability to the tangle of temporal threads. AVT returns to its routine, with everyone performing their duties, up to date with everything that has happened so far. In fact, during the comings and goings that we see, there is a direct reference to Ant-Man and the Wasp in Quantumania, event 616 which is casually mentioned by the agents. The main characters are about to reunite, but before they do, Mobius stops and looks at his agency file.

He is reluctant to continue with his life as an analyst at AVT and decides to leave to fully live his life, which he has protected for so long. B-15 assures him that he will always be welcome back if he ever wants to return, before leaving him alone in the hallway. In the meeting room, we see everyone who had lost their lives throughout the series, and, in the OB enclosure, he shows us the second edition of his sacred operations manual.

We go through all the knots that the series has gone through since the beginning. Little boy Victor continues his chemical experiments without the agency's intrusion and Ravonna faces her fate. In the timeline he lived in in the previous episode, Mobius observes his variant living happily with his children. Sylvie becomes the only Loki in the Sacred Timeline with the god of trickery leaving the scene. 

Amidst the temporal branches, we get a glimpse of Loki before the chapter ends and we reach the credits to bring the second season of the series to an end. He became something far beyond his role as the god of trickery, as he became the God of History, who governs everything that happens in the fantastic universe of Casa das Ideias in cinema. A poetic closing, let's say, to the events that we have been following in recent weeks, right? 

Our verdict on the episode 

How much drama! The last chapter of Loki brought a lot of character development to our favorite antihero, so much so that he ended up becoming a hero, the one who allowed the MCU stay on track so we can witness what is to come in phase 4.

So far, we have to admit, nothing of great note has been happening in this universe, but after the series we have just seen, there is a great promise that must be fulfilled by the next films in the saga's sequel. We still have many questions to be answered after all.

The main one is what will happen to Kang and how his multiples will paint the seven in the overall picture. Apparently, it will take a while for us to know, as the next Avengers film is only scheduled for release in 2026. Until then, there is a lot of ground to cover, not to mention a lot of film for us to watch.

So, what did you think of Loki? Did you like the crazy events that we followed together here at showmetech? Leave your comment below and let's exchange ideas about what's coming next. MCU! To the next!


Source: Screen Rant [1] And [2].

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (10 / 11 / 23)

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