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REVIEW: Dune: Part 2 orchestrates legendary moments in world cinema

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Denis Villeneuve's new film, which premiered on February 29th, brings all the grandeur that fans expected and is cemented as one of cinema's greatest science fictions; check out.

Dune: Part 2, which premiered on February 29th, brings a faster pace and all the grandeur expected by fans of the work and aficionados of the seventh art. The film, which delivers thunderous action scenes, corrects its only weak point from the first Dune. Without further ado, let's get to the review of Dune: Part 2.

Spoiler-free review


Paul atreides, main character of dune, in the arrakis desert in dune: part 2
Paul Atreides in the Arrakis desert in Dune: Part 2 (Source: Warner Bros/ Disclosure)

Dune (Dunes), work created by Frank Herbert. and adapted by Denis Villeneuve. (The arrival), brought impact to the film industry and Science fiction when it hit theaters in 2021. The film, which takes place in a dystopian future and brings the entire political wheel so current, follows the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), successor of one of the most important families in the galaxy, who has his destiny changed by the death of his father and joins the fremen, a free tribe living on Arrakis, to avenge their family and chart their destiny. 

The first film of the future trilogy brought with it a powerful adaptation, which gave the work 10 nominations for Oscar and 6 figurines, highlighting its grandeur mainly in categories such as sound and photography, which make Dune one of the most epic science fictions today. 

Official poster for the first Dune film, showing all the main characters
Official photo of Duna (Photo: Disclosure)

Despite being acclaimed, the first film was also heavily criticized by fans for having a slower pace, something characteristic of Villeneuve's work. In Dune: Part 2 (Dune: Part Two) this will not happen again, with the extraordinary delivery of an impressive execution being clear, mixed with the very well stitched plot, the action scenes that make you lose your breath and the grandeur of sound, soundtrack and photography that only Dune could provide. 

The film, which already has an adaptation from the 80s (available on Prime Video), has now brought all the complexity that everyone was so afraid to see on screen, reassuring fans and bringing a grand feature film worthy of the influence that the original work had on the cinematic world and science fiction. 

The second film in the work takes us to follow the journey of Paul Atreides even more closely, who finds himself among the Fremen after the extermination of his family and decides to live this journey with Chani (Zendaya), Stilgar (Javier Bardem) and his mother, Jessica Atreides (Rebecca ferguson), carving his way through the desert sands spiritually and politically, and starting a war to free Arrakis from the extermination of its current people and exploitation of mixed, the most valuable spice in the world used for space travel and health improvements.

Dune: Part 2 balances between the perfect balance of a political, religious and impactful plot, which brings with it rich and bone-chilling dialogues, in contrast to the thunderous sound of the desert and war swallowing every soul on Arrakis.

Jessica atreides
Jessica Atreides (Photo: Warner Bros/ Disclosure)

At the same time, the work also outlines a difficult decision between love, accompanied with even more focus on the romance between Chani and Paul, and all the political bureaucracy caused by the war.

Furthermore, the film brings with it extremely important political plots, showing how faith can be a powerful element in a war and how great it echoes throughout the corners of the Arrakis desert. The work also brings great focus to the origin of the mélange and the entire culture of the Fremen, with their own language and even their own way of obtaining water, a valuable resource among the inhabitants of the great planet.

Highlights and cast

Paul atreides and chani in a dune romance scene: part 2
Paul Atreides and Chani (Source: Warner Bros/ Disclosure)

The romance between Chani and Paul opens up a great space in the development of Zendaya and Chalamet's characters, who demonstrate a chilling chemistry and bring in their moments all the contradiction between rooting for love and knowing the end that this journey could paint in the couple's destiny. . 

And it's not just in the romance scenes that Zendaya stands out: the actress' character, who had little screen time in the first film, received a lot of space to shine in the second, making us follow the distressing sensations of her journey of love for Paul and the clear reluctance for the faith that guides his people.

Chalamet also acts in a great way, both in his most humble moments, where the character declares his heroic stance, and in his darkest moments, highlighted not only by his brilliant performance, but also by the powerful photography of Greig fraser (The Batman), which draws the darkness that permeates and expands in its path. 

Paul atreides in dune: part 2, with his hands up holding a dagger
Paul Atreides in a scene from Dune: Part 2 (Photo: Disclosure)

Furthermore, added to Chalamet and Zendaya, Florence Pugh (Oppenheimer), arrives as a new character in the trilogy, playing the Princess Irulan Corrino, eldest daughter of Padisha Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV (Christopher Walken). The princess brings with her all the character's naive discovery in the political circle that guides the film and stands out even with little screen time.

Florence pugh as princess irulan corrino in dune: part 2.
Princess Irulan Corrino (Photo: Warner Bros/ Disclosure)

Javier Bardem (The Little Mermaid) also shows an overwhelming presence with his performance as Stilgar, masterfully portraying the longing for death and the corrosive faith that numbs and exhilarates the character's desire for a better future.

Stilgar, one of the main characters who accompanies Paul on his journey to dune: part 2
Stilgar (Photo: Warner Bros / Disclosure)

In tune with Stilgar's footsteps, we have Jessica Atreides, played by Rebecca Ferguson (Missão Impossível), who delivers a powerful and frightening performance, while embarking on a long and tortuous journey that highlights his most intense and dark side.

Jessica atreides, mother of paul atreides and one of the main characters in the film. The image shows Jessica in a Reverend Mother outfit.
Jessica Atreides (Photo: Warner Bros/ Disclosure)

The villains of Dune: Part 2 are not left behind when we talk about highlights in the cast. Austin butler (Elvis), which interprets Feyd-Rautha, youngest nephew and heir to the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, brings a haunting psychopathy, delivering an impressive performance that mixes with cold photography, further highlighting his thirst for power and pain.

Feyd-rautha in a black and white photo highlighting her face
Feyd-Rautha, new character in Dune: Part 2 (Photo: Warner Bros / Disclosure)

In addition, we also have the return of Stellan Skarsgard (Pirates of the Caribbean) as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who demonstrates an aggrandizing anger and an overwhelming desire for the extermination of the Fremen. The character also stands out for the makeup, costumes and special effects that further enhance Skarsgård's brilliant performance.

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in Dune: Part 2
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Photo: Warner Bros/ Disclosure)

Technical aspects

Sandworms in the Arrakis Desert
Sandworms on Arrakis (Photo: Warner Bros / Disclosure)

The Jordanian desert that served as home to Dune: Part 2 is described as a wild and impactful beauty, which is clearly seen in the deserts of Arrakis, which swallow the entire cinema in a mouthful of worms and make you experience an extraordinary journey, with all the tension and beauty that Frank Herbert's work deserves . 

Furthermore, the red-orange desert, which was one of those chosen to host the work's greatest setting, also houses perfect conditions to synthesize the dance of the sands that the Fremen do when moving, in addition to expanding the beauty of the sunset. sun, which transforms the true desert into a spectacle of colors and home to Greig Fraser's impeccable photography.

The film's director of photography houses in his takes the entire nuance of the Arrakis desert, showing the immensity and solitude it provides for its residents, while at the same time showing, with a more distant framing of the characters, how small they are.  

All of this combined with the sound mixing and impeccable soundtrack by Hans Zimmer (Interstellar), takes you to a place of pure experience of watching Dune at the movies. With moments of tension orchestrated in the soundtrack and sound, Villeneuve's film takes you on an intergalactic journey to Arrakis, making you feel the immensity of the desert just with the sound it emits. 

Despite the little fuss when we talk about sound and photography, this is what often brings the rhythm that films were so lacking. A recent example is Oppenheimer (Christopher Nolan), the biggest highlight of the 2024 awards, which, when the bomb exploded, reverberated the tension of that moment in a thunderous sound and a screaming silence.

Em Dune: Part 2, we have a similar impact when listening to the sounds of the desert, summarized in the sands that convey all the vastness and solitude of that environment, in the worms that present in their movement all the tension that Arrakis harbors and in the deafening sound of the Dunes, which show their immensity in front of in the wind and guide the journey of the main characters of the work. 

In contrast to the resounding silence of the Dunes, we have moments of extreme tension that house the film's greatest climax points, with the action scenes instrumented by Hans Zimmer's soundtrack, who, with his brilliant work in the second film in the franchise, brought once again the immensity of each moment experienced with the film. 


Feyd-rautha, new villain of dune: part 2, in a black and white battle image
Feyd-Rautha, new villain of Dune: Part 2 (Photo: Waner Bros/ Disclosure)

Like another science fiction movie, Dune: Part 2 delivers what few thought would be possible to see on cinema screens: a truly legendary plot that crosses you and consumes you, in the most intense and positive way, and immerses you so deeply that it is possible to feel the sands of the Dunes between your fingers and the sounds of worms make your ears shiver. 

To paraphrase Greg Fraser, Dune: Part 2 it's even bigger and better and will take you on an epic journey, making every penny of the ticket worth it and being even more appreciated in the Imax theaters. 

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Where to watch

Dune: Part 2 premiered on February 29th and is on sale in cinemas throughout Brazil. You can secure your ticket via

Dune (2021), which precedes Dune: Part 2, is available on the streaming platform HBO Max, which is now only Max, and in Prime Video

The first film in the saga, Dune (1984), is also available on Prime Vídeo

Dune (2000), a miniseries by John Harrison, is not yet available in Brazil, but you can follow the website JustWatch, which points out which streaming services films and series will be available on, so you can complete the experience through the deserts of Dune.

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