Dcu: james gunn announces 1st chapter of the new universe. New wave of dcu productions is called chapter 1: gods and monsters and will be headed by james gunn and peter safran

DCU: James Gunn announces the 1st chapter of the new universe

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New batch of DCU productions is called Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters and will be headed by James Gunn and Peter Safran

During an online event, James Gunn and Peter Safran announced the new DCU with 10 unpublished productions of the first chapter of stories for cinema and television, such as the new Batman e Super-Homem, Robin with dark prominence and less famous characters gaining their own series, such as Swamp monster e Golden Booster.

This is the first work of the two ahead of the dc studios being responsible for overseeing and commanding the future of DC on big screens, small screens, animations and games.

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The Brave and Bold

Batman e Robin will star in the feature that will introduce the nocturnal hero in the new DCU, with its own cast, therefore not connected to the Batman – Part II de Robert Pattinson e Matt Reeves. The movie will show Damian wayne, son unrecognized by Bruce Wayne until his early youth, as a child killer while dealing with his relationship with his father.

James Gunn, CEO of the brand, alongside Peter Safran, commented that this is the Robin favorite of his and that the plot is based on the comics of Grant morrison, while Peter says it will be an extension of the bat-family, that these characters have been left out in recent stories.

DC art with batman kneeling and robin with sword above him, robin will return in dcu.
Artwork from Bold and Brave illustrates Batman's future at DC. (Disclosure/DC)

Superman: Legacy

The new adaptation of the steel hero is in production: Gunn announced that this story will be complex and will seek to understand the relationships that Clark Kent cultivates beyond his superhero life. The story is about how Kent balances his Kryptonian background with his life on Earth, with duties and people.

James Gunn is writing the film which does not yet have a director and is set for July 11, 2025.

Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow

After the series of the character made by T, DC bet again on Kara Zor El to star in a production, this time a feature within the company's universe. The story is based on the book by Tom king e Bilquis Evely, the first announced as one of the film's writers and producers.

Gunn complements by saying that this will be the most “disturbed” and “harsh” Supergirl we've already seen: in the feature, the heroine separates from Krypton on a piece of the planet and have to watch everyone around him die.

Supergirl in animated art of a woman of tomorrow bathed in blood with a sword at her side stuck in the ground and psychedelic art in the background.
Supergirl in animated artwork of Woman of Tomorrow. (Disclosure/DC)

Commandos creatures

The first animated series of the new universe is Commandos creatures, written by James Gunn and with 7 episodes. The characters will Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Nina Mazursky, Doctor Phosporus, Weasel, which appeared in the last Suicide Squad, and GI Robot and Rick Flag.

James Gunn confirmed that they are producing with the transition from animation to live action in mind, so the participation of these characters in superhero movies is a possibility.


Taking place between the first and second seasons of Pacifier, the series about the agent will feature the return of Viola Davis as Amanda waller and some cast members from the series starring Jonh Dinner. Jeremy Carver, creator of Doom Patrol e Christal Henry, screenwriter of the series Watchmen, are part of the creative team of Waller.


Another live action series announced at the event is that of Hal Jordan Green Lanterns e John Stewart; as said by Safran, made in the mold of a “true detective” and based on the “Precinct Earth“. The plot will not be contained in the series and will be explored in other productions, in this case, Hal e John are “superpolice” in Terra and go after a horror found here.

The authority

characters from wild storm, comic book series bought by DC, will debut through their own film, about a team of superheroes who seek to fight injustice and a broken world through the means they find most productive and the feature will tell how they deal with decisions.

Safran says that they are the ones who decide what the right ends are and that they don't care what happens in between, as long as they get to their ends.

Paradise Lost

The plot about the Amazons will have a story “like Game of Thrones“, as you said Safranabout the hometown of Wonder Woman, Paradise Island. Peter complements by saying it is before the birth of the heroine and involves drama and political dispute in an all-female population.

Gunn says "It's an origin story about a society. What it means? What is the policy like? What are the rules like? Who is in charge? What games do they play with each other to reach the top? (https://www.stocktargetadvisor.com/) I think it's very interesting".

Golden Booster

flagged by Safran like a man with imposter syndrome, the Golden Booster is a character who goes back in time to be able to pretend to be a hero: the series will tell Gladiator's adaptation in the new society in which he inserted himself and how he deals with it.

Swamp monster

A DC re-announce a product on the Swamp monster, after abruptly canceling the program starring in 2019 for financial reasons, but now with a new organization, production and duration, as this time it will be a film about the origin of the Monster, without much more detail.

out of universe

Supervision and continuation of production of Batman, Matt Reeves e Joker: Folie à Deux, Tood Phillips, in the so-calledDC Elsewords".

James Gunn confirmed that more productions are being developed, but cannot talk about them yet.

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