Master cyberpunk 2 patch 0 and dlc with these tips!. Become the greatest mercenary in night city with this incredible information to improve your adventure!

Master Cyberpunk 2.0 Patch 2077 and DLC with these tips!

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Become the greatest mercenary in Night City with this incredible information to improve your adventure!

Looking for ways to make your journey into the dazzling but chaotic Night City of Cyberpunk 2077 even better? Then you've arrived at the right place! In addition to being an immense city, the region holds several secrets that can further improve your game experience.

Whether you're a veteran returning to explore what's new in Patch 2.0 and content from Phantom Liberty DLC, or a newcomer about to dive into the rich narrative and open world of Cyberpunk For once, the tips here are for everyone. This guide is the key to DOMINATING Night City and becoming the true legend of Afterlife!

Essential things when starting Cyberpunk 2.0 Patch 2077

Ready to embark on a new journey alongside Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077?

For example, is it worth following what the developers at CD Project Red suggested and start a new adventure for this new stage? Or can the changes still be used without problems in a file that already exists?

Create a new character or redistribute points!

Skill Tree in Cyberpunk 77
Enjoy the game's new skill tree!

Given the extensive changes brought by update 2.0, it might be a good idea to start over, especially if it's been a while since you've logged into the game. This will help you adapt to new special abilities and enemy AI, preparing you to make the most of all content. Be it the base game itself or the expansion, phantom liberty.

However, this is just a recommendation and not the rule. Therefore, if you prefer to continue with an existing character, it is possible. However, it is important to know that several things will change – for example, you will need to redistribute all your skill points again. (Tramadol) Due to the radical changes in the new system, the CD Project Red opted for this new approach.

Also, by keeping your old character, things may seem a little more confusing in the head since we were used to the old systems. From my experience, it takes a few hours to get used to all the mechanics again, but this choice is also worth it, especially if you have that “V” as your favorite character.

Play around with the build builder


The first important decision before starting your journey through the game is deciding whether to make a new character or continue with the old one. Next is to decide what the build of your character, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new perks and skills. Whether you're a returning veteran or a newcomer, you'll have to make important decisions about which skills and weapons your character will specialize in along the way – you can't have them all.

Luckily, for those who like to keep everything noted, the developer itself Cyberpunk 2077 released one planner builds, which allows players to plan in advance how they intend to build their character.

See the new Cybernetics system!

Cybernetics in cyberpunk
Cybernetics also has a new look in Night City

If you have started over in a save already existing, after loading the game in 2.0, you will receive a call from Viktor about some news that arrived in Night City related to the game's popular cybernetic implants. So, redistribute your outstanding skill points and go to the doctor closest to you!

This will introduce you to the game's renewed cybernetics system, which now includes implants installed in your own body and also shows that, from this moment on, clothes no longer confer armor status. 90% of the time, the stickers will be responsible for this defense attribute!

Additionally, if you want a character focused on implants, we recommend taking the revitalized Edgerunner and Punk talents.

How to drive better in Cyberpunk 2077?

Go next to your car
Find out how to control your vehicle better!

Thanks to the new vehicular combat system introduced in Patch 2.0, driving a car through the streets of Night City and the surrounding area has become an even more important task. However, this is not one of the easiest tasks, as the steering wheel controls sometimes don't work as we imagine and we often crash the car into a wall when cornering at high speed or hit innocent pedestrians.

If this has ever happened to you, we know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, there are several tips for Cyberpunk 2077 to facilitate this process and make your travels around the map, whether to complete a mission or admire the game's scenery, something more pleasurable!

Balance and grip in corners

Curve with a motorcycle in cyberpunk
High-speed turns are a trap!

The first step to becoming an experienced driver is knowing how to maintain balance and grip when you are taking a turn. Before entering it, slow down and apply the brake. Take your foot off the brake and accelerate smoothly when exiting the maneuver. This method will drastically increase your grip, minimizing the possibility of collisions.

Get to know your car or motorcycle

Information about a vehicle in cyberpunk
Knowing your vehicle is key in the game

The next crucial step is to understand your car's settings. The vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 come with three drive wheel configurations:

  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Four-Wheel Drive

And also three engine layouts:

  • Front Engine
  • Central Engine
  • Rear Engine
Vehicle Information in Cyberpunk 2077
Different cars have different specifications. Stay tuned!

Tip: Front-engine, front-wheel drive cars are the easiest to handle. Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive cars are the most difficult, but offer the greatest maneuverability. Beginners should start with front-engine vehicles for a smoother driving experience.

Know when to brake

Curve in cyberpunk 2077
Knowing when to use your brakes is essential

No Cyberpunk 2077, the braking system was designed with a complexity that goes beyond the simple act of stopping the vehicle. In addition to the conventional brake, activated by the directional controls and effective for gradual deceleration, there is also the handbrake, accessible via the space key. The latter is especially advantageous for executing more daring maneuvers and navigating tight curves.

It's important to know when to use each one. While the conventional brake is your best option for a complete and safe stop, the handbrake is an invaluable tool for making tight turns and making abrupt changes in direction. Use it masterfully to optimize your driving skills in dynamic situations.

Drive in third person

Driving in third person in Cyberpunk 2077
The third-person camera is ideal for driving through the streets of Night City!

Although the first-person camera offers incredible immersion when exploring Night City while driving, it is not the best choice for those new to the game. So, opt for the third-person view when in the vehicle, which offers a broader perspective of the environment, making control easier.

Do the River Ward quests


A CD Project Red has a remarkable track record of creating engaging subplots that complement the main story, and the case of River Ward is no exception. Involved in an intricate and dark plot, V finds himself immersed in a labyrinth of suspense and danger, crossing paths with a notorious serial killer who is plaguing Night City.

River Ward isn't just an addition to the story; he is a fascinating and multifaceted character in himself. Therefore, taking a break from your survival odyssey to delve into the intricacies of this questline is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment to enhance your journey through Cyberpunk 2077.

Stop the crimes of Night City

V fighting crime in night city
Save Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 for the reward!

Aesthetics cyberpunk often addresses skepticism towards authorities, and in Night City, the police are no exception in terms of questionable conduct. While it's tempting to ignore nearby crime alerts, these events can be an excellent source of valuable items.

Identified by the NCPD (Night City Police Department) icon, these one-off missions will appear randomly as you explore the map. They generally involve gang members committing crimes against civilians. The objective here is not to assist the forces of order, but rather to capitalize on the rewards offered.

These are quick missions, ideal for an adrenaline boost while eliminating opponents that cross your path. Although they lack narrative depth, you will often emerge from these confrontations armed to the teeth, being able to sell or dismantle the weapons you collect.

Additionally, it is common to find a container marked “evidence” in these areas, containing items of even higher quality. Although not guaranteed, it represents an efficient way to accumulate resources in Night City.

Look for sentient cars

Human nature, cyberpunk mission
Reuniting with your car becomes one of CD Projekt Red's coolest missions!

After completing the prologue, the Hella EC-D 1360 car, acquired by V in the game's introduction, will be waiting in the garage of the building where you reside. When noticing a quest related to it in your goal journal, don't hesitate to investigate.

Although a runaway taxi ends up destroying your vehicle, it triggers one of the game's most captivating side missions. Cyberpunk 2077: track the defective cars of Delamain, a luxury fleet with drivers powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Locating all of these taxis can be challenging, as they are dispersed throughout Night City and even beyond. Each vehicle has a unique personality, ranging from humorous to menacing, enriching the mission. What makes this task especially intriguing is the way it explores the potential dangers of AI in the future, as well as forcing the player to make complex decisions throughout the quest.

Amazing vehicles you can get for free!

Night City is a playground motorized, full of opportunities to purchase vehicles of the most varied types. Although Channels are always ready to sell cutting-edge cars and motorcycles, don't underestimate the free alternatives the game offers. Yes, you heard right: it is possible to obtain several vehicles permanently without spending a penny.

Here are some of the best options you can find during the game:

Rayfield Cailburn 

Ride in style through Night City

To have a chance to acquire this luxurious and fast car, players must first complete the “Ghost Town” mission. This is a crucial chapter of the main story, accessible during the game's second act, and is also the time when players meet Panam Palmer. After completing the objective, you will need to wait a few days within the game universe for the car to be unlocked.

The Rayfield Caliburn is not delivered directly to the player. It is hidden in a shipping container located in the wastelands, inside a cave. This is the same cave where you and Panam break into to confront Nash's gang. Once you locate and enter the vehicle, you will immediately receive a notification letting you know that a new car has been added to your garage.

However, be aware: to call Rayfield Caliburn yours, V needs to reach a credibility level of 40 in Night City. This is a considerably high value that can only be obtained by completing a series of side quests and gaining the trust of various characters in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Despite the number of side missions required to reach this level, the effort is worth it. After all, we are talking about one of the fastest cars in the game!

Quadra Type-66 “Hoon”

A new car was added for free to Patch 2.0 of Cyberpunk 2077

The iconic rally driver Ken Block, known for his choreographed drift videos and co-founder of the footwear brand DC Shoes, was honored in Cyberpunk 2077 after his death in a snowmobile accident in 2023. The game's 2.0 update added a special car, the Type-66 Hoon, inspired by the Mustang RTR modified, known as “Hoonicorn”.

This armed vehicle can be located in a warehouse in the northern region of Watson shortly after the end of the game's prologue. However, reports in Reddit suggest that he may appear after missions related to Takemura and reunite with Evelyn Parker. To confirm the car as yours, you need to find a key hidden near the vehicle.

So if you want to drive through the streets of Night City in style and at the same time with a vehicle that's a weapon, be sure to go after the Type-66 when you have the time. It can be very useful during different missions in the game.

Arch Nazare “Itsumade”

Motorbikes can also be obtained for free in Night City!

If you prefer to ride the streets of Night City on two wheels, then look for the Man on the Road quest, an essential secondary mission for those who want to obtain the Arch Nazare motorcycle variant, known as “Itsumade”. In addition to being one of the fastest vehicles in the game, reaching 178KM, it also stands out with a unique and more aggressive design.

Obtaining this motorcycle, however, is a slightly complicated task, as it involves investigating what happened for the motorcycle to end up in this state. The problem? This is a mission that is not marked on the map, in a garage in Santo Domingo, where you discover that it was stolen from a leader of the Talons of Tygres and now you need to go on a journey in search of the people involved in this story.

The effort, at least, is worth it, as you can get one of the coolest and fastest bikes in the game completely for free after completing this mission!

Increase your credibility

Character in night city
Your credibility is your reputation in Night City

The importance of credibility in Cyberpunk 2077 cannot be underestimated, especially for players looking to maximize their performance and access high-quality gear as they venture through the city. This “attribute” is a kind of social currency, which you accumulate by completing missions, including services for channels or the NCPD.

One of the most crucial aspects of a high level of credibility is also access to legendary cybernetics, which are even more important in the game, and other high-class equipment. These advanced items provide unique abilities and advantages that can help you a lot in the more complicated missions at the end of the game.

Furthermore, having high credibility also influences the emergence of new services that you can receive from the Channels. These intermediaries will only make their most lucrative and challenging tasks available to those with enough reputation to be respected on the streets of Night City.

Keep an eye on progression shards

Skill shard in cyberpunk
Skill shards help with Cyberpunk 2077 skill progression!

Em Cyberpunk 2077, Ability Shards are very useful. They appeared in the game after update 2.0 and help improve your skills. You get these shards by defeating enemies and picking them up immediately guarantees bonuses for V, such as expanding cybernetic capacity and even increasing the character's passive skills.

Another positive point is that its effects are immediate, that is, you just need to find this item on an enemy's body for its effects to be activated!

New skill progression in Patch 2.0

Patch 2.0 and Phantom Liberty brought new ways to play the game

A novelty that arrived at Cyberpunk with Patch 2.0 is Skill Progression, a topic that will certainly be part of the beginner's guide to Cyberpunk. These benefits are obtained by performing certain actions during combat and missions in the game, showing that your character V is becoming an expert in the area in question. The skills are divided into five categories: Killer, Network Trail, Shinobi, Frila and Engineer.

Each of these categories will grant your character, in most cases, passive abilities related to the topic covered. For example, Network Trail can influence your ability to recover RAM or the cost of your quick hacks, while Engineer will improve your armor and increase damage with certain weapons.

Why this news?

Skill progression in cyberpunk
Passive and useful skills!

who played Cyberpunk In previous patches, you must remember that the old skill tree had a problem: many of the choices offered benefits that did not bring great advantages to the gameplay. Although useful, it didn't seem worth investing your precious points in them.

With the arrival of Patch 2.0, V's skill tree underwent a significant overhaul, making the options throughout the game more interesting. Additionally, passive skills can now be acquired for free as you explore the game.


Combat in cyberpunk 2077
Try to hit your enemies in the head

The Killer skill can be improved as you perform certain feats during combat. The most effective way to accumulate points in this skill is to make accurate headshots of your opponents with any firearm you have in your inventory. There are other ways to earn points, such as using silencers to eliminate enemies or hit weak points.

While using some weapons, such as pistols, knives, and axes, can grant experience points, this is a slower and generally less efficient method. Therefore, the best option is still to aim for your opponents' heads.


Cyberpunk hack
Get inside the minds of the people of Night City to level up this skill

Unlike the Matadora, which has some conditions to be trained, the Trail-Net Skill Progression is probably one of the most intuitive and easiest to improve. If your V is focused on hacking enemies, you will already secure several points here.

The mechanics are simple: to advance along this path, simply hack everything possible in the game environment. Quick hacks are the fastest and most reliable way to progress, allowing you to accumulate experience points efficiently. However, this is not the only way forward; Hacking terminals and other interactive objects will also contribute to your growth in this specific area.


Katana in cyberpunk
Slash your enemies with a Katana in the CD Projekt Red game!

Shinobi is a somewhat eccentric trail that invites the player to adopt a ninja combat style — although without necessarily focusing on stealth tactics, they are also functional. To evolve in this category, weapons such as Katanas, Machetes, Chainswords and the famous Mantis Blades are your best allies.

However, the trail also allows the use of Assault Rifles and SMGs to accumulate points. And it doesn't stop there: acrobatic maneuvers such as running, sliding and climbing also contribute to your evolution into Shinobi, albeit a little slower.

But what really draws attention is the natural synergy between Shinobi and Matadora. Many players will opt for a combination of these two skills, as landing headshots with an Assault Rifle, for example, will increase your points in both Shinobi and Matadora. Furthermore, a combat style that mixes stealth and melee attacks requires a balance between both categories.


Combat with a shotgun in cyberpunk 2077
Shotguns are one of Frila's main tools in Night City!

This path is aimed at players who prefer less subtle and more direct approaches, favoring short-range weapons such as shotguns, light machine guns (LMGs), clubs, fists and even the impressive Gorilla Arms.

But before you think that this is the universal path for those who like close combat, it is worth noting a peculiarity: bladed weapons, such as katanas, do not contribute to your progression in Frila. This may surprise some players who may initially associate all close range weapons with this skill track.

The general idea behind the Frila skill is to offer a robust option for those who enjoy more aggressive and frontal playstyles. So, if you're the type of player who likes to be at the center of the action, facing opponents head-to-head, this could be the skill track you've been looking for to upgrade your play style.


Crafting in cyberpunk 2077
Become a builder in Cyberpunk 2077 to level up this skill

If you are a high-tech enthusiast in the gaming world, we have a Skill Progression track that cannot go unnoticed: Engineering. This track is particularly appealing to those who love exploring sophisticated gear, as it involves a wide range of actions related to smart weapons, projectiles, cybernetics, and even elemental abilities.

A differentiator of the Engineering track is that it is also an extension of the technology “Perks” system. It is one of the few paths that you can advance by carrying out activities that are not strictly combat. For example, those who enjoy “crafting” will find here an accelerated path to developing their skills. But make no mistake, players who rely on explosives and damage over time will also benefit immensely from this track.

Make sure you kill your enemies!

Fight in cyberpunk
Don't let Night City's enemies return to battle

A crucial point, which many players may overlook and which is certainly useful information in this beginner's guide Cyberpunk, is the fact that it guarantees that your enemy has really been defeated. Believe me, this small detail can make all the difference between winning the fight or seeing the Game Over screen appear on the screen.

In the game CD Project Red, enemies are just as equipped with healing items as you are, and this includes even the weakest opponents. This means that if you don't confirm that an enemy is truly out of combat, there's a good chance they'll heal up and return to action, surprising you when you least expect it.

So, the tip is simple, but vital: always confirm that the enemy has in fact been defeated. If you shot from afar, get closer to be sure. If you used melee skills, keep an eye out for any signs of movement. An enemy that restores your health can not only surprise you, but also ruin a carefully planned strategy.

Lootable enemies are marked by an “X”

Enemies killed in cyberpunk 2077
Pay attention to the minimap and Cyberpunk icons!

After killing against a large amount of enemies for Cyberpunk, one of the first things you should know is how to identify those who drop valuable loot when defeated. They will appear marked with an “X” on your mini-map, and the color of this icon indicates the rarity of the loot they left behind.

The system is very intuitive and categorized by colors: gray represents common items, green is uncommon items, blue indicates rarity, purple is for epic items and yellow signals the coveted legendary items. Additionally, when you look at the body of a defeated enemy, the loot item marker will also change color depending on the rarity of the item. loot.

How to make money in Cyberpunk Patch 2.0?

In the Cyberpunk universe developed by CD Project Red, Edinhos are the key to obtaining the most coveted equipment in the game. During your journey through Night City, you will need a large amount of this currency. Whether to pay off your debt with Viktor, incurred during the prologue, or to acquire more powerful weapons, advanced equipment or even luxurious apartments, the Edinhos are the engine that drives the game's economy!

Dismantle or sell weapons?

Weapon inventory in night city
You will find many weapons throughout Night City

Em Cyberpunk 2077, it won't be long before you see your inventory full of different weapons, the vast majority acquired from enemy bodies. However, what to do with them? Well, these items are used either to earn some extra Edinhos and buy that new cybernetics or also to improve other equipment.

Going to the nearest gun store and getting them out of your inventory can be a quick route to accumulating money, but disassembling weapons with high-end components is more advantageous in the long run. These rare items, vital for future improvements, can be easily obtained by accessing V's inventory and pressing the “Z” key.

This way, you not only maximize the value of each piece of equipment, but also guarantee scarce resources for future evolutions in your arsenal.

Shards of Money

Shard of money in night city
Always keep an eye out for shards of money on the bodies of dead enemies!

In addition to dropping items when defeated, certain enemies in Cyberpunk 2077, especially during Patch 2.0, also drop money, filled with a considerable amount of Edinhos for you to collect. Unfortunately, this is a mechanic that depends more on your luck, as it is an RNG factor that leaves it random.

Given this unpredictable nature, the best thing to do is to loot all defeated enemies. While the randomness makes it difficult to collect these bags as a form of farming, you never know when luck will be on your side.

Side missions and the NCPD

Night city map
The Cyberpunk 2077 universe is full of challenges for players!

While the main story can be engaging and action-packed, making us eager to find out what will happen to V and Johnny Silverhand, don't underestimate the side quests! They are true gold mines, offering generous rewards in terms of buildings, equipment and information. Therefore, before diving headfirst into the main plot, it is worth paying special attention to the so-called “channels” spread throughout the game that provide these lucrative tasks.

The focus on side missions is not just a strategy to line your pockets; it's also a smart way to prepare for the challenges that the main narrative will inevitably bring. The more complicated the story gets, the more you will need resources to acquire advanced equipment, powerful weapons and even critical information. With the Edinhos collected in side missions, you will be more than prepared to face any obstacle that Night City throws in your path. Therefore, before advancing the main plot, make sure you are properly equipped and financially robust by exploring the multiple opportunities that the side quests offer.

And these were our tips for the latest Patch 2.0 of Cyberpunk 2077 and its DLC. We hope your adventure through the game is exciting and, if you have any other tips, leave them in the comments!


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