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Inside Vivo Digital Labs, Vivo's innovation office

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Vivo Digital Labs is a center located inside the Vivo building in São Paulo, designed to foster the mindset of startups and digital innovation within the company.

O Living Digital Labs is a center located inside the building of Living in São Paulo, on Chucri Zaidan avenue. The place was designed to foster the mentality of startups and digital innovation within the company. Who presented the new offices, inaugurated in the second half of 2016, was Lucas Roberto Batista, Head do Living Digital Labs. He was in charge of explaining the function of each of the 12 "squads“, name given to the sectors of the office. This one, populated by a mix of internal employees and Living.

Lab UX – The User Experience Room

This is the room where the team from Living does usability testing with guest users. It's all done by recording images and the interviewee's reactions, with a team analyzing the images in another room – behind a window/mirror – and recording the results of the experiments.

Lab ux - showmetech

Experiences are made on both mobile and desktop. The idea is to ensure that the company produces only services and applications that users like. Really valid solutions that will make a difference in the lives of users and not just take up time.

Sell ​​Accelerator – The Sales and E-commerce Room

Sell ​​accelerator - showmetech

This is the room where the projects of E-commerce and mobile B2B, with the objective of leveraging sales in digital channels. The teams responsible for the products of the Living consult the needs of the business units and, in the Sell ​​Accelerator, are dedicated to thinking about solutions and ways to offer this to customers.

In short, the team scans the entire market and finds new formats to leverage sales and innovate in this area.

Bundle/Gol – The End to End Implementation Room (E2E)

Bundle / goal - showmetech

Here, one team helps customers and companies to digitize their processes, to integrate more quickly and efficiently with the services of Living. the own Living has been doing a lot of work in this direction. Today, 90% of the company's services and processes can be accessed digitally.

LABS – The Innovation Room

Labs - showmetech

This is the room responsible for promoting the innovation by improving the customer experience. Thus, 70% of working time is devoted to projects, while the remaining 30% is dedicated to mentoring and assistance for the other areas of the Living.

As a result, Living and its employees/partners find solutions to problems that haven't happened yet. Enabling them to be prepared for others that may arise in the future.

KPI – The Living Measurement Room

In this room, the results of actions and use of services are constantly measured, to confirm that the necessary results are being achieved. Here, representatives of Living take the opportunity to show, for example, improvements in self-service. Today, 85% of customer support contacts are resolved without the need for an in-house technician visit.

This ensures that the Living increase your speed in solving users' problems and make the experience of using the service even better.

“My house, your house”

O team of that "squad” stays on top of the needs of telephony, TV and broadband customers (also called Living Fixed). With this, they develop solutions to improve the day to day of those who hire services for the house.

A team is a mix of internal employees and partners of the Living and brings good results. The challenge here is to become a customer and verify the problems and difficulties encountered. Thus finding the best solutions to offer a better service always.

Kill Bill 2B / Kill Bill 2C

The name here, in English, is a play on the will of the Living to encourage customers in the consumer segments (C – Consumer) and corporate (B – Business) to access and check their invoices digitally, thus reducing the need to send paper documents.

The attitude is not only sustainable and representative of a concern for the environment. In addition, it also represents a great saving in what was previously spent on sending mail, for example.

Relax moment

Living relaxation room - showmetech

There is also a comfortable room for team games and rest. Something that could not be missed in an environment that is inspired by modern technology offices. In this room, everyone can relax during their break times. Even have fun, to renew your creative side.

In search of new talents

With these innovations, the Living wants to attract new talent. Furthermore, it is on par with the most modern work environments. In addition to the inventive mentality of other technology companies like Google and Facebook. (

Interested in participating in squads and integrate the production and development teams of Living should look for the vacancies page located on the company's own website. And here's the tip: a good and complete profile on LinkedIn is essential to enter the company.

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