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See AI-created Disney characters using Tim Burton style

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Artificial Intelligence transforms classic characters into the style of animations like Corpse Bride, and the director responds to the results: “Disturbing”

Tim Burton was yet another target of Artificial Intelligence, this time to reproduce its style in Disney films. The Artificial Intelligence software used, the midjourney, has already been highlighted for creating false images representing some controversies, such as when AI created images of Pope Francis wearing designer clothes and deceived many on the internet who thought that those were real images of the Pope.

However, in addition to being a power for those who want to distort reality with misleading images, artificial intelligence is also a great tool for thinking about facts and events from another perspective that did not happen. It is from this premise that a Buzzfeed article proposed that AI create scenes from famous Disney films, if they were directed by Tim Burton, director of films such as Alice in Wonderland e Jack's wierd world, famous for their melancholic and caricatured characters.

See Tim Burton's opinion

See disney characters created by ai using tim burton style. Artificial intelligence transforms classic animation-style characters like corpse bride, and the director rejects the results: “disturbing”
Tim Burton expressed disapproval of the reproduction of his style by AIs. Photo: Disclosure/MIS

“Disturbing” was how the director reacted, in an interview with The Independent, seeing his style being redesigned to fit some Disney films by AI. Even though the filmmaker himself admits that some of the images created are “very good”, Tim Burton was completely unfavorable to this type of use of AI in his works:

They made the AI ​​create 'my' versions of Disney characters! I can't describe the feeling it gave me. It reminded me of when many cultures said 'Don't take my picture because you'll be taking my soul'.

Regardless of the result generated by the AI, the question raised by Burton goes against many other criticisms from artists who accuse AIs of plagiarism. “What it does is suck something out of you. It removes something from your soul or psyche; this is very upsetting, especially if it has to do with you. It's like a robot took your humanity, your soul”, stated the North American director, using strong words to define the recreational use of Artificial Intelligence.

Disney films from Tim Burton's perspective


Elsa wearing a dark dress and in what appears to be a cemetery.
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

The princess and the Frog

Tiana wearing a crown and holding a smiling frog
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

The Little Mermaid

Ariel is surrounded by several eels that glow with light
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

Beauty and the Beast

The two main characters dressed elegantly, with Belle holding a bouquet of roses
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney


Moana sitting in the water and looking at the sky
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney


Apunzel is in the foreground, with sparse flowers around him, and a dark tower is in the background
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Aurora has dots drawn on her cheeks
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney


An angry-looking Pocahontas runs through a dark and scary forest
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

Peter Pan

Peter and another boy are sitting in a boat with a giant bell, bigger than both boys, hovering above them.
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White has a group of over seven dwarves surrounding her so tightly that she can't move.
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney


Mulan sits in a kimono as if posing for a portrait, with flowers and tree branches behind her
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney


Aladdin, classic Disney character, smilingly holds something that is on fire, while a giant genie head with an open mouth floats on his shoulder
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

The Lion King

A scary-looking scar stares ahead, surrounded by desolation.
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney


A resolute merida looks ahead
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney


Cinderella smiles in the center, while her sinister-looking stepsisters hold flames and flank her on either side
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney


An angry-looking Hercules has Hades hanging over his shoulder.
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

101 Dalmatians

Cruella de vil flanked on both sides by dogs, some of which are painted like Dalmatians and others are purely black; one of the dogs has horns.
Lauren Garafano/Midjourney

See how to take your photo Tim Burton style at Midjourney

Access Discord and locate MidJourney in the left sidebar of Discord.

Midjourney is coupled to discord and creates images through textual commands.
Screenshot / Showmetech

Select a Group, we recommend opting for a group titled “newbie” where you can enter command prompts.

Midjourney is coupled to discord and creates images through textual commands.
Screenshot / Showmetech

Enter the Command “/imagine” as command and press the Enter key to open the prompt. Afterwards, enter your order. Write the request preferably in English to obtain more accurate results.

Midjourney is coupled to discord and creates images through textual commands.
Screenshot / Showmetech

Accept the Terms of Use, you will need to accept the terms of use. Click on the “Accept ToS” button within the chat to proceed.

Midjourney is coupled to discord and creates images through textual commands.
Screenshot / Showmetech

Wait for Art, now just wait for MidJourney to create the art based on your request. The result will be displayed in the chat.

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Sources: BuzzFeed, Independent e Variety.

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (14 / 09 / 23)

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