The end of the zenfone line?

The end of Zenfone? ASUS may shut down smartphone lineup soon

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Rumors suggest that ASUS is ending the development of the Zenfone smartphone line, to focus exclusively on the ROG Phone series.

Recent rumors have been stirring the tech world, suggesting that the ASUS, one of the world's leading smartphone and computer makers, may be considering ending its famous line Zenfone to focus its efforts on the already renowned series ROG Phone, of gaming smartphones. According to the Tech News Taiwan, employees from the smartphone line department would have already been reallocated to other teams, including the ROG Phone. In this way, the Zenfone 10 could become the last mobile in the line, since the team responsible for the series would no longer exist.

The closure of the Zenfone line

ZenFone 10 line with 5 devices of different colors
Zenfone 10 could become the last smartphone in the lineup just a few months after its release. (Image: Disclosure/ASUS)

This rumor, along with other developments, could point to a line closure soon. Earlier this month, the ASUS interrupted the possibility of unlocking the bootloader for the owners of Zenfone, although the company has clarified that it is not definitively ending this option, just that the tool to perform the unlock is not currently available.

Also, a few weeks ago, community members noted that the ASUS had removed older firmware versions from the Zenfone from your website. Community moderators explained that the company no longer makes old firmware versions or patch packages available. downgrade, in order to ensure that users remain on the latest firmware versions.

Although these developments do not directly indicate the end of the division Zenfone, they raise retrospective suspicions and raise the question of whether the evidence was present all along. A ASUS has not commented on the matter so far and there is no official confirmation on the closure of the smartphone line – however, the announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

Possible line interruption Zenfone would be related to the perception that these devices have not provided the desired return for the company. Meanwhile, the series smartphones ROG Phone have the ability to attract consumers not only due to their technical specifications, but also due to the strong identification with the gamer public associated with the brand.

What is the Zenfone line?

The zenfone 9 line
The ASUS Zenfone line was known for delivering a good product at affordable prices to the public. (Image: Disclosure/ASUS)

The smartphone line Zenfone is a series of mobile phones developed and produced by ASUS, a multinational technology company headquartered in Taiwan. The line's smartphones were first launched in 2014 and have since become a significant part of the company's portfolio in the mobile market.

Smartphones are known for their combination of powerful hardware, attractive design and competitive price. They are designed to meet a wide range of consumer needs and budgets, from affordable entry-level models to premium devices with advanced features.

A ASUS stood out in technological innovation with the line Zenfone, introducing features such as fast charging technology, higher refresh rate screens for smoother gaming, advanced multi-lens camera systems and image stabilization, as well as partnerships with companies such as Qualcomm to deliver top-notch performance on your devices.

Additionally, the company offers its own custom user interface known as ZenUI, which runs on the Android operating system. A ZenUI offers a number of additional features and customizations to enhance the user experience and is said to be one of the best Android versions available in the mobile market.

The line Zenfone continued to evolve over time, incorporating the latest innovations in mobile technology such as 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence capabilities to improve usability and efficiency, and more. Therefore, its closure would be a considerable loss for the smartphone market, despite the existence of the line ROG.

Source: TechNews Taiwan e Android Authority.

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