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ANVISA approves Irregular Heart Rate alert on Galaxy Watch6

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Update will be present in the Samsung Health Monitor application; see other functions that will be available on the smartwatch:

Following the innovation of its products, Samsung got approval to include a new functionality in the Galaxy Watch6. After approval from the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), the warning about Irregular Heart Rate will come as part of a set of system improvements One UI 5 Watch, which will operate on Samsung smart watches. See more:

How does the Irregular Heart Rate notification work?

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New alert will be available on the Samsung Health Monitor (Image: Samung/Disclosure).

Soon, people who already use the Samsung galaxy watch6 will have access to the notice about Irregular Heart Rate (in English, Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification, or IHRN), in the watch app, called Samsung health monitor. After updating with the system One UI 5 Watch, which will change the user interface of the device, the functionality will alert you to exaggerated changes in the heartbeat. That is, the SmartWatch It will warn you if your heart is beating too slow or too fast.

Using our watches, they are able to monitor vital signs, including blood pressure and heart rate, constantly improving their health and well-being.

Bruno Freitas,
senior manager of Wearables, in the Mobile Experience sector at Samsung Brazil.

Because it works in the background, without appearing explicitly, IHRN does not appear as an option for the user to access. Thus, during use, the watch observes the heartbeat and the notification appears, anticipating an unexpected change. As for the heart rate data, Samsung informs that its Watch6 can be pre-configured to compose an analysis about the Beats per minute (BPM).

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The Samsung watch also monitors sleep data (Image: Samsung/Disclosure).

However, Samsung cautions that the Irregular Heart Rate message does not necessarily indicate a heart attack. “Upon receiving an alert on your watch, the recommendation is to contact the doctor so that he can better assess the situation“, pays attention to the brand. Still, the manufacturer says that the lack of alert about altered heartbeats is not directly related to stable health, and that the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 is not recommended for patients with a history of other types of cardiac arrhythmia.

Samsung's new watch also brought improvements to its design: it has a 20% larger screen, with even more processing capacity and expanded memory. Resolution has been improved thanks to brightness settings Always On Display. Added to these advantages is the battery, which not only has reduced consumption, but also faster charging time.

Other health data analyzed by the Samsung Galaxy Watch6

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Health sensors observe other user data (Image: Samsung / Disclosure).

Next to IHRN, Samsung also has other health resources in its SmartWatch last. There are also options to Blood Pressure Monitoring quality Electrocardiogram, helping to know if any abnormality is happening, such as atrial fibrillation - heart condition that indicates poor blood circulation, being temporary or permanent, depending on the diagnosis. These monitoring functions will only be available on watches Galaxy Watch who have the sensor BioActive, starting with the recently launched watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6.

All this input of sensors and data is a way for the Korean company to demonstrate concern for the arterial health of its consumers. With the support of these innovations in its products, Samsung aims to raise awareness about diseases such as cardiac insufficiency e Stroke (AVC).

In addition to heart health, the line of watches smart also seeks to analyze data while you sleep, with the function Sleep Score Factors, which checks sleep time and physical and mental recovery. During rest at night, the new smartwatch can even obtain data on the menstrual cycle. But even with all these functions, the Samsung highlights in its statement that contacting a doctor is the best way to assess the health situation of users.

Will Samsung also have health sensors on cell phones?

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In addition to Irregular Heart Rate, foldable cell phones may also have sensors to monitor data such as blood pressure (Image: PigTou/Reproduction; under intervention).

Preparing to reach even more consumers with health sensors, Samsung has also already obtained a patent to implement health sensors in its mobile phones. O pig tou had exclusive access to the document that shows details of how blood pressure checks work for users of the brand's foldable smartphones.

The vehicle showed, in July, that Samsung's patent analyzes user data based on the angle created by the finger when bending the cell phone (as in the picture). The document also indicates the presence of an angle sensor, called Hall, and a complementary semiconductor (CMOS), which is sensitive to the user's touch.

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Source: Samsung Newsroom (IHRN) | Samsung Newsroom (Galaxy Watch6)

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (04 / 09 / 23)

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