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Galaxy S10 breaks record and surpasses S9 sales in Brazil

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Galaxy S10 line exceeds Galaxy S80 and S9+ sales by 9% in Brazil in just over a month since launch

The family Galaxy S10 was launched by Samsung No. beginning of the year, revealing completely new smartphones, with a more sophisticated design and new features for both the company and most of its competitors. And these news were successful here. ( Since the opening of pre-sales here in Brazil, the new smartphones have already started to hit sales records.

The line Galaxy S10 managed to sell twice as much as compared to the Galaxy S9 and the S9+ in the year of its release. Now, just over a month after the start of sales here in Brazil, the Galaxy S10 can surprise even more.

Brazil with open doors for the Galaxy S10

New Galaxy S10 line breaks sales records in Brazil
New Galaxy S10 line breaks sales records in Brazil

The new line of top-of-the-line smartphones from Samsung became a success among Brazilian consumers and therefore surpassed in 80% the sales of Galaxy S9. Anthony Quintas, vice president of the Mobile Devices Division at Samsung Brazil, demonstrated the company's satisfaction and pride in relation to this milestone.

“It is with great satisfaction that we receive such positive feedback from the Brazilian consumer. We remain firm in our commitment to offering the best products and services to make people's daily lives even better with the use of our technology”

Antonio Quintas, Vice President, Mobile Devices Division at Samsung Brazil

The news of the Galaxy S10 line

There are three models for sale here, the s10, s10+ and the s10e
There are three models for sale here, the S10, S10+ and the S10e

Remembering that this time the Samsung launched not only two models for the line Galaxy S10, and yes four, although the model with 5G has not arrived here. With that, we are left with the options of the Galaxy S10, S10 + and the S10e, bringing the essentials of what you need to have in a smartphone of this category with a more affordable price.

They also arrived with new features compared to the old line and even competitors, such as the ultrasonic unlocking on the screen, which in addition to being faster is still safer and saves the space that would be the physical sensor. The new line has brought a new generation of impressive cameras for those who want to guarantee the best photos and even a function Wireless PowerShare, capable of sharing battery via wireless charging feature between two devices.

Find out all about the three devices in our special subject about them and for those who have already secured yours, be sure to check out these 30 tips very helpful tips on making the most of the new bestseller from Samsung.

Source: Samsung News

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