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Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 sell 40% more than the previous generation

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During the pre-sale, Samsung offers double storage when buying foldable smartphones and a 50% discount when buying the Galaxy Watch6, learn more

Launched less than a month ago, the new Galaxy z flip5 e ZFold5 are already a source of pride for the Samsung, which has invested heavily in the line of foldable smartphones. According to information from the Korean company, sales of the new cell phones were 40% greater than that of previous models in the first week of pre-sales.  

The devices were officially launched in the last week of July during the Samsung Unpacked, an event that took place in South Korea, to present the news of the brand. Due to the huge success, deliveries of the devices will be advanced by one day. Check out.

On the right is the galaxy fold 5 and on the left is the z flip5.
Pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold 5 and Z Flip5 will run until August 27 on Samsung's website. Photo: Disclosure/Samsung

Evolution of the Galaxy Z family

For the Vice President of Mobile Experience at Samsung Brazil, Gustavo Assunção, the sales success so far shows that the folding category has conquered the interest and preference of Brazilian consumers. “The evolution of the family Galaxy Z it is quite significant not only in design, but also in terms of performance robustness and camera experience”, said Gustavo in a note published by Samsung. 

In fact, the new devices are lighter and with a more refined and elegant design, in addition to presenting important changes in the hinges, which are now more resistant and eliminated the internal gap. And in the case of Galaxy z flip5, there was an important increase of the external screen. 

According to Gustavo, the company tried to listen to customers' opinions to improve smartphones. “We develop the products based on what really matters to them,” he explained. 

“On the Galaxy Z Flip5, for example, we've brought the Flex Display, the largest external display on a Galaxy Z Flip, and more advanced camera features to let people express their ideas from creative angles. In the Galaxy Z Fold5, we keep the DNA of productivity, improving multitasking functions. The fifth generation of our foldables reinforces our commitment to continue innovating and driving the industry forward.”

Gustavo Assunção, Vice President of Mobile Experience at Samsung Brazil.

Pre sale Z Flip5 and Z Fold5

Pre-orders for the new smartphones officially started on launch day, July 26. During this first month of the campaign, customers who purchase one of the devices will receive a special version, with twice as much memory.  

Galaxy z flip5: the foldable with a larger external screen stole the show during the unpacked in south korea
Galaxy Z Flip5 is on sale for R$ 6.999, in colors: cream, graphite, light green and pink. Photo: Disclosure/Samsung

According to Samsung, the promotional action works as follows: whoever buys a Galaxy z flip5 of 256 GB of memory, you will receive a device with 512 GB. Who to choose Galaxy z fold5 of 512 GB, you will receive an upgrade to the model Galaxy z fold5 the 1TB.

In addition to twice as much memory, anyone who purchases one of Samsung's foldables during pre-sales receives a 50% discount on the purchase of one. Galaxy Watch6, the new smartwatch that launched alongside the Z Flip5 and Z Fold5.

And it is worth remembering: all models of the Galaxy Z line receive a free two-year subscription to the Cadeado Galaxy service, which allows remote blocking of the device in case of loss, theft or theft. See our special article about the Galaxy Padlock.

In the image there are two galaxy fold 5, one open and one closed.
Galaxy Fold 5 is on sale for R$ 11.999,61. Available in colors: cream, black and light blue. Photo: Disclosure/Samsung

And you can already guarantee your new foldable smartphone: the Galaxy z flip5 is for sale by BRL 7.199 at Fast Shop, while the Galaxy z fold5 can be found by BRL 11.076 at Girafa.

Do you want to know all the news of Galaxy Unpacked? Watch the video on our channel:

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Source: Samsung

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