Github copilot becomes an AI platform for developers

GitHub Copilot becomes an AI platform for developers

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General launch of Copilot Chat, preview of new Copilot Enterprise and new AI-based security features begin new era on the platform

During the GitHub Universe 2023, which was once again held in San Francisco, California, the company, which is a true partner of developers, showcased its innovations for developing websites and applications through artificial intelligence. Much of the news arrives to complement mid-year GitHub Copilot announcements. See everything that was announced right now.

Copilot Chat available in December 2023

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New product promises to make using the tool even simpler (Photo: Disclosure)

Announced in March 2023 to make developers' work even more complete, the GitHubChat will finally be available to plan customers Enterprise. This solution can be explained as a ChatGPT aimed at programmers — for companies and business organizations.

The public beta started when it was announced and could be available to all corporate users through the applications Visual Studio e Visual Studio Code da Microsoft. The public release also confirms that it has:

  • Support for GPT-4 language model to deliver greater productivity. We already talked more about this in the special article announcing the OpenAI language model.
  • Code-aware guidance and code generation: Copilot Chat uses code as context and is able to explain complex concepts, suggest code based on open files and windows, help detect security vulnerabilities, and help find and fix errors in code, terminal, and debugger;
  • Code change with AI-powered Copilot Chat: With the new integrated Copilot Chat, developers can chat about specific lines of code, directly in their code flow and editor.
  • Slash commands for shortcuts to your big tasks: the new feature arrives to introduce slash commands and context variables in the GitHub Copilot — so fixing or improving the code is as simple as entering /fix and generating tests now starts with /tests.
  • One-click AI: Smart Actions offer powerful shortcuts to your workflow with just one click – whether you need to fix suggestions, get request review content, or speed up commits and get requests with a generated response.
  • Copilot Chat on JetBrains: Copilot Chat will be coming to the JetBrains suite of IDEs, available in beta starting November 08, 2023.

In addition to being available to all subscribers via the website, it was also announced at today's event that the personal assistant will reach the smartphone application so that code development can also be carried out on the cell phone. It is possible to request prior access to the new feature in the application starting today through a free registration, but you need to have a subscription to use the new feature.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise customized for enterprises

Github copilot enterprise
More expensive plan offers personalized use (Photo: Disclosure)

The platform for developers had access to work data from these professionals, which proves that they can deliver 55% faster through what is available. However, when they start using it for the first time, developers spend around two hours writing code so that the tool adapts to the demands of their company.

To leave this real gap in the process behind, the GitHub you will be able to customize its use according to the demands of a company. The use of artificial intelligence will be more than essential for this to succeed and the most important thing is that security will not be left aside for any moment.

This tool is scheduled to launch in February 2024, with no date specified so far. You will need to pay US$39 (R$190,83 in direct conversion) to access the GitHub personalized.

AI Drives Advanced GitHub Security

Using the ai platform for developers
AI will be even more present to detect errors in real time (Photo: Disclosure)

O GitHub Copilot was announced in June last year as a true personal assistant to make developers' lives even easier. It allows professionals to save time wasted by typing line by line and has been widely chosen by most users.

For the year 2023, it has been updated to offer even more security through AI: the assistant can now detect broken code for your project, in addition to also detecting security holes in the act of writing and structuring.

GitHub Copilot Chat can also help identify security vulnerabilities in the IDE, explain the mechanics of a vulnerability with its natural language capabilities, and suggest a specific fix for the highlighted code. This will radically transform the traditional definition of “shift to the left”. Now, we're infusing GitHub Advanced Security with new AI-powered application security testing capabilities designed to detect and remediate vulnerabilities and secrets in your code.

GitHub about its AI security news

An automatic code corrector was also announced that avoids reworking and allows everything to be delivered in even less time than expected.

With AI-powered generic secret checking and our new regular expression generator for custom patterns, we're making it easier to find leaked secrets with low false positive rates.

GitHub about its AI security news

Security news is available from November 08th, 2023 and will be included at no additional cost in the subscription GitHub Advanced Security, which costs US$49 (R$240,04) per commit, or each state the project is in on the timeline.

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