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Gmail has a birthday and gets email scheduling and more features

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Gmail's 15th Anniversary brought some very interesting new features and also the retirement of Inbox

O gmail is having a birthday! For 15 years the email manager of Google sent your first email. And to celebrate your fifteenth birthday, you're the one who gets gifts, as the Google added new features in gmail to further optimize the user experience. The news was announced by Jacob Bank, Director of Product Management at G Suite.

Gmail has a birthday and gets email scheduling and more features
Gmail turns 15 years old. Remember what the email manager was like

Smart Compose

In the update of gmail: Google added the Smart Compose for phones with Android operating system. O Smart Compose is a tool that, combined with artificial intelligence (AI), helps users who write Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Basically, the new tool will save the user from repeating words and phrases in different emails, be it in any language. The feature was initially implemented in Desktops and disembarks us smartphones in the next update.

According to Google: Smart Compose uses artificial intelligence to “guess” what you are going to type and suggests words and phrases for you with one click. Jacob Banks still goes on to say that the new function will save over a billion characters a week.

Gmail has a birthday and gets email scheduling and more features
Smart Compose was initially implemented on desktops and comes to Android

Still on the Smart Compose, Banks added that the feature has been improved to adapt to your voice and writing, to suggest words more accurately.

Email Scheduling

But the novelty implemented in the gmail to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary that has drawn the most attention is the email scheduling. According to the company itself, the function is ideal for those who work and need to send emails to different time zones, facilitating the organization of the company. See how the function arrives in Gmail.


"It's important to factor in everyone's downtime."

Jacob Bank, Director of Product Management for G Suite.

Another good implementation in gmail it was the technology AMP, which simply eliminates the need to open several tabs to edit documents or even review hotel itineraries in Google Hotels, for example. Now you can make all the necessary modifications without leaving the gmail.

Goodbye Inbox

It is worth mentioning that the novelties implemented by the Google No. gmail, arrive together with the retirement of the inbox, which was a smarter alternative to gmail, of the company itself. O inbox will be retired because, according to the Google, the focus will be on improving the gmail. Despite never having surpassed its brother in number of users, the smart email manager of Google contained some interesting features and kept loyal users with them. Some of them were Automatic email grouping by categories or the display of important information without the need to open the email.

Gmail has a birthday and gets email scheduling and more features
Inbox was just under 5 years old and was discontinued

One of the factors that fueled this decision was because for a long time, the inbox became just a medium where the company tested some features and that later ended up in the older brother.

Gmail getting better and better

Now with the discontinuation of inbox: Google you will have more freedom to turn your main email manager into a smart instant messaging management platform. Who knows how to introduce some functions of the inbox No. gmail to make it even smarter and necessary for people. Second Banks: Google continues to work hard to make the gmail “even smarter and more useful for users.”

Despite the announcement, the Google has not yet confirmed when all updates will be available. Did you like the gifts Google He gave? Leave it in the comments.

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