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Google Chrome will use AI to summarize web stories for you

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Tool shows most important topics of texts on the internet; the artificial intelligence feature also shows recurring questions

O Google announced this Tuesday (15) that the browser Chrome will have a tool Artificial Intelligence (IA) that will summarize what is being read. The operation of the new resource will be available, first, to users of the system Android e iOS and later should arrive for the desktop version of Google Chrome. Check it out below.

How will AI work to summarize stories in Chrome?

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Now, with a summary of articles with AI, the browser will help you quickly understand any text (Image: Getty / Reproduction).

If you've ever needed to read a very long article or even an article for a college assignment, for example, you'll have a breather with the new browser tool. To ease such tasks, the article summary will appear right at the bottom of the screen, with phrases that show highlights of the content. In the example, it appears with the section Get AI-powered key points (“show key points with AI”, in free translation).

Finding Information Quickly

After clicking the button Generate (“Generate”) on the right side of this option IA: Chrome shows some phrases that summarize, in three or four lines, what is being explained in the text, as you see in the GIF (next to).

Also, we can see in the working example that there is a warning about the quality of the highlights shown, since it is still an experimental resource.

Right after the summary, there is the section Explore on page (“Explore in page”). It shows questions that already point to searches that people might be interested in knowing, dispensing with reading to find basic information.

Coming first to mobile device users, whether with Android ou iOS, the summary will only operate on content that is free to read. That is: it is not possible to use the tool in articles that are protected by some paywall or need some signature to be opened.

When will article summaries be available for use on Android?

By finding information quickly, the browser tells you what's most important. Just click on "generate" and the resource already opens a summary with important items (image: google/keyword). T alt 1254
By finding information quickly, the browser tells you what's most important. Just click on “Generate” and the resource already comes with a summary with important items (Image: Google/Keyword).

Users already enrolled in the program Search Generative Experience (SGE; Generative Research Experience, in free translation) will have automatic access to the abstract of articles with AI. So, if you use Android or iOS, it is very likely that the summaries feature is already available. People who are not in this experimentation project can see the feature on SearchLabs of Google Chrome (set of new tools in the test phase for the browser).

If you want to use these new features, Google recommends accessing this virtual lab. This way, you can have access to what will still be implemented: it is worth remembering that, for this, the browser needs to be in the latest version.

The expectation with this and other experiments with the SGE is that the use of this and other resources will generate Feedback useful for Google Chrome to keep improving and implementing more AI in your system. Therefore, professionals in the product management industry encourage people to evaluate both the AI ​​system for summarizing stories and other news.

What is the SGE program?

Highlight content t alt 1608 ai to summarize stories
Content highlighting is one of the strategies of Google Chrome experiments; AI to summarize articles is just the beginning (Image: Google/Keyword).

Released less than three months ago, the Search Generative Experience is Google's newest project to create solutions in the search engine's own search layout. It fits not only for common users of search services, but also meets the needs of programmers, such as helping to improve code planning or search for bugs (jargon for glitches in programming codes).

The sge project will help to find useful information t alt
The SGE project will help to find useful information, indicating definitions, for example (Image: Google/Keyword).

The developers of the most used search engine in the world are already preparing other resources that will allow you to explore content on the internet more widely (as in GIF). One of the updates that are in the testing phase will show more about a specific word in some technical text, presenting definitions and even diagrams.

In the event of Google I/O, held in May, the company showed projects with AI, including the SearchLabs and the SGE. In addition to them, chats that answer users with questions were also highlighted in this subject, with a similar operation to Chat GPT. At the time, Google also stressed that this generative information will be distinguishable on its pages, as a way of guaranteeing that the result was generated via AI.

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