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HABEMUS GTA VI! Trailer is released ahead of time

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IT'S HE, THE ILLUMINATED ONE! Trailer hints at a return to Vice City! Check out the first trailer for GTA VI now!

O Grand Theft Auto VI trailer It was scheduled to be released tomorrow (5), at 11 am, but it was leaked earlier by an exclusive profile for this proposal. The profile has already been suspended, but it ended up being beneficial for us, the fans, after all, Rockstar was pressured to release the trailer officially. Below you can watch:

Where is GTA VI set?

Official GTA VI trailer

The highlight of the trailer appears to be introducing once again Vice City, fictional city based on Miami and who has already been very successful in GTA: Vice City and will probably find favor with fans once again in the new numbered game.

In addition to showing the beaches and the festivities, we have an interesting highlight for social networks and people's exposure on the internet, whether normal or extreme mess and partying.

Another important new feature is Lucia, our new protagonist. The trailer doesn't show details of her life, but apparently we'll have her lover/boyfriend involved in the beef too. The game appears to be graphically excellent and should bring a feeling of giant newness between it and the fifth game in the franchise.

Trailer facts

The first trailer for GTA VI is already stirring the internet and in case you haven't noticed, it has a LOT of references to things in the real world, focusing on the bizarre things that have happened in recent years in Florida. Check out:

When does GTA VI release?

Rockstar must be very angry at this moment, but it is really interesting to see, after a decade, the launch of a new GTA. Not only that, but a beautiful trailer, full of the franchise's good clichés, even with a release window for the game, which is for 2025. When? Then we just have to wait.

But and you? What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited? Comment below and don't forget to check out our other articles, such as our guide for beginners to play GTA Online.

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