Is today! See how to create your Spotify retrospective in 2023. With Taylor Swift being the most listened to artist in the world, the platform released data visualization on PC for the first time. See what's new for 2023!

Is today! Here's how to create your Spotify retrospective in 2023

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With Taylor Swift being the most listened to artist in the world, the platform released data visualization on PC for the first time. See what's new for 2023!

It took a while, but it arrived! One day after the Apple Music e Deezer make the reports available to your users, it's time for the retrospective of the Spotify finally be released. Among the new features, the music platform has prepared a new way of using the tool Match for friends, couples and family to compare what was listened to the most during the year. See how to access and more special details.

How to access Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify retrospective photo
Retrospective has finally been released (Photo: Disclosure)

To find out which were your most heard songs and more information about what rocked your year, just search for “2023 retrospective" or "2023 wrapped” in your app. The new feature has been available since November 29, 2023 for all users with paid or free accounts and, if you can't find the feature, make sure you have the latest version of the application on your smartphone or tablet.

For the first time, it will now also be possible to view reports from Spotify on the PC, via a web browser. If you prefer to view the data on your computer, simply access the official address of Spotify's 2023 Retrospective and log in with your account. In this case, it will not be possible to share the data on your social networks, but you can take screenshots and send them manually.

Spotify retrospective photo
Last year's visual identity resembles neon arts (Photo: Disclosure)

The music platform highlighted that the 2023 retrospective is “the biggest ever, with many more artists, content creators and data from more countries”. Information from 574 million accounts was used to create this year's reports.

New for 2023

Artist videos

For this year, artist thank you videos will also be shown to fans who had the same in their reports. Names like Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Jung Kook, Peso Feather and more than 50 thousand artists are among those confirmed. In addition to thanks, the Spotify also promised that artists would submit information about future releases.

Featherweight in video for Spotify's Wrapped 2023
Artists sent videos to their most dedicated fans (Photo: Disclosure)

Videos are played before the singer/band's song is played in the most listened to songs playlist. Additionally, the message will be displayed when reports are being viewed for the first time.

Me in 2023

One of the new features for 2023 is the definition of the Spotify based on what you've heard all year. Are they:

  • Mutant: your favorite artist changes all the time;
  • Alchemist: you create your own playlists, more than anyone else;
  • Sunshine: Your musical taste radiates the light that exists within you. Fun and lively songs are the ones that play most on your headphones;
  • Cyclops: When listening, you show loyalty and dedication. You like to focus on one genre. What hyperfocus is this?

You will be able to see your musical profile while the retrospective data of the Spotify and also share this on social media.

My little musical world

In this case, a comparison will be made based on what you heard with the tastes of another city in the world. In practice, through global data, the music platform will compare user data to find out which citizens of other countries around the world are listening to the same songs and artists as you.

You will be able to see the functionality My little musical world while the data from Wrapped 2023 are being displayed and also share this on social media.

New top 5

Photo of the top 5 genres from Spotify's 2023 retrospective
Top genres got a new look (Photo: Disclosure)

Changes to the list of most listened to genres were also announced for 2023. Now, it will be possible to see the data in a sandwich format. In previous years, a simple list with a name was displayed to anyone accessing the 2023 retrospective.

The list of most listened to artists also underwent reformulations: now, in addition to the ranking of artists, the platform will allow you to check which months they were most listened to. Both top 5 can be shared on social media.

Match in Spotify retrospective

Match in Spotify retrospective
Match will gain new use in the Retrospective (Photo: Disclosure)

Finally, the latest news is the new use of a functionality launched in August 2021: the Blend, called in Brazil Match. By applying the 2023 retrospective filter, it will be possible for two users to receive a playlist with the most listened to songs of the year.

Most Listened Artists on Spotify Brazil

Ana Castela
Ana Castela was the most listened to artist on Spotify Brazil in 2023 (Photo: Disclosure)

Ana Castile is one of the most famous names in Brazilian music today and its strength on the music streaming platform is undeniable. See the full list:

  1. Ana Castile 
  2. Henrique & Juliano
  3. MC Ryan SP
  4. I love you
  5. Jorge & Mateus

Country music continues to be the most listened to genre in Brazil and the proof of this is that the five most listened to songs on Spotify Brasil in 2023 belong to this style. Look:

  1. Our BoardBy Ana Castile
  2. LionBy I love you
  3. Hot MistakeBy Simone Mendes 
  4. candyBy Israel & Rodolff e Ana Castile
  5. Your shine is goneBy Israel & Rodolff e Mari Fernandez

It is interesting to comment that in addition to being the most listened to artist in Brazil in general, Ana Castile also appears twice on the list of most listened to songs on Spotify Brazil in 2023. And this is the list of most listened to albums:

  1. Choices, Vol. 2By Zé Neto & Cristiano
  2. Let's Bora, Vol. 2By Israel & Rodolff
  3. From Deluxe BuildingsBy Veigh
  4. Musical ManifestoBy Henrique & Juliano,
  5. From the BuildingsBy Veigh.

Country music still largely dominates Brazilians' headphones and speakers, but pop, funk and trap are also gaining ground among music fans. See the list of genres most listened to by Brazilians on Spotify in 2023:

  1. Sertanejo
  2. Arrocha 
  3. Pop
  4. Funk
  5. Brazilian trap  

Podcasts continue to grow and, confirming its success for over three years, the podcast Mano Brown remains on the list of most listened to programs on the green platform by Brazilians. The top 5 is completed by:

  1. podpah
  2. Original Spotify Mano a Mano
  3. Original Spotify Breakfast
  4. Exclusive Spotify Psychology in Practice
  5. Don't make it impossible 

Spotify in the world

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift during The Eras tour (Photo: Reproduction/Merch)

During the news announcement event for 2023, we also had announcements about global data. taylor swift, global phenomenon wherever she goes and in everything she releases, she was the most listened to artist in 2023 on Spotify, with a total of 26 billion reproductions. The record was boosted by the release of the album midnight and the re-recordings of the blonde's old albums. Check out the top 5:

  1. Taylor Swift 
  2. Bad bunny 
  3. The Weeknd
  4. Drake
  5. Featherweight

Launched in January 2023, Flowers, Miley Cyrus, was the most listened to song on Spotify this year. Until the closing of this article, the song, which is part of the album Endless Summer Vacation, had more than 1,6 billion reproductions. The list of the five most listened to is:

  1. FlowersBy Miley Cyrus;
  2. Kill BillBy SZA;
  3. As It WasBy Harry Styles;
  4. Seven (feat. Latto)By Jungkook;
  5. She dances AloneBy Armed Link e Featherweight.

taylor swift, despite being the most listened to artist of 2023, she appears in second place on Spotify's most listened to albums list. Another interesting fact is that Bad Bunny's album was released in 2022 and remains on the music platform's list. See the complete top 5:

  1. Un Verano Sin TiBy Bad bunny
  2. midnightBy Taylor Swift
  3. SOSBy SZA
  4. StarboyBy The Weeknd

What is the Spotify retrospective counting period?

spotify retrospective
Instagram will also have stickers for Spotify Retrospective (Photo: Disclosure)

Although many people think that data from the previous year and the current year are considered, the platform confirmed at an event that the reports are created with information from January and “weeks before launch”. This year, the retrospective was launched three days earlier than last year.

With this answer, we deduce that everything you listen to between November 27th and December 31st of this year will not be considered for the 2024 retrospective. One way to have more complete tracking is through the use of Last.FM and Showmetech has a complete article on how to use the tool, be sure to check it out.

See also other features

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reviewed by Glaucon Vital in 29 / 11 / 23.

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