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Tax breaks, the new HBO Max, Mario movie records and more – ShowmeCAST 139

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In this week's episode we comment on the news that impacted the month of April. Listen now to ShowmeCAST 139!

No ShowmeCAST 139 From this week, Daniel e Dacius talk about the news for the fourth month of 2023 with news about pop culture, technology and video games. From the news about the cancellation of the end of the tax exemption for imported products of up to 50 dollars, to the new appearance of the HBO Max, the impressive numbers of the Super Mario Bros. da Illumination and the melancholy and expressionless end of Big Brother Brazil 23.

Check below a summary of the episode with the main news of April 2023.

The end of the $50 tax exemption

Mobile phone and shopping cart in front of shein logo
After confusion and misinformation, the federal government decides to end the exemption from the US$ 50 tax. (Image: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

On the 11th of this month, the federal government announced the removal of the exemption for international purchases between individuals worth less than US$ 50, which would directly impact the consumer public of items from e-commerces as AliExpress, Shopee and Shein. After negative repercussions with the announcement of taxation of up to 60% of products coming from abroad in this value range, Fernando Haddad, the Minister of Finance, decided to cancel the change in the rule, thus maintaining the exemption for those who make purchases.

The government discussed that it will look for new measures to improve the protectionism of the national market, but it demonstrated in this scenario that it has difficulties in communicating with the people in relation to the demands and rules, after the first lady went public to answer the vehicle I shocked No. Twitter in an attempt to clarify the situation. We spoke at ShowmeCAST 139 about the possible impacts of this rule change and the short-term consequences for consumers.

New HBO Max

Presentation of the new max streaming service
Warner defines a new face for the streaming service HBO Max with the announcement of new works. (Image: Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz)

Meanwhile in the entertainment industry, we comment on this week's podcast about the new look that the streaming service HBO Max will receive soon. With the acquisition of HBO from Warner Bros. there will be a unification of services HBO Max com Discovery + becoming just the Max, with a premiere scheduled for the second half of 2023. The merger cost US$ 43 billion and led to the cancellation of many series, films and animations as a way to restructure the service, which generated discontent on the part of the public.

In addition, we commented on ShowmeCAST 139 about the new announcements for the service such as the new series based on the books of the controversial figure of JK Rowling, the new adaptation of a book from the universe of Game of Thrones in a series called The Hedge Knight and the reveal of the series derived from The Batman with the villain Penguin as the main protagonist, showing the dark side of Gotham's mafias.

The records of Super Mario Bros. The film

Image from the movie super mario bros.
Mario movie continues to break records in its opening month in theaters. (Image: Illumination Entertainment/Playback)

At ShowmeCAST 139, we broke down the broken records of animation from Super Mario Bros. The film. Released this month, the film drew crowds to theaters and in three weeks at the box office reached the highest in the United States, becoming the film based on a video game with the highest grossing in the history of cinemas.

The plot of the movie Super Mario Bros. tells the story of Mario and Luigi, who are transported to the world of mushrooms, ruled by Princess Peach, and need to protect it from the threats of the famous villain Bowser. Along the way, Mario, the plumber with the mustache, relives iconic moments from his story, including driving a kart, overcoming challenges and interacting with memorable characters like Toad and Donkey Kong.

The sad end of Big Brother Brasil 2023

Image of amanda from bbb 23, champion of this year's edition
Amanda is crowned the BBB 23 champion in a final without big surprises or emotions. (Image: Grupo Globo/Reproduction)

Finally, on ShowmeCAST 139, we talked about the melancholic ending of Big Brother Brasil 23 with Amanda's victory. In a program with a promising cast, a small group on the internet managed to once again impose their votes to elect the champion of the program, as happened in past editions. The great favored of the current edition was the participant Amanda, who together with the participants of the fourth Deserto, managed to reach the grand final and winning the program without major surprises in a final that had already been decided for a long time.

We discussed possible changes in the format of the program to avoid results that are not in line with the will of the majority of the public and how the expectation for the next editions tends to decline more and more with popular dissatisfaction.

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