Influencer makes $2 million a month for fans to watch her sleep. Previously famous for selling bottles of her bath water, she has profiles on twitch and onlyfans and has been quite successful just by... Sleeping

Influencer earns $2 million a month for fans to watch her sleep

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Previously famous for selling bottles of her bath water, she has profiles on Twitch and Onlyfans and has been quite successful just by… sleeping

Influencing Amoranth, famous in Twitch from the USA, uses his sleeping time to have a monthly income greater than most Brazilians. The high earnings are due to sending money to wake her up during rest periods, but have you ever imagined making money that way? Check all information.

Fans send notifications to influencer

Have you ever been woken up by a call or app notification on your cell phone? It is in this way that Amoranth, which is actually called Kaitlyn Siragusa, can make a lot of profit Twitch.

Influencer amouranth sleeping on twitch live
Fans try to wake up the content creator by sending paid notifications (Photo: Reproduction / Twitch)

She explains that by opening a live stream where she just needs to sleep, fans can pay for notifications to be sent that may (or may not) wake her up. That way, the more gifts sent, the more she earns. The big job? Just sleep. She told about the experience in an interview for the podcast The Iced Coffee Hour and mentioned that he needs to organize himself so as not to saturate the idea.

The schedule gets tricky because I might have a photo shoot the next morning or something. I feel like if you do it too much, it won't be a novelty anymore.

Amoranth about gains from your sleep sessions

Until the closing of this matter, Amoranth had over 6,4 million followers on Twitch alone. In addition to sleep sessions, she also produces content about online games and her daily life. The content creator has 91,9+ followers on Instagram. There were situations where it was banned from Twitch, but the profile was always restored.

Earnings on OnlyFans are also high

More than making money by receiving notifications, Amoranth there is a page on OnlyFans that generates more profit than your account at Twitch. She shared that people click on links that generate commissions and, in addition to the profile signature, she also manages to earn much more there. The influencer says that earnings can reach the equivalent of BRL 75.

If you count the conversions, potentially for OnlyFans, while I'm sleeping because they're clicking on links and all that, then maybe $10.000 to $15.000.

Amoranth about gains from your sleep sessions

Na Twitch, the average earnings for each broadcast of her sleeping reach US$ 2 thousand (approximately R$ 10 thousand). She comments that every attempt to do a live stream in her sleep has always been successful, as she falls asleep in all situations. Her audience is basically male and the comments were rooting for her to forget that she was on a live and simply undress at the end of her sleep.

Amouranth has gone viral in the past

You may not remember the name, but you certainly heard about an influencer who sold jars of her bath water from “fart bottles”. Another reason she made the news is because of her accomplishments by selling ASMR (whispers) content to her fans.

influencer amouranth
Influencer Amouranth has already sold pots of his bath water in 2022 (Photo: Reproduction/Amouranth)

She revealed on her Twitter that she was unfortunately diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian failure, a disease that makes the ovaries stop working and ends menstruation before the age of 40.

It will continue to profit from these unusual ways and by pooling the gains from Twitch e OnlyFans, has a monthly income that exceeds two million dollars. The most profitable session recorded on Twitch was $9.940.

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