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Instagram: how to enable XNUMX-step verification

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Protect your Instagram account with XNUMX-step verification (double authentication)

Security on the internet is everything nowadays. The good thing is that the Instagram, as well as other social networks such as Facebook and the Whatsapp, already have a extra layer of protection with a two-step verification.

This is important because with accounts being hacked daily and users putting basic passwords, care must be taken not to have your information leaked.

It is worth remembering that to use this feature, also known as two-factor check, it is necessary to have one mobile number associated with your Instagram account, OK? Come on:

Enabling Instagram XNUMX-Step Verification

The first step is to have your account on Instagram logged into the smartphone. The step by step may vary a little, but it is very simple and follows similar actions.

At the bottom of the screen, there are several symbols. You will click on the one on the right, where your photo or a drawing of a small doll may appear, depending on the version of your application.

By selecting it, you go to your profile. Locate the application menu in the upper right corner, a symbol with three horizontal stripes, and click on it. A few options will appear and then tap Settings.

It will open up some options. Search for Two-factor authentication and click on it. If this term does not appear to choose from, select Security – and it will be there.

In this feature, you can choose between two security methods: SMS verification or per-app verification. In some versions of the app only SMS validation may be available.

If your device shows both options and you prefer apps, no problem. When you select it, the Instagram app automatically checks your device to see if there is already a specific program for this confirmation. If not, it suggests one.

Instagram validation option: sms or app
You can choose between options via app or SMS for XNUMX-step verification on Instagram

If you choose SMS confirmation, so you don't need to install any new apps on your phone, which can be interesting for smartphones with little memory.

You will receive a SMS with six digits to enable two-step verification. After typing them, you will have access to the booking codes. Every time you log in on another smartphone, for example, the Instagram will ask for one of these codes.

Confirmation screen by sms method on instagram
If you choose the method via SMS, you will receive a code to put on Instagram

If you wanted, you can get new codes, take a print of this screen or copy them.

Can you do the same with Facebook, WhatsApp and Google (Gmail)?

Now, your account is more protected against intruders and possible hackers and the step by step is pretty easy, isn't it? And if you want to apply this two-factor verification to other apps, just follow the tutorials below:

Were you able to enable XNUMX-step verification on Instagram? Leave your comment below if you have any questions!

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