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Itau fell? See if the bank application is down or not

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Instability in the Itaú app was reported by customers this morning, and the bank related the situation to “internal problems”

Who tried to open the bank application Itaú today (07), he saw that the financial institution's application was down. Happening precisely on the fifth business day, the Downdetector pointed out that the Itaú app crashed around 8 am, with a massive increase in complaints about the functionality of the app. See more:


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“Itaú fell” was a recurrent search. Thus, several users reported problems (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).

The application used to verify failures in applications and websites, in general, is Downdetector. It can provide up-to-date diagnostics on various online services such as emails, social networks and banks. When accessing the site, it already provides the status of each site it is monitoring, informing whether it is receiving hits or not. But you can also click on the search bar to see if the app or website is down.

When accessing the site, as you saw in the first image, we can see the Itaú and check the usage status of your applications. At the time of editing this article, the website pointed to recurring problems, showing options for complaining about failures in some features and options: login to the app, banking operations, Pix, among others.

However, the instability graph points to a drop in the number of problems reported (on the website, you can hover your cursor or, if you access it from your cell phone, click on any point on the graph to see the number of problems registered hour by hour ).

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In Downdetector, it is already possible to see the most reported problems in the Itaú app (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).
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Downdetector graph shows high volume of fault complaints (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).
With the flaw in the itaú t alt app
With the flaw in the Itaú app, searches for the name of the bank had an increase in the level of searches on Google (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).

Having a problem nowadays is immediately answered with “Google it”. In this way, several searches with the same sequence of words are carried out: in the case of Itaú, it is no different. So you can go to the Google Trends and try to search for some type of recurring search, such as “Itaú with problem”, “Itaú app crashed” or “Itaú Bug”.

T alt being down, the bank application
Being off the air, the bank's application was among the most popular searches on Google. In the morning, the level of complaints was higher (Screenshot: Jefferson Tafarel).

As a result, the trending platform shows if there is an increase in search volume for these terms and you can see if people are looking to solve the problem. At the time of editing this text, the site already showed the term “Itaú” in its initial part, just click on “Explore” to start the search.

What did Itaú say about using the app?

Failure in the itaú app occurred almost a year ago t alt
Failure in the Itaú app occurred almost a year ago (Image: InfoMoney/Reproduction).

At the moment, the Itaú issued an official note on the reported problems and said it is checking how to re-establish the service. The resolution will be done gradually and the bank indicates that the use of the options available in the Itaú app should be done after the service is reestablished. As for the cause, the institution reported that there were internal problems, which led to the failures: in this way, the bank apologized to its customers

Almost a year ago, the bank's application also had availability issues. On September 30, 2022, for example, the app said the following message to users: “unexpected error”. On the same day, at 11:XNUMX am, Itaú even published that it had solved the problems in its digital channels, despite receiving constant complaints on social networks.

General Tips

Being offline, the itaú application receives several complaints talt
Being offline, the Itaú app receives several complaints (Image: CoinTimes/Reproduction).

Whether using the Itaú app or other digital solutions, we may encounter instability issues at different times. If you notice that some resources are not opening at the same speed as usual and you don't know what's going on, it's worth following the tips below to deal with these failures. Check out:

  • Check your internet connection: Make sure your network is ideal for opening the app. Connection problems are likely to reduce the stability of the bank application;
  • Restart the application: Completely close the bank application and open it again. By doing this, it may be possible for it to work, as it may just be a temporary instability, caused by a connection failure with servers that operate for the Itaú application to work;
  • Make sure the app is up to date: confirm that you have already downloaded the latest version of the Itaú app. Frequent updates help fix bugs and avoid instabilities;
  • Restart your device: If the problem persists, it's time to turn the device off and on again. problems of cache and/or with temporary system files can disrupt the functioning of the application;
  • Check the Itaú app notifications: in cases of instabilities or interruptions, it is possible that Itaú has already sent a message advising you of the status of your service, indicating whether it is offline or not. Seeing the bank's website or its official profiles on social networks also helps to confirm this information;
  • Contact Itaú support: If none of the previous steps work to return to using the application, talk to the bank's customer service. Itaú's responsible sector can provide you with more appropriate guidance for your case.

What we have listed here are general guidelines only. Persistent issues and other types of login failure can be more carefully resolved by official support. That is: try to rely, whenever possible, on the application's specialized technical assistance.

Do you use the bank app? Tell us in the comments how you're dealing with the problem!

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Source: Downdetector | Google Trends | Metropolis

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (07 / 08 / 23)

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