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Kit sold by hacker turns any car into an autonomous one

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Hacker George Hotz, known for unlocking video games, develops a solution that allows you to drive more than 250 vehicle models without the driver's input

With the proposal to innovate the technological and automobile market, the hacker George Hotz, responsible for unlocking the iPhone and the PlayStation 3, developed a kit to transform any car into an autonomous vehicle. Although it seems unfeasible, the project has been under development for over 8 years and could revolutionize the market with an affordable price for all users.

Autonomous cars were designed with the aim of avoiding accidents, reducing noise pollution and polluting gases. Equipped with cameras and sensors, it is possible to keep the vehicle moving and continue to the destination without the need for human control. ( Some electric vehicles already have similar technologies for protecting the environment and autopilot, however, their high value may scare off future buyers.

Getting to know the kit to transform the car into an autonomous one

Using the system open pilot, the kit Comma 3x It has powerful hardware capable of driving the vehicle for hours without the driver's input. Furthermore, it is possible to install the device in more than 250 car models from Hyundai, Toyota, Honda and more.

The kit has a 360º field of view with 3 built-in 1080p cameras, a Snapdragon 845 processor, Wi-Fi and LTE connection, high-precision GPS, a 6” OLED display and 128GB of integrated storage. Another positive point of the system is the ease of installing the product with discreet cables and without the need to hire a professional to complete the work.

Comma 3x demonstration in a KIA vehicle. (Comma AI Playback/X)

Through the official website of Comma, you can purchase the kit for US$ 1.250 (approximately R$ 6.126,50 in current conversion) in installments with the payment system Affirm. Thanks to video storage, users will also be able to subscribe to the Comma Prime to keep your recordings stored for longer and without the need to take up the product's internal space. The technology has been developed since 2015 and receives constant updates to keep the system up to date.

Openpilot performs functions of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Automated Lane Centering (ALC) to accelerate, brake, read unlit lanes and avoid vehicles on the road. This way, the pilot will be able to rest with the automatic control activated by the hardware and receive updates during the journey.

The net CAN (Controller Area Network) is responsible for mapping the user's location and checking data such as proximity to a radar, fuel consumption, engine temperature and sudden braking. These systems are linked to Openpilot to keep the trip even safer with an interactive onboard computer. In a video released by YouTuber John Coogan, it is possible to follow a journey from downtown San Diego to the fast food Taco Bell using the Comma 3x device in a Hyundai Palisade SUV.

No information was revealed about the possible arrival of the device in Brazil!

About George Hotz

Better known as "GeoHot“, American engineer and hacker George Hotz carries great titles with him for accomplishing feats such as unlocking the iPhone and PlayStation 3. At the age of 5 he wrote his first computer program on the Apple 2 and in the fifth grade he built his own console with parts from the store of electronic materials RadioShack. Years later, the boy was invited to participate in the program The Today Show after developing a robot capable of mapping the region and building a 3D map using a military application.

George Hotz explaining how the Comma 3x device works. (Reproduction/Wikipedia)

The bright future was just beginning when idealizing a project capable of transforming vehicles into autonomous cars. As a reference in his project, the young man defended the thesis of paying less for a product that would be sold at twice the price. Since then, the world has been gifted with his device at an affordable price that could change the technology market!

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Source: John Coogan on YouTube, comma. ai

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