Youtuber kit: what to buy to record videos on the web?

YouTuber Kit: what to buy to record videos on the web?

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See what lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms

Currently, producing content for the internet is the dream of many people. For Brazilians, this intensifies even more, since the country is among the ones that consume the most multimedia content on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok e Instagram. If you are thinking of recording videos for the internet, this post was made for you. We separate products for you to assemble a real youtuber kit, with the necessary accessories and equipment for those who want to enter this world of content creators.

In addition to more basic accessories — such as microphones, ringlights e webcams — we also select equipment for those who want to take the quality of their content to another level, with capture cards, smartphones with the best cameras available on the market and professional microphones. Not sure what to buy to record videos on the web? Here's everything you need to know to become a youtuber professional.

What is needed to record videos?

Youtuber kit: what to buy to record videos on the web?
Production of content for the internet has grown in the last decade (Reproduction/Internet)

In the last decade, we have seen the emergence of a new market niche, which is always growing and moves a lot of money: digital content production. Currently, there are many people who produce videos and other content for the internet, but in a competitive market like this, you need to stand out and retain your followers.

Investing in quality equipment is a good way to attract audiences and stand out from other content producers. And that doesn't mean you have to spend tons of money. if you are a youtuber beginner, it is possible to grow by spending little, investing in more basic equipment and, as it turns out, make bigger leaps. Now, if you're already a youtuber professional, no way. You need to invest in more professional equipment, which means they are more expensive too.

But after all, what does it take to record videos? This will depend on exactly what you want to do. If your intention is to record makeup videos for the Instagram, it is not necessary to buy professional microphones that exceed the range of R$ 1 thousand, for example. If your intention is to record podcast, such equipment becomes essential in order to ensure better sound quality. Throughout each category presented, you will be able to get a better idea of ​​what is or is not necessary to purchase, check it out.


If your focus is recording videos, then having a good camera is essential. First of all, you need to think about the types of videos you are going to produce to choose the ideal camera! If the idea is to make videos outdoors, perhaps a smaller camera is more suitable to give agility and practicality when recording. In some cases, even a cell phone camera is enough, but that's something we'll talk about later. A conventional camera is indicated for those who want impeccable image quality, so look for one in the market that offers better resolution and good focus and zoom quality.

Check out our camera recommendations for recording videos now.

Canon EOS Rebel T100

canon eos rebel t100
Canon EOS Rebel T100 (Playback/Internet)

A rebel T100 is one of the latest entry-level models from Canon in the Brazilian market. It's ideal for beginners looking to make good images and videos, but don't want to shell out a lot of money right now. Currently, the model is one of the best to acquire. She has 18 MP sensor, delivers manual controls, supports interchangeable lenses, records photos in RAW and can record Full HD videos. A highlight of the equipment Canon is the support to Wi-Fi, allowing you to control the camera with your cell phone.

Na Amazon, Canon EOS Rebel T100 é sold by R$ 2.667,00.

Canon Vixia R800

canon vixia r800
Canon Vixia R800 (Playback/Internet)

the camcorders handy cam can be very useful for those who want to record videos for the YouTube or other digital platforms. Therefore, one of the indications is the HF R800, camcorder lowest cost HD Canon. she comes with 1920x1080 resolution and many features. The model has 32x optical zoom and an advanced mode to zoom up to 57x with no loss of image quality.

In addition, the device also delivers optical image stabilization. SuperRange, which helps keep images steadier, especially when you use the long zoom lens. It also has a microphone and headphone jack and can record in .mp4 format to make upload protocols for facebook, youtube and other platforms.

No Magazine Luiza, Canon Vixia R800 é sold from R$ 3.790.

Canon EOS M200

canon eos m200
Canon EOS M200 (Playback/Internet)

A Canon EOS M200 is one of the most used cameras by content creators for the YouTube. The model is of the type mirrorless, features high image quality and good performance for videos, being equipped with Dual Pixel AF, in addition to performing UHD 4K video recordings, have system face + tracking that enhances face detection to keep faces sharp, 24.1MP APS-C sensor and high-performance DIGIC 8 processor.

A Canon EOS M200 was specially designed to meet the needs of entry-level professionals such as photographers and y, who seek good image quality without having to pay a fortune for it. And this model of Canon manages to unite the two points: with an affordable price it is capable of producing high performance images.

A Canon EOS M200 é sold by Americans by R$ 4.338.

Sony ZV-1 camera

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
a model thought of video content creators. Image: Sony/Playback

The biggest advantage of Sony zv-1, in relation to the other cameras on the market, lies in the fact that it was designed for people interested in producing vlogs. Capable of supporting recordings in 4K/30FPS or Full HD/120FPS, in its 20MP sensor, it is compatible with HLG, S-Log3 and S-Log2 formats, in addition to also having a built-in microphone, p2 input and microHDMI.

The model, in Amazon, costs R$ 5.477,00.

FujiFilm X-T30

fujifilm x-t30
FujiFilm X-T30 (Playback/Internet)

A FujiFilm X-T30 it's another model mirrorless that offers excellent value for money for beginners and enthusiasts. The camera has a 26MP APS-C sensor, it does Video recording UHD/DCI 4K 30fps and Full HD 1080p 120fps. It also ships with the X-Processor 4 processor capable of bringing fast read speeds when recording 4K video, which helps reduce shutter distortion when filming moving subjects.

A FujiFilm X-T30 can still be used as webcam thanks to a software from the manufacturer itself. O FUJIFILM X Webcam is a free program and is available for computers Windows e Mac OS. Besides the X-T30, all Fujifilm X and GFX Series support the feature and can be used as webcam top quality professional.

Na Amazon, X-T30 accompanied by the 18-55mm lens is sold by R$ 9.550.

Sony A7C 7578 

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
Sony A7C (Playback/Internet)

A sony a7c It is a camera of compact and light construction, endowed with mirrorless technology. It comes with a 24,2 megapixel sensor that makes 4K30p video recording, and has good specs. The device also features image stability technology. SteadyShot Inside, with 5 points that compensate for image blur found when capturing video or stills.

Na Amazon, Sony A7C 7578 é found by R$ 12.865,00.


As webcams have become an item of great demand, mainly due to the high demand for video calls during this time of pandemic. However, for streamers who wish to produce live or recorded content for platforms such as Twitch ou YouTube, the item is also essential. On the internet, there are a multitude of good options and we have selected some for you who are in doubt about which one to put in the shopping cart.

See now our selection of webcams for stream of videos:

Logitech C-270

logitech c-270
Logitech C-270 (Playback/Internet)

A Logitech C-270 has definition 720p HD and displays videos at 30 frames per second. The model guarantees reasonable images and provides good audio quality not only for recordings but also for video calls. It has automatic light correction, being able to adapt to the ambient conditions and still maintain a good level of contrast and definition of the colors. The built-in microphone helps reduce noise and make your voice stand out. However, it is worth noting that, as it has an image quality less than full HD, That webcam for PC will not have the best possible resolution.

A Logitech C-270 is sold from R$ 147 na Amazon.

Redragon Phobos GW600

redragon phobos gw600
Redragon Phobos GW600 (Playback/Internet)

If what you're looking for is a good one webcam for streaming of games, the redragon bets on good models in the national market, such as Phobos GW600, which can be found for less than R$200, making it a excellent value for money. This webcam shoots at HD quality (720p) at a maximum of 30 fps and has controls for saturation, contrast and white balance. It has a clip that makes it easy to attach to monitors and also notebooks, in case the webcam that comes with your PC doesn't have a good image. Its lens has an angle of view of almost 70 degrees and a focal length from 50 cm.

Na Magazine Luiza, Redragon Phobos GW600 is sold by R$ 159,99.

Logitech C920

logitech c920
Logitech C920 (Playback/Internet)

Unlike the previous model, the Logitech C920 count with Full HD broadcast (1080p), making it very suitable for broadcasts that depend on higher resolution and sharpness. Just like the C270, this peripheral can adjust to ambient lighting conditions, ensuring good images on streaming, for example. THE Logitech C920 It also features a glass lens and auto focus, making it possible to follow movements with precise and smooth adjustments. All this added to an intelligent audio capture system, maximum 30 FPS and USB connection cable.

Na Amazon, Logitech C920 is sold by R$ 375,32.

Logitech C925e

logitech c925e
Logitech C925e (Reproduction/Internet)

If you are looking for a good option for shoot in Full HD (1080p) in full quality, the Logitech C925e is the right choice for you. The model takes high quality shots with automatic light correction, for recording in low light environments and HDR technology, that is, greater color fidelity. Its lens has a 78° field of view.

A Logitech C925e é sold in Americans by R$ 588,11.

Razer kiyo

razer kiyo
Razer Kiyo (Playback/Internet)

A Razer is already a recognized brand in the consumer-facing device market gamer, Ea webcam Kiyo is another one of the devices aimed at these users. From the start, the model already draws attention for having a disk with 12 LEDs on its front, making life easier for those who record in different locations and lighting conditions, even helping to maintain the white balance.

A Razer kiyo highlights the recording quality, with the possibility to shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per second. The equipment has a 4 MP sensor and, in addition to the possibility of recording in Full HD resolution, is also capable of shooting in 720p at 60 fps. Its connection is via the USB cable.

A Razer kiyo é sold by R$ 613 nose Americana s.

Logitech StreamCam Plus

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
StreamCam is one of the best webcam models on the market. Image: Logitech/Playback

When it comes to webcam models, the Logitech is one of the biggest references in the national market and the StreamCam Plus is another great example of brand quality. Able to shoot in Full HD and 60fps, in addition to also having a Vertical Mode for live broadcasts on Instagram e TikTok, no need to rotate the camera manually.

So, if your focus is on these platforms, the device is perfect! On Amazon, it is possible to find it by R$ 699,00.


As in the other categories, the type of microphone used by the content creator will depend a lot on the purpose. If you are starting to stream your favorite games, a headset of quality will suffice for a while. Now, if your focus is to keep a podcast, it may be interesting to invest in condenser microphones, which have higher fidelity and will deliver a result far above common microphones.

Now, if you intend to create content outdoors, or are looking for a discreet solution, we recommend using lavalier microphones.

Check out our condenser and lavalier microphone recommendations for recording content.

condenser microphones

Redragon Seyfert

redragon seyfert
Redragon Seyfert (Playback/Internet)

Champion when it comes to cost-effectiveness, the seyfert da redragon It is an excellent option for those who are starting in the YouTube or other platforms, and can be used to streams, games or content creation. With an attractive design, the microphone features an omnidirectional polar pattern and is compatible with computers. desktop, notebooks, smartphones and tablets, totally affordable and versatile, and can be used anywhere and on any occasion.

The equipment of redragon It also has multiple functions, such as volume adjustment, pop filter integrated and comes with a portable, rotating and collapsible tripod stand. The most incredible thing is that its price does not exceed the range of R$ 300, even though it is super complete and with good configurations that should serve many users.

O Redragon Seyfert é sold by R$ 241,37 na pichau.

HyperX Solocast

hyperx solocast
HyperX Solocast (Playback/Internet)

O HyperX Solocast is a condenser microphone that surprises for its quality, perfect for those who want a clear and clean sound, but without spending a lot. Much sought after by video editors, streamers e Gamers, he has the technology plug n play, which makes it even easier to use, in addition to having extra special features such as a touch sensor to silence it and an LED indicator.

the microphone of HyperX It comes with an adjustable pedestal compatible with most rods available on the market, and can be used either on tables or on the support rod itself. Its polar pattern is cardioid, which prioritizes sound sources that come directly from the front of the device, being ideal for vocal recordings.

O solocast é sold by R$ 419 na Amazon.

Razer Series Elite

Razer seiren elite
Razer Seiren Elite (Playback/Internet)

The Razer Seiren Elite is designed for capturing sounds with vocals. It has a compact and discreet design, which allows it to be transported to different places. Super recommended by professionals in the field, it has some very interesting features, such as reducing background noise levels, anti-vibration support, a mute button and a zero latency headphone monitoring port.

Who chooses the equipment Razer, will need shell out R$1.391,40 to buy it at Amazon.

Audio Technica ATR2500x

audio technica atr2500x
Audio Technica ATR2500x (Playback/Internet)

With a modern and attractive design, the condenser microphone ATR2500x, of brand audio Technica, brings cutting-edge technology to deliver quality and efficiency, everything professionals are looking for when they want to record their audio. In addition, the brand guarantees that its converter provides great loyalty results.

Another point that draws attention is its frequency, which is 30 to 15.000 Hz, guaranteeing an excellent range of capture of varied sounds. The extra functions and accessories that come with the device are also highlighted. It has volume and gain controls, as well as a stand for the pedestal, a collapsible tripod and USB cables, both of which are 2 meters long.

Did you like this option? You can purchase this condenser microphone for R$ 889,00 the site Amazon.

HyperX Quad Cast S

hyperx quadcast s
HyperX QuadCast S (Playback/Internet)

O HyperX Quadcast S achieves excellent results in the most varied activities, whether for use in streaming, games, vlogs ou podcast. It comes with an internal pop filter and shock mount, which reduces all external noise. Another differential is its super different and modern lighting, called RGB, which can be customized by software. In addition, this model also has microphone and headphone volume control, and brings good versatility in polar patterns, having multiple selection of cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional or stereo modes and mute button with LED indicator.

O HyperX Quadcast S it's vstuck in Amazon by R$ 1.001,78.

lavalier microphones

MayBesta AN151

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
Quality and portability with this model. Image: Reproduction

A compact and basic model, the MayBesta AN151, aimed at smartphones, which proposes to be an easy-to-use microphone, as you just need to connect it to the receiver and record. No extra setup required or worrying about messy cables, plus noise reduction too.

You can find it by R$ 56,00 on Amazon.

Buoy BY-M1

Boya by-m1
Boya BY-M1 (Playback/Internet)

the lapel microphone Buoy BY-M1 can be used in cameras and smartphones, in addition to working very well both indoors and outdoors, without losing quality. The model of Paint It has a sensitivity of -30dB +/- 3dB / 0dB = 1V/Pa, 1kHz, so you don't have to worry about noise. Another interesting feature is its P2 and P10 outputs, with a frequency range from 65 Hz to 18 Khz, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 74 dB SPL. Finally, its battery is LR44, with high durability.

Interested in this model? It's possible buy it at Amazon by R$ 109,00.

Audio Technica ATR3350IS

audio technica atr3350is
Audio Technica ATR3350IS (Playback/Internet)

the lapel microphone Audio Technica ATR3350is It is suitable for videos as its plug connects directly to the camcorder. It comes with a clothing clip, in-line battery with on/off switch, and adapter for use in tablets, notebooks e smartphones. Another interesting point about it is its durability, as it is made of steel alloy and polycarbonate.

The equipment of audio Technica é sold by R$ 169,00 na Amazon.

Rode SmartLav +

run smartlav+
Run SmartLav+ (Internet Playback)

O Rode SmartLav + has an omnidirectional condenser capsule, compatible with smartphones, including devices iOS. It is quite small, only 4,5mm. It also comes with a protective foam for the microphone and a mounting clip. This device has 67 dB, coupled cable of 1,2 m, maximum sound pressure of 110 dB and frequency of 20 Hz.

O Rode SmartLav + é sold for $ 398,85 na Amazon.

Saramonic Blink500 Pro B5

Saramonic blink500 pro b5
Saramonic Blink500 Pro B5 (Playback/Internet)

O Blink500 Pro B5 da Saramonic is a versatile version of a lavalier microphone as it can wirelessly connect to a variety of devices, including those with a apple, android and cameras. Sound quality is superior, with 2,4GHz interference and automatic tuning to free channels to avoid static noise. The device has two channels, a portable charging case for the transmitter, receiver, foam and clothing clip.

O Blink500 Pro B5 é sold by American stores by R$ 3.381.

Sennheiser XSW-D Lavalier

Sennheiser xsw-d lavalier
Sennheiser XSW-D Lavalier (Playback/Internet)

O Sennheiser XSW-D Lavalier has a signal-to-noise ratio of 106 dB, battery up to 5 hours long and fast charge (in 3h), frequency of 2, 400 – 2, 483.5 mHz and audio output of 12 dBu. Its range is 75 m without obstacles and its 2,4 GHz digital transmission, with easy configuration. Another difference is the fact that it is wireless.

Na Amazon: model is sold by R$ 2.908,85.


If you are a streamer, own a headset of quality will allow you to follow the audio of the game and of the transmission partners, in addition to allowing a good capture of your voice. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate creator, we bring you some interesting gaming headset options to deliver the best while you're streaming.

Fortrek Pro H2

fortrek for h2
Fortrek Pro H2 (Playback/Internet)

O headset Fortrek Pro H2 combines comfort with a very modern and attractive look. Despite being cheap, compared to other models, the equipment owes nothing when it comes to quality, both in terms of sound output and microphone. Blue LED lights are a plus in its construction, making its design even more futuristic, seamlessly integrating into the gaming world.

It comes with P2 and USB connector and can be plugged into computers with operating system Windows. In addition, its noise-canceling microphone provides better communication during online matches. Ergonomics is also present in this model, which comes with flexible straps and padded ear cups.

Na Amazon: Fortrek Pro H2 is sold by R$ 96,90.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Hyperx Cloud Stinger
HyperX Cloud Stinger (Playback/Internet)

Ideal for anyone who wants a headset to play on console, the HyperX Cloud Stinger brings excellent advantages to its performance. In addition to greater compatibility with different consoles, the model also comes with in-line audio control and microphone with mute feature. Super lightweight, it weighs just 215 grams and to complete its ergonomics, it has an adjustable steel headband control and soft ear cups.

the microphone of Cloud stinger it can be flexed, either up or down, molding to your needs at that moment. In addition, your drivers 40mm directional pads keep you immersed in the game while providing great sound quality.

It is possible to find the Cloud stinger in black for R$ 178,00 na Amazon.

HyperX Cloud Revolver

hyperx cloud revolver
HyperX Cloud Revolver (Playback/Internet)

O HyperX Cloud Revolver is known for bringing studio quality into its speakers. through your drivers 50 mm directional pads positioned parallel to the ears, the headset ensures immersive, accurate audio and enhanced bass. The model also comes fully lined with foam. Hyperx Exclusive Memory Foam, which provides award-winning comfort.

O headset da HyperX comes with a 2 meter extension for the audio control box with PC stereo and microphone plugs. It is compatible with PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Mac, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, e VR3.

With an attractive design, the HyperX Cloud Revolver be bought by R$ 799,99 na Amazon.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless

Hyperx Cloud II Wireless
HyperX Cloud II Wireless (Playback/Internet)

O Cloud II, from HyperX, is a wireless device designed for gamers looking for a headset comfortable for long hours of gaming. Its main highlight is the absence of wires, thanks to its internal battery that promises 30 hours autonomy, being necessary to recharge the device only once a day. Another highlight is its 2,4GHz connection that promises to be fast and with an area range of up to 20 meters.

O headset da HyperX It is constructed with foam covered with material that simulates leather on the shells and also on the shaft, bringing more comfort during prolonged use. Their drivers of 53 mm and the sound surround 7.1 bring good immersion and fidelity. Its microphone is removable and has external noise cancellation during speech.

O HyperX Cloud II Wireless é sold at Amazon by R$ 1.040,00.

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless

Razer nari ultimate wireless
Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless (Playback/Internet)

O Razer Nari Ultimate brings an intelligent system of localized vibrations, with the unprecedented technology Razer Hypersense. O headset turns sounds into tactile stimuli and promises to be perfect for gaming. As with the previous model of the HyperX, it also offers wireless connection with a sophisticated design that catches the eye.

Na Amazon, the model is sold by R$ 1.317,00.

capture cards

As capture cards are widely used by those who want to make live or record videos of your games and later share them on different platforms. Taking screenshots or recording videos with a dedicated capture card results in image transmissions 4K e Full HD. In this way, it provides better quality images whatever your objective.

But what is a capture card for? The device is a type of device whose main objective is to allow the transfer of sounds and images from external devices such as VCR (the classic VHS), professional video camera, smartphone, video game consoles, DVD's, among many other devices, directly to the computer with the objective of storing, transmitting or playing. These captured files are stored digitally. Many people use the capture card for the sole purpose of capturing videos from the computer without the need to use other programs.

AVerMedia Extremecap UVC BU110

Avermedia extremecap uvc bu110
AVerMedia Extremecap UVC BU110 (Playback/Internet)

The model Extremecap UVC BU 110 of the already known brand AVerMedia brings two input ports, connection HDMI able to play picture, sound and USB 3.0 to connect capture card to PC. According to the manufacturer, the device record videos in full HD and transmits with the same picture quality. The company also highlights as an extra function the upscaling video, capable of taking lower resolutions and increasing the number of pixels to optimize them. With dimensions similar to a power bank common, the Extremecap UVC BU 110 allows it to be transported easily thanks to its small size.

Interested in this model? AVerMedia? It costs R$ 560,34 and is at sale on the website Amazon.

AVerMedia GC311

avermedia gc311
AVerMedia GC311 (Playback/Internet)

A ‎AVerMedia GC311 is another good option for those who are looking for a capture card, but don't want to shell out lots of money. The specific model offers Full HD capture and streams the same resolution to the PC. According to the manufacturer, the card can pass video with zero latency. That is, the time for exchanging information is almost none, without causing delay or some other kind of problem.

Like the previous model, the GC311 It brings small dimensions and can be easily carried to other places. In addition, due to the fact that it is portable, it can be used quietly in places that don't have as much space. The available input ports are two HDMI and micro USB 2.0. It is also worth mentioning its role as backup of the captured videos, without the need to send them to the PC. In this way, the recording can be stored on the software device if it is in the user's interest.

If you choose this model, AVerMedia, you can find it from BRL 617,14 on Amazon.

AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 2 GC570

avermedia live gamer hd 2 gc570
AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 2 GC570 (Playback/Internet)

For those who want a more complete and not so basic video card, the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD2 GC570 is one of the devices available in the national market. Unlike the other two models of the company that we brought before, the live gamer hd 2 it is not an external capture card, but an internal one, with connection in slots PCIe of desktops. With it, the user, instead of carrying the device separately, can take it with the other components of the computer.

The model has HD capture and can convert the recording into the PC. He can be found from R$ 1.511 nose Americans.

Elgato HD60S+

elgato hd60 s+
Elgato HD60 S+ (Playback/Internet)

the capture card Elgato HD60S+ brings another level compared to previous models. Being a much more advanced model than the boards of AVerMedia, it promises to capture console footage up to 4K and stream to PC in HD resolution. The manufacturer also highlights the presence of the HDR10, able to optimize the image and make it look sharper.

Unlike the previous model, it works externally, being connected through the HDMI and USB inputs. In addition, it has extra functions such as unlimited capture and flashback, which allow the user to record as many hours as they want, in addition to returning to a specific part of the video. O gameview still promises ultra low latency, optimizing the exchange of information between the device and the PC.

O Elgato HD60S+ é found in Amazon by R$ 1.499,00.

Elgato 4K60S+

elgato 4k60 s+
Elgato 4K60 S+ (Playback/Internet)

The model Elgato 4K60S+ is the most advanced on our list of recommendations. With two HDMI connections as input and output ports, in addition to two USB 3.0 options and one for a memory card, the device promises record and stream in 4K. It even has an HDR10 function, which allows you to record videos with more clarity in the image, which can be a great alternative for those who like to record game matches.

Who chooses the equipment The cat You will need to pay a good amount of money. At the Magazine Luiza: model leaves for R$ 3.764.


In addition to being very useful in exchanging emails, instant messaging and entertainment, the smartphones they can also be great working tools for content creators. In this sense, the importance of having a good cell phone to record videos comes in. Currently, there are several models capable of producing videos as good as those made with more appropriate equipment.

Redmire Xiaomi Note Pro 10

Xiaomi redmi notes 10 pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (Playback/Internet)

O Notes redmi 10 Pro da Xiaomi it is an intermediate cell phone that, despite having cameras with more modest specifications than those found in high-end models, does not disappoint when it comes to image and recording quality. In total, the smartphone brings five cameras. Are they:

  • wide-angle: 108 MP and f/1,9 aperture;
  • Ultra-angle: 8 MP, f/2,2 aperture and 118º field of view;
  • macro: 5MP and f/2,4 aperture;
  • Depth sensor: 2 MP and f/2,4 aperture;
  • Front: 16 MP and f/2,45 aperture.

This camera system can capture great photos and record good videos. You can use the full 108 MP of the main camera, while the ultra-wide performs well in well-lit environments.

Nas Americans: Notes redmi 10 Pro is sold by R$ 2.100.

 Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
Samsung Galaxy S22 (Playback/Internet)

O Galaxy S22 It is a Samsung model focused on cameras, so much so that the lens sets from this cell phone have already been used to create the cover of the Vogue edition. The smartphone has “super stabilization” technology and can record 8K videos, with a feature that allows for clear photos from video recording. In all, there are four cameras, three of which are on the back.

  • wide-angle: 50 MP and f/1,8 aperture;
  • Ultra-angle: 12 MP and f/2.2 aperture and 120º field of view;
  • Telephoto: 10 MP, 3x Optical Zoom;
  • Front: 10 MP and f/2,2 aperture.

O smartphone, Samsung's top of the line, captures clearer images, while its telephoto lens has the greatest advances, in addition to being great for night recordings. If you want even higher quality in your recordings, it is recommended to go for the template S22 Plus of the brand, which has several general improvements in the camera, and its Wide Angle reaches 108 MP, more than double the quality.

Nas Magazine: Galaxy S22 is sold by R$ 4.049,10. The Plus model, on the same site, is R$ 5.579,10.

Motorola Pro Edge 30

motorola edge 30 pro
Motorola Edge 30 Pro (Playback/Internet)

The set of cameras Edge 30 Pro is formed by three lenses, as well as the Motorola Pro Edge 20, but the configuration is different. the launch of Motorola latest was equipped with a main camera of 50 megapixels, a hybrid lens (ultrawide e macro) also of 50 MP and a depth sensor of 2 megapixels.

  • Megapixels: 50 MP + 50 MP + 2 MP
  • Resolution: 4000 3000 pixels x
  • sensor size: 1/1.76" + 1/1.76" + 1/2.55"
  • Lens aperture: F1.8 + F2 + F2.2

Whoever opts for this release of the Motorola, you will have to shell out about R$ 5.900.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

apple iphone 13 pro
Apple iPhone 13 Pro (Playback/Internet)

As with previous models, the camera sensors of the iPhone 13 Pro still with 12 MP, but they are bigger. Thanks to this change, they are able to capture more light and, consequently, improve photos, especially in night environments. In it are 3 cameras of 12 megapixels, being a wide-angle, an ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens.

A Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), still brought some news from software, like Photo Styles: a kind of smooth filter that will be applied to all photos. The options are standard and can bring features such as better contrast, vibrant, warm and cool to images.

Na Amazon: model is sold by R$ 8.499,00.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
Iphone 14 has one of the best cameras on the market. Image: Apple/Playback

In relation to iPhone 13, the cameras of 14 remain very similar, with the two 12MP lenses, but with improved sensors to capture better images in low-light environments, and the results can be up to 49% better compared to the previous generation.

Apple's innovations are also in the front camera, which comes with TrueDepth 12 MP and autofocus and if the focus is to record videos, cell phones have Action Mode, which guarantees more stability.

However, if you want the highest possible quality in your videos or photos, the Pro Max is the right bet, since the main lens is 48 MP and a “Cinema Mode”, capable of recording videos up to 4K and 30 FPS.

Na Magazine Luiza, it is possible to find the base model by R$ 6.509,07 and the deluxe version, the Pro Max, by R$ 8.549,10.


Accessories for recording videos
Ring light and tripod are important accessories for those who want to record videos for the internet (Playback/Internet)

As important as the equipment, the accessories to record videos also make a huge difference when recording videos. Among the most sought after are tripods and ring light. Together, they ensure stable, well-lit images. There are a wide range of options on the market, from the cheapest to the most robust and expensive models.

Na Amazon, there is tripod models starting at $ 15. For those looking for a ring light, it is possible find the equipment costing starting at $ 30.

fantaxi prompter

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
Product widely used in TV newspapers, now they can help you in your videos. Image: Reproduction

If you like to leave the text ready to speak during a video recording, then having a teleprompter can be very useful, as it is a good tool to assist in different moments, be it live transmissions, interviews , speeches or the like. Thanks to this model from Fantaxi, aimed at cell phones, you won't get lost in your texts anymore!

On Amazon, it's can find it by R$ 360,99, but it can be cheaper in international purchases.

lighting and decoration

Another very important aspect when it comes to producing your videos, especially if you record them indoors, is lighting and decoration. Since if it is not done well, it can result in dark images, which will be difficult for others to see. But be careful: too much is also harmful, and can result in images with blown lighting and too much reflection.

So, take a good look at your environment, study and test the lighting quality when recording and see some of our recommendations to help you when putting the camera to record!

Sun Gun CN-LUX2200

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
Sun Gun are great for complementing the ambient light. Image: Reproduction

This lighting model is used to increase or even complement the brightness of a scene, with its intense yellow tones. Within this category, the Led Sun Gun CN-LUX2200 stands out, with 200 LEDs, capable of covering distances of up to 5 meters and the possibility of changing the color temperature, it is great for improving the quality of your images through light.

Na Magazine Luiza: model leaves for R$ 385,91.

Softbox Greika YS-302

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
Softboxes help with lighting. Image: Reproduction

Another interesting complement to lighting is the softbox, used to soften shadows and create a softer, more natural result as it transforms direct light into indirect light. The model of greika, for example, is one of the best recommendations for this role.

In addition to coming with a tripod, it has a diffuser to make the colors softer and more natural when recording videos or even taking pictures.

The model comes out R$ 290,20 na Magazine Luiza.

ULANZI VL120 LED Video Lamp

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
YouTuber Kit: what to buy to record videos on the web?

Cozier lighting also makes a big difference in video recording and live broadcasts. A Ulanzi VL120 helps you in this regard with its RGB LED lamp. The fixture is capable of providing multiple lighting modes to suit your needs and has a good range.

Na Amazon, the item can be found costing from R$ 205.

Ring Light kit with tripod

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
YouTuber Kit: what to buy to record videos on the web?

The light rings became very popular in Brazil a few years ago, mainly due to the digital influencers who use the equipment. Popularly known as ring light, these devices make a lot of difference when recording, offering good lighting. In some cases, it is necessary to use tripods, so that the lighting angle is as desired. Fortunately, you can find a plethora of templates available on the internet.

On amazon, you can find models costing from R$ 67.

General tips for recording videos

Although there is no correct formula for success in your videos, regardless of the platform you are on, there are still some important tips that should be considered by all creators. Since through them, it is possible to achieve better results and also reach more people.

If your focus is on creating educational content, such as tutorials or informational videos, it's important to present it concisely, without getting into other topics or rambling too much. The same goes for entertainment, as it is important to keep the audience interested in what you are doing, to stay as long as possible on the channel.

Therefore, it is important to plan well the content of what you will produce, revise texts and rehearse several times, to improve the quality of the final product. By the way, this is also important to make your videos more relevant, since if it's about subjects that are highly sought after by people, it may even appear on the first pages of the Google.

At this stage, the Google Trends can help, since through it, it is possible to see how much searched a subject is and what are the most used terms to reach the results. As such, aligning them with your video title and description is important, as people are more likely to find you.

Kit youtuber: what to buy to record videos on the web?. See which lights, cameras, microphones and other accessories you should buy to start recording videos on YouTube and other platforms
Subjects, related searches and even how relevant it is in each state of Brazil.

Finally, in addition to maintaining the quality of your videos, it's also important to pay attention to the consistency with which you produce the content. Since spending a long time without sending anything to the internet, it can be harmful, both with the trust of those who follow you and even reduce the frequency with which the algorithm recommends you.

Finally, this is our list of products YouTubers might consider purchasing, as well as some tips to improve the overall quality of your results. Do you think a product was missing from the list? Tell us in the comments!

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