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Amazon Prime Video November 2023 Releases: Unbroken, John Wick 4 and More

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The November Amazon Prime Video releases are coming and Showmetech will present everything you need to know about the news!

November 2023 arrived with the releases of Amazon Prime Video and promises to be a lively month with several new features that will please all audiences of the service. The long-awaited new season of the animation Invincible finally comes into service with the adventures of Mark Grayson, while John Wick 4 enters with its feet in the door with another film from one of today's biggest action franchises. Furthermore, the month has BTS: Yet To Come with a historic performance by the Korean group and The Grinch ushers in the Christmas movie season.

Check out the complete list of releases below. Amazon Prime Video in films and series for November.



Geppetto is a lonely carpenter with the desire to be a father, longing for Pinocchio, the doll he recently sculpted, to come to life. His wish comes true, however, Pinocchio's disobedience leads him to move away from home, beginning an adventure full of enigmas and extraordinary beings, which introduce him to the dangers of the world in a personal way.

When it opens: November 1

John Wick 4: Baba Yaga

Skilled killer John Wick now faces the wrath of half the underworld due to his quest for revenge. The fourth installation in the saga takes place in several cities, including New York, Berlin, Paris and Osaka. His trusted allies, such as Bowery King, Continental Hotel manager Winston, and concierge Charon, continue to support him. However, the chances of escaping this time seem almost insurmountable, as a formidable enemy emerges on the horizon.

When it opens: November 3

Uncharted: Off the Map

Based on the hit game PlayStation, Uncharted: Off the Map tells the story of Nathan Drake and his charming companion, Victor “Sully” Sullivan, who begin a risky journey in search of the greatest treasure in history, while simultaneously following clues that could lead them to Nathan's missing brother.

When it opens: November 8

One Day Five Stars

In the movie One Day Five Stars, we witness the journey of Pedro Paulo, who makes the decision to take his beloved Opala from the 70s and get behind the wheel as an app driver, with the aim of helping his family overcome financial difficulties and fulfilling his mother's great wish, which is to travel to Buenos Aires. As he spends his days transporting passengers from one place to another, he finds himself involved in a series of unexpected and hilarious situations that end up completely transforming his routine.

When it opens: November 8

Last Looks

A disgraced former police officer seeks refuge in the woods, but his peaceful life is interrupted when a private detective recruits him to investigate the murder of the wife of a flamboyant television celebrity.

When it opens: November 8

BTS: Yet To Come

In October 2022, the event took place BTS: Yet To Come at the Asiad Main Stadium in Yeonje-gu, Busan. This was a promise to fans for the future and an affirmation to the world that the best is yet to come. Tickets were distributed free of charge to 50.000 in-person spectators and 10.000 real-time remote viewings. Additionally, the event was broadcast live across multiple streaming channels and online platforms around the world. Now, the show is part of the Prime Video catalog with a special reedited and remixed version that highlights the presence of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

When it opens: November 9

Jim Knopf and the 13 Pirates

In this second adventure, travelers make Ema take flight and become friends with a true queen of the seas. Last but not least, they manage to defeat the terrible gang of privateers.

When it opens: November 15


Bihter, eager for love and desperate for a way out of the stigma imposed by society and her materialistic mother, finds in Adnan, an older, wealthy and respectable man, a possible escape. However, she soon realizes that his attention is not enough, and his needs go beyond that.

When it opens: November 16


In their senior year of high school, queer students PJ and Josie face a lack of romantic experiences and are determined to change that before graduation. To achieve this goal, they choose to create a secret group at school, in order to attract the attention of female cheerleaders, claiming that they want to teach women self-defense. The strategy works and soon the popular girls begin to learn to protect themselves. However, PJ and Josie must find ways to keep their plan secret before it is revealed.

When it opens: November 21

Gold Desert

When two nomads wandering the arid desert stumble upon the largest nugget of gold ever discovered, the vision of unimaginable wealth and ambition takes hold of them. Together, they come up with a plan to protect their discovery and begin excavation, while one of them sets out to find the necessary equipment. The other man stays behind, facing the hardships of the unforgiving desert climate, hunting wolves and keeping watch for intruders, all the while struggling with the insecurity of being left to his own devices.

When it opens: November 22

The Grinch

The Grinch devises a cunning plan with the help of his faithful dog, Max, with the aim of sabotaging Christmas, at the same time that the inhabitants of Quemlândia prepare for their annual Christmas party. Meanwhile, Cindy Lou Who makes plans to meet Santa Claus and express her gratitude for helping her widowed mother every Christmas, unaware that she is actually investigating the Grinch's malicious intentions.

When it opens: November 22

Who will it be with?

Frank and Lindsay are individuals who bear deep emotional scars from painful past experiences. Their paths cross at a wedding and, surprisingly, an attraction arises between them, although both fight with determination to avoid falling in love again.

When it opens: November 22

Elf Me

November 2023 Amazon Prime Video releases: Invincible, John Wick 4 and more. November's Amazon Prime Video releases are coming and showmetech will present everything you need to know about the news!
New Prime Video film begins to bring the magic of Christmas 2023 to the service's catalog. (Image: Prime Video)

Trip is an elf who doesn't fit traditional standards. While acting as Santa's assistant, he seems to excel more at creating eccentric weapons rather than toys. Fate leads him to cross paths with Elia, a shy and equally unconventional young man who is being targeted by bullies. Together, they form a mutually supportive partnership, discovering the meaning of true friendship along the way.

When it opens: November 24

On the Waves of Faith

Hickson is a man of faith who does whatever it takes to make sure the bills are paid at the end of the month. His trajectory takes him from computer technician to car message announcer, without hesitation in carrying out any task. This is how he gets a job on an evangelical radio station. With his talent, dedication and the support of Jéssika, his wife, Hickson realizes that even the sky itself is not a limit to his aspirations.

When it opens: November 29


Invincible – Season 2

The second season of Invincible is scheduled to debut in the Amazon Prime Video catalog on November 3, but will be divided into two parts, with the second part scheduled to be released only in 2024. Continuing the story presented in the first season, the plot turns around Mark Grayson, a teenager who, despite wanting an ordinary and peaceful life, ends up discovering that he has superpowers that are beyond his control. To complicate matters further, he is the son of the most powerful superhero in the universe, Omni-Man.

In the new batch of eight episodes, the story takes on a more dramatic tone, with Mark having to deal with the shocking revelation of his father's villainy. Furthermore, the young hero will face the challenges of the transition to adulthood, full of obstacles, including confrontation with a new group of super-powered villains.

When it opens: November 3

Romancero – Season 1

Ballads follows the account of a duo on the run, who are escaping the clutches of justice, powerful supernatural creatures and their own inner demons. All this unfolds in a cruel, desert-like Andalusia that is both real and mythical at the same time. During a nightmarish night, they are tormented by demons, witches and those who feed on blood, creating a terrifying atmosphere full of danger.

When it opens: November 3

Revenge – Seasons 1 to 4

In the classic series Revenge, Amanda Clarke begins to adopt the identity of Emily Thorne after witnessing the destruction of her family and the death of her father. When she was a child, she was forced to endure the unjust imprisonment of her father, who was accused of involvement in acts of terrorism. This traumatic experience generated intense anger and resentment within her against those who were responsible for this unjust suffering. Amanda was sent to a juvenile detention center and spent most of her childhood and adolescence in that environment. Upon coming of age, Amanda received detailed information about the people who had ruined her life, providing her with the opportunity to seek revenge.

When it opens: November 6

The Kidnapping Day – Season 1

Kim Myung Joon, a poor but big-hearted man, is forced to consider kidnapping a rich child to pay for his sick daughter's surgery. However, an accident leads him to injure the very child he intended to kidnap, Choi Ro Hee, who loses his memory. He decides to pretend to be her father and, when investigating her family in search of ransom, he discovers Choi Ro Hee's dead parents and a growing web of lies surrounding the situation, including his false relationship with the girl.

When it opens: November 6

007: Road To A Million – Season 1

007: Road to a Million is a reality show based on the popular film franchise. The program is led by Brian Cox, known for his role in the series Succession. The attraction will feature nine pairs of ordinary people facing risky missions and endurance challenges in several iconic film locations from the saga. Additionally, participants will have to answer challenging questions in their quest to win a prize worth US$1 million.

When it opens: November 10

Criminal Minds – Seasons 1 to 15

November 2023 Amazon Prime Video releases: Invincible, John Wick 4 and more. November's Amazon Prime Video releases are coming and showmetech will present everything you need to know about the news!
The various seasons of Criminal Minds arrive on Prime Video in November. (Image: Mark Gordon Company)

The BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) is a division of the FBI located in Quantico, in the state of Virginia. When local law enforcement agencies request help in solving cases of serial crimes or crimes of extreme violence, the team employs techniques that, while effective, can be controversial. This includes creating suspect profiles based on victim characteristics and available information.

The series became very popular and all 15 seasons arrive on Amazon Prime Video this November to the delight of fans of the work.

When it opens: November 13

Twin Love – Season 1

Twin Love is a social relationship experiment that explores the love lives of identical twins. In this program, ten pairs of twins are separated and placed in two different houses, creating identical casts, and each of them begins a unique journey in search of love. With double the fun and drama, the series seeks to discover whether the innate similarities between these twins are reflected in their romantic desires.

When separated from their twin brothers and sisters, some for the first time, will these twins seek similar partners? Or will your love choices be surprisingly different? The show explores how the connection between identical twins influences their romantic paths and whether genetic affinities translate into similar or distinct choices in love.

When it opens: November 17

Love is for the Strong – Season 1

A série Love is for the Strong is based on the seventh album of the same name by artist Marcelo D2 and a medium-length film with the same name. She makes a powerful denunciation of police violence in Rio de Janeiro and follows the daily lives of two black families who face grief and injustice, but from opposite sides of history.

It all starts with a police operation on Mother's Day, when the fates of Rita and Edna are intertwined through a tragedy. Rita loses her son Sushi, just 11 years old, a victim of police violence in one of Rio's communities. On the other hand, Edna is the mother of Digão, the police officer responsible for the child's death. Both mothers embark on a joint fight for justice and redemption, facing police corruption and the slowness of the judicial system.

When it opens: November 17

LOL: If you laugh, it's over! – Season 3

LOL: If you laugh, it's over! is a program that brings together ten Brazilian comedians in a six-hour comedic battle, in which participants must maintain a serious expression while trying to make their opponents laugh. The first laugh results in a yellow card, and if the comedian makes his opponent laugh again, he is eliminated from the competition.

In this challenge, each comedian brings special tricks and presentations to try to achieve the goal of making the other laugh. The winner of the program has the chance to donate a prize of R$350 to the charity of their choice, which adds a charitable component to the competition.

When it opens: November 24

The Death Vow – Season 1

The Vow of Death follows the narrative of an enigmatic character named Gaetal, who conducts research via text messages to determine whether or not to apply the death penalty to cruel criminals. If the decision is in favor of execution, Gaetal is responsible for carrying out the act, based on the results obtained in the research.

When it opens: November 27

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Mission: Impossible – Reckoning Part One

Ethan Hunt and his team face the urgent task of locating a new weapon that poses a potential threat to humanity if it falls into the wrong hands. With the fate of the world in danger, a deadly race begins that crosses the entire globe. Facing a mysterious and formidable enemy, Ethan is forced to consider whether perhaps nothing is more important than the mission, even if it means putting the lives of those he cares most about at risk.

When it opens: November 8

The Exorcist – The Devotee

Two friends who were inseparable disappear for several days and, when they are finally found, they begin to exhibit extremely strange behavior. As the situation becomes more sinister, they are admitted to a hospital. Faced with concerns that some evil force may have taken over their bodies, a nurse recalls a similar story of someone with a frightening past.

Faced with this supernatural threat, the young women's parents turn to Regan's mother, who had been possessed by a demon years ago. They prepare to begin a difficult and terrifying battle against the forces of evil, in a desperate attempt to save their daughters.

When it opens: November 30

Mortal Games 10

Afflicted by a serious illness, John Kramer travels to Mexico in hopes of finding a miracle cure. However, upon arriving at his destination, he finds himself involved in a macabre situation and discovers that the entire operation is, in fact, a cruel hoax designed to deceive vulnerable people. Now, motivated by a new cause, the infamous serial killer decides to use elaborate and insane traps to turn the tables on the crooks, reaffirming his nickname as the terrifying villain Jigsaw.

When it opens: November 30


Airport: Restricted Area – Season 5 (Discovery+)

November 2023 Amazon Prime Video releases: Invincible, John Wick 4 and more. November's Amazon Prime Video releases are coming and showmetech will present everything you need to know about the news!
Airport: Restricted Area shows an invisible side of Brazilian airports that many do not imagine. (Image: Discovery)

Airport: Area Restricta is a Brazilian television program that shows behind the scenes and the operation of airports and international airports in Brazil, with a special focus on Guarulhos International Airport, in São Paulo. The series presents the routine of employees who work in these locations, such as security agents, the operations team, customs employees, and many other professionals involved in airport operations.

The program highlights real situations and surprising stories that occur at airports, such as problems with baggage, security incidents, actions to combat drug trafficking and smuggling, in addition to highlighting the human side of professionals who work to keep airports running.

When it opens: November 11

Spider Anderson Silva (Paramount+)

Based on the real story of one of the greatest MMA fighters in history, the production follows the life of the young athlete, played by William Nascimento, who would become a world champion and an iconic figure in the UFC world. The plot covers the fighter's journey since childhood and promises to portray the exciting battle both inside and outside the Octagon. With a total of five episodes, the series arrives in the Paramount+ catalog this November.

When it opens: November 16

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