See Amazon Prime Video releases in January (2024)

See Amazon Prime Video releases in January (2024)

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Fale Comigo, Hazbin Hotel, Expatriadas, new Zorro series and much more are Prime Video releases in January 2024

2024 is coming and with them the year's news in series and films on streaming platforms. The releases of Amazon Prime Video in January they arrive with highlights for Talk to me, considered one of the scariest films of 2023, After – Forever ending the franchise After with its last chapter, Horror at Studio 666 starring musicians from the band Foo Fighters, new animation Hazbin Hotel produced by A24 and the new series of Fox with Miguel Bernardeau.

Check out the complete list of releases below. Amazon Prime Video in films and series for January, in addition to new releases on Prime Video Store.


After: Forever

Starting with the final chapter of the After franchise, Hardin faces the challenge of completing his book, but finds himself completely stalled by writer's block. Maintaining links with his past, he learns that Tessa is in Portugal and decides to embark on a journey to find her. However, along the way, he is faced with the need for a transformation in his attitude, understanding that only a profound change can make it possible to regain his relationship with Tessa.

When it premieres: January 1st

Talk to me

In suspense Talk to me, produced by A24, the invocation of spirits becomes the latest trend in local festivities, and Mia, looking for a distraction on the anniversary of her mother's death, is determined to join this trend. In the plot, we follow the group of friends who come across an enigmatic hand, revealing its incredible ability to summon spiritual beings. The initial enthusiasm at this discovery gives way to an atmosphere of imminent danger, when one of the friends inadvertently goes beyond the limits during the game, accidentally opening a door to the spiritual world.

When it premieres: January 4st

Horror at Studio 666

Terror at Estúdio 666 is one of the most unusual releases this month of Amazon Prime Video. The film stars the band members foo Fighters, focusing on the recording phase of their tenth album, Medicine at Midnight. During this creative process, the band makes the decision to transform an old house into a studio. As they immerse themselves in this environment, permeated with a sinister energy, the musicians do not immediately notice a series of events unfolding around them. The twist comes when the band's leader, Dave Grohl, apparently becomes possessed by a dark entity.

When it premieres: January 8st


In a post-climatic future, a farmer is chosen to leave one of the last farms. A stranger reveals that his wife will have a substitute during his absence, to prevent her from missing him. Fires and climate change devastated the lands. The story explores not only physical survival but also the emotional and ethical challenges in a collapsing world.

When it premieres: January 10st

Role play

David and Emma, ​​looking to rekindle the spark in their marriage, decide to create a game in which they meet as strangers in a bar. What initially promised to be a fun experience takes an unexpected turn when they encounter an enigmatic man who reveals detailed knowledge about Emma's life. Suddenly, Emma finds herself pursued by police and criminals, triggering a frantic series of events. While trying to salvage the wreckage of their relationship, David finds himself drawn into a plot of mystery and danger, challenging the limits of the game they proposed.

When it premieres: January 12st

Nine days

In a reality far from our physical world, Will is tasked with the unique task of interviewing five representations of human souls. The goal is to determine which of them deserves the privilege of starting a prosperous life on Earth. However, the process, which will culminate in just nine days for the selected candidate, holds intense challenges and deep reflections. A unique journey awaits these souls as they face obstacles to gain the rare opportunity to be reborn.

When it premieres: January 15st

Mother's Sunday

Adapted by Alice Birch based on one of Graham Swift's novels, Mother's Sunday tells a story that takes place on Mother's Day. Jane Fairchild, the maid, finds herself lonely, but a rare chance arises to spend the day with her clandestine lover. However, unexpected events trigger a twist that will permanently alter the course of Jane's life.

When it premieres: January 15st

Hypnotic – Invisible Threat

Hypnotic – Invisible Threat is an action thriller directed by Robert Rodriguez, centered on detective Danny Rourke. Rourke finds himself immersed in a complex investigation into large-scale robberies, discovering a possible connection to his daughter's disappearance. Under the pressure of solving the crimes, the detective also confronts a mysterious government program that, like his daughter, may be intertwined with the conspiracy.

When it premieres: January 17st

The grandmother

Susana is a model, who abandons her career in Paris to return to Madrid when she discovers that her grandmother, Pilar, suffered a stroke. When trying to find a caregiver for Pilar in her hometown, Susana realizes that a few days with her grandmother turn into an unexpected nightmare. The lady begins to act strangely, triggering frightening events that challenge her granddaughter's understanding of reality.

When it premieres: January 17st

The Way They Want It: The Next Chapter

The highly anticipated sequel follows four best friends who take their book club to Italy, embarking on a fun trip they've never experienced. However, when secrets are revealed and things go off the rails, your relaxing vacation turns into a once-in-a-lifetime intercontinental adventure.

When it premieres: January 24st

The Underdogs

Jaycen “Two Js” Jennings is a fading former professional football star, reaching the lowest point of his career. His redemption comes when he is sentenced to perform community service by training the Underdogs, an undisciplined youth football team in his hometown. Initially, he views the opportunity as a way to rebuild his public image, but through the process, he may find a deeper transformation, reconnecting with his love of the game and possibly reinvigorating his own life.

When it premieres: January 26st

A Place Far Away From Here

Based on the novel by Delia Owens, A Place Far Away From Here chronicles the life of Kya Clark, known as Swamp Girl, abandoned by her family and living mysteriously and wildly in Barkley Cove, North Carolina. The film explores two timelines: the first follows Kya's childhood adventures, while the second deals with the investigation into the murder of a local celebrity. Set in the 1950s, the plot unfolds when Kya, inexplicably linked to the victim, becomes the main suspect.

When it premieres: January 31st

crazy in trouble

In the comedy Loucas em Apuros, friends Audrey, Lolo, Kat and Deadeye join forces after a disastrous business trip. Together, they embark on a journey across Asia in search of one of their biological mothers. The journey not only takes them to hilarious moments, but also to experiences of self-discovery, strengthening bonds of friendship and teaching the importance of self-love.

When it premieres: January 31st


Marry My Husband – Season 1

Entering the world of series among the January releases, Marry My Husband unfolds around Ji Won, a 37-year-old cancer patient, who discovers her husband and best friend's betrayal. Married to Park Min Hwan, Ji Won faces a problematic marriage, where she is the main provider and responsible for all household chores. Upon receiving the devastating news of her terminal diagnosis and catching her husband cheating on her close friend Jung Soo Min, a fight results in her tragic death.

Unexpectedly, she wakes up 10 years in the past, determined to change her destiny. Seeking to redirect Min Hwan's life, she tries to marry him to Soo Min, while at work, Ji Hyeok, boss in the same department, slowly reveals his feelings for her, also keeping a secret.

When it premieres: January 1st

Zorro – Season 1

Zorro is the new Spanish series from Amazon Prime Video that brings back the classic hero for a new generation. The 10-episode series follows Diego de la Vega, who assumes the identity of Zorro to unmask his father's killers and ensure they face justice. As he fights for justice in Los Angeles, Diego also finds himself challenged to understand the impact of his role as a hero in California, especially in an era of constant change.

When it premieres: January 19st

Hazbin Hotel – Season 1

The public's favorite, A24, decided to venture into the world of animation. In Hazbin Hotel, the plot revolves around Charlie Morningstar, the princess of hell and heir to the cursed throne. In defiance of her class expectations, Charlie aspires to create a hotel to rehabilitate sinners who make it to hell. Faced with overcrowding in the infernal kingdom, angels descend from heaven annually for an event similar to a purge, exterminating demons. The protagonist, uncomfortable with the situation, seeks a peaceful solution to the overpopulation of hell.

When it premieres: January 19st

Indian Police Force – Season 1

Em Indian Police Force, an officer gives up his family life and personal safety to dismantle a dangerous criminal network that poses a threat to the innocent. Facing countless obstacles, he perseveres in his mission to ensure the safety of the community, distinguishing himself by his unwavering commitment to protecting the public.

When it premieres: January 19st

Expatriates – Season 1

In a new miniseries with Nicole Kidman, Expatriates is set amidst the complex lives of Hong Kong residents. The streaming platform's new work paints a portrait of a diverse group of women whose lives are profoundly impacted by a single encounter. This encounter triggers a series of events that leave them adrift, navigating an intricate balance between guilt and responsibility.

When it premieres: January 26st

Prime Video Store

Our dream

O musical film Our dream brings the story of the renowned Brazilian singing duo, Claudinho and Buchecha. The biopic, told from Buchecha's point of view, highlights how the friendship between the two, which began in childhood, became a significant drive to overcome challenges and achieve various achievements. The film portrays the duo's trajectory, culminating in their recognition as the greatest phenomena in national funk melody.

When it premieres: January 2st

Rio Shore – Season 4

Shore River is a Brazilian production and follows a group of ten young people from different regions of the state of Rio de Janeiro, coming together for a season full of parties, romances, friendships and the inevitable dramas that arise from intense coexistence. In this unique experience, they will have the chance to escape their everyday routines, live life to the fullest and share moments they never imagined.

When it premieres: January 16st

Transformers: Awakening of the Beasts

Transformers: Awakening of the Beasts promises a new epic journey through the universe of Transformers. Set in the 1990s, the film immerses audiences in an action-packed global adventure, featuring the Maximals, Predacons e Terrorcons to the conflict between autobots e decepticons in the land. Noah, a cunning young man from Brooklyn, and Elena, an ambitious and talented artifact researcher, are inadvertently drawn into this clash.

When it premieres: January 18st

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