September 2023 Movie Releases: Venice Mystery and More

September 2023 Movie Releases: The Witching Night and More

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The Nun 2, The Expendables 4 and Saw X are just a few of the theatrical releases in September. Check out the full list!

The month of September arrived and, along with it, several novelties arrive for moviegoers on duty. The first highlight goes to The Nun 2, which will be directed by Michael chaves, who also directed other films of the genre. The Expendables 4 will highlight LeeChristmas, character played by Jason Statham, who will work alongside Megan Fox. In addition, to close the month, we will have the launch of Saw X, the newest chapter in the franchise Saw, which will take place between the events of the first and second film in the series, marking the return of the villainous John Kramer, played by Tobin Bell, to the big screen.

Posters for some of September's biggest cinema releases — The Nun 2, The Expendables 4 and Deadly X Games
Posters of some of the main cinema releases in September — The Nun 2, The Expendables 4 and Saw X / Image: Gabriel Princesval/Showmetech

Want to know more? So, grab your popcorn, separate your ticket and come check out the main movie releases in september!

Draw 5 Cards (7/9)

Take 5 Cards Trailer / Source: Diego Freitas Director via YouTube

Original title: Draw 5 Cards

Draw 5 Cards is a brazilian movie comedy starring Lilia Cabral and directed by Diego Freitas, the same director of after the universe (2022) and the short The Return Home (2019). The cast also includes names such as Guilherme Piva, Gabriel Godoy, Sérgio Malheiros, Giulia Bertolli, César Boaes, Allan Souza Lima, Claudiana Cotrim, Thaynara OG e Mathy Lemos.

Synopsis: Seeking to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer, Fátima (Lilia Cabral), a 60-year-old woman, decides to move to Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, things don't go as expected and she ends up needing to swap the spotlight for tarot cards. The problem is that her predictions are not very reliable, since she has the help of her husband to snoop on customers on social networks and pretend that she has special reading powers.

Draw 5 Cards debut on the day September 7, only in theaters.

The Nun 2 (7/9)

The Nun 2 Trailer / Source: Warner Bros. Pictures Brazil via YouTube

Original title: The Nun 2

The Nun 2 it's a movie terror starring Bonnie Aarons, Taissa farmiga e Storm reid. The direct sequence of The Nun (2018) was under the direction of Michael chaves, who also directed other films of the genre, such as The Weeping Curse (2019) and Summoning of Evil 3: The Order of the Demon (2021), and now returns to the spooky universe of that blockbuster franchise.

Synopsis: The story takes place in 1956 France, where the murder of a priest seems to have unleashed a sense of evil throughout the region. Follow Sister Irene, who is once again confronted with a terrifying demonic presence.

The Nun 2 debut on the day September 7, only in theaters.

The Tooth Fairy (7/9)

The Tooth Fairy Trailer / Source: Ella Film via YouTube

Original title: My Fairy Troublemaker

the tooth fairy it's a movie animation german directed by caroline origin and with the voices of Jella haase e Lucy Carolan.

Synopsis: The little fairy Violetta will get lost in the world of human beings and will have the help of a 12-year-old girl, Maxie, to return to her place of origin. On this journey, she will discover many things, including her true purpose.

the tooth fairy debut on the day September 7, only in theaters.

Strange Form of Life (14/9)

Strange Way of Life Trailer / Source: Pathe UK via YouTube

Original title: Strange way of life

Strange way of life is an short film de western drama Spanish that counts with the participation of renowned actors Pedro Pascal, Ethan Hawke e Manu Rios. The film, lasting only 30 minutes, was directed by Pedro Almodóvar and marks the director's second foray into the universe of English-language cinema, following the previous short the human voice (2020)

Synopsis: After 25 years away, farmer Silva crosses the desert on horseback to meet Jake, the former sheriff who was once his greatest passion. What he didn't expect is that after a night of intimacy, memories and reconciliation, the meeting would take an unexpected turn with the revelation that both are intertwined in a crime that took place in the region.

Strange way of life debut on the day September 14, only in theaters.

No Air (14/9)

Trailer of No Air / Source: Planeta Terror via YouTube

Original title: The Dive

Breathless it's a movie terror starring Louisa krause e Sophie Lowe. The film was directed by Maximilian erlenwein and is a remake from the swedish thriller breaking surface, launched in 2020.

Synopsis: In a beautiful and remote location, two sisters decide to go diving together. However, an unexpected accident puts everything at risk when one of the sisters is trapped 28 meters deep.

Breathless debut on the day September 14, only in theaters.

The Protector 3 – Final Chapter (14/9)

Trailer for The Equalizer 3 – Final Chapter / Source: Sony Pictures Brasil via YouTube

Original title: The Equalizer 3

The Protector 3 – Final Chapter it's a movie action e suspense starring Denzel Washington e Dakota Fanning, with direction from Antoine Fuqua, the same director of the other two films in the series. The feature is the third and final chapter of the franchise and marks the reunion of the actors who had already worked together in Flames of vengeance(2004)

Synopsis: Driven by a desire to do good, McCall faces a constant battle to overcome the dark mistakes he's made in the past. He soon realizes that his new friends are being wronged, and to confront the local crime lords, McCall will have to reactivate the skills of his ruthless past and become a one-man army in his quest to deliver vigilante justice.

The Protector 3 – Final Chapter debut on the day September 14, only in theaters.

After - Forever: The Final Chapter (14/9)

Trailer for After – Forever: The Final Chapter / Source: Diamond Films Brasil via YouTube

Original title: After Everything

After - Forever: The Final Chapter it's a movie romance e drama which constitutes the fifth chapter of the franchise, based on the famous series of books by Anna Todd. With direction of Castle Landon, the feature features performances by Josephine langford e Hero Fiennes Tiffin in the main roles.

Synopsis: The film will follow Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), before and after the beginning of his complex relationship with Tessa (Josephine langford). This final chapter explores both characters' coming-of-age journey. As Hardin reveals his story to the world through the publication of "After", the question remains: will they ever achieve the happiness they so desperately desire?

After - Forever: The Final Chapter debut on the day September 14, only in theaters.

The Last Queen (14/9)

The Last Queen Trailer / Source: Imovision via YouTube

Original title: La derniere reigns

The Last Queen is an historical drama French directed and written by Adila Bendimerad e Damien Ounuri. The cast is made up of Dali Benssala, Mohamed Tahar Zaoui e Adila Bendimerad.

Synopsis: In the year 1516, in the lands of Algeria, we are transported to follow the trajectory of the audacious pirate Aruj Barbarossa (Dali Benssalah), who became famous after freeing Algiers from the clutches of Spanish rule, rising to the throne of the kingdom. In the midst of intrigues and speculations, it is said that Barbarossa would have assassinated King Salim Toumi (Mohamed Tahar Zaoui), your former ally. In the midst of these rumors, the legendary queen Zaphira (Adila Bendimerad), wife of King Salim, who is determined to protect her community at all costs.

The Last Queen debut on the day 14 of September, only in theaters.

The Night of the Witches (14/9)

Trailer for The Night of the Witches / Source: 20th Century Studios Brasil via YouTube

Original title: A Haunting in Venice

The Night of the Witches is a film that combines elements of suspense, mystery e crime. Based on the book of the same name by Agatha Christie, the film is a continuation of the author's previous adaptations: Murder on the Orient Express (2017) and death on the nile (2022). The film was directed by Kenneth Branagh, known for his work on Henry V (1989) Hamlet (1996) and So much noise for nothing (1993). The cast includes himself Kenneth Branagh, And Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin e jude hill.

Synopsis: The plot takes place after the period of the 2nd World War and brings back from retirement the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) to investigate a mysterious murder, while attending a Halloween seance in the most beautiful city in the world: Venice.

The Night of the Witches debut on the day 14 of September, only in theaters.

The Perfect Mother-in-Law 2 (14/9)

Promotional image of the perfect mother-in-law 2
Promotional image of The Perfect Mother-in-law 2 / Source: Paris Filmes

Original title: The Perfect Mother-in-law 2

The Perfect Mother-in-law 2 It's the long-awaited sequel to the movie. the perfect mother-in-law released in 2020. Starred by Cacao Protasium, That comedy Brazilian was directed by Cris D'Amato. Cacau Protásio, star of the film, announced that the sequel will be a tribute to the iconic character Dona Hermínia, played by Paulo Gustavo who ended up passing away due to complications from COVID-19 in 2021.

Synopsis: Accompany Neide (Cacao Protasium) in yet another series of new confusions to stop laughing.

The Perfect Mother-in-law 2 debut on the day 14 of September, only in theaters.

Sound of Liberty (21/9)

Sound of Freedom Trailer / Source: SóTrailers via YouTube

Original title: sound of freedom

Freedom sound It's an American movie drama e action, written and directed by Alexander Monteverde. The cast is made up of Jim caviezel, M e Bill camp. The film had a notable impact by earning more than $ 19 million during its opening weekend, surprisingly topping Indiana Jones and the Call of Fate as number one at the Fourth of July holiday box office without any investment in marketing.

Synopsis: Based on real events, the narrative follows the journey of a former government agent who becomes a determined vigilante. He sets out on a dangerous and risky mission: to rescue hundreds of children from the hands of sex traffickers.

Freedom sound debut on the day 21 of September, only in theaters.

The Furries (21/9)

Trailer for Os Peludos / Source: PlayArte via YouTube

Original title: finnick

The Furries it's a russian film animation e adventure directed by Denis Chernov.

Synopsis: In the shadows of our home, there are adorable and mysterious beings called Peludos, whose mission is to watch over our home without us knowing of their existence. Among them, we find the clumsy and fun Fred, who loves to play pranks and push away everyone who tries to enter his kingdom. However, everything changes when he meets Christine, a 13-year-old girl, who joins him to solve a mystery involving her city.

The Furries debut on the day September 21, only in theaters.

Mavka: Forest Adventure (21/09)

Trailer for Mavka: Adventure in the Woods / Source: FILM.UA Group via YouTube

Original title: Mavka: The Forest Song

Mavka: Forest Adventure it's a movie animation directed by Oleksandra Ruban e Oleg Malamuzh, starring the voices of Nataliya Denisenko, Artem Pivovarov e Elena Kravets. The feature film is an adaptation of the homonymous book written by Yaroslav Voytseshek.

Synopsis: Mavka, a Soul of the Forest, is chosen as the new guardian of the kingdom, with the primary mission of protecting the forest and its sacred Heart, the Source of Life itself, against any aggression or intrusion, including by humans. However, everything gets out of control when Mavka falls in love with Lucas, a young human. It is at that moment that Kylina, avaricious and opportunistic, sees the perfect chance to take over the forest and take over the Heart.

Mavka: Forest Adventure debut on the day September 21, only in theaters.

Greek Wedding 3 (21/9)

Greek Wedding Trailer 3 / Source: Universal Pictures Brasil via YouTube

Original title: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Greek wedding 3 is a film that combines romance e comedy, directed by and starring Nia vardalos. The cast also includes other household names such as Elena Kampouris, Gia carides e John Corbett. The plot pays homage to the actor Michael constantine, Toula's father in the first two films, who passed away in 2021. The franchise, made up of the films Greek wedding (2002) and Greek wedding 2 (2016), has grossed more than $400 million at the worldwide box office.

Synopsis: Join the Portokalos family on a family reunion in Greece, on a journey that promises to be hilarious and heartwarming, filled with love and full of twists and turns.

Greek wedding 3 debut on the day September 21, only in theaters.

The Silent Girl (21/9)

The Silent Girl Trailer / Source: Madman Films via YouTube

Original title: The Quiet Girl

The Silent Girl it's a movie drama starring Catherine Clinch, Andrew Bennett e Carrie Crowley, under the direction of Colm Bairead. The plot is an adaptation of Foster, a short story by Irish author Claire Keegan.

Synopsis: Due to financial problems, Cáit (Catherine Clinch), a nine-year-old girl, is taken away from her family to live with distant relatives on a farm. Seán (Andrew Bennett) and Eibhlín (Carrie Crowley), a middle-aged couple, manage to teach the young woman a new way of living.

The Silent Girl debut on the day September 21, only in theaters.

The Force of Friendship (21/9)

Trailer of A Força da Amizade / Source: goyaproducciones via YouTube

Original title: Ci alzeremo all'alba

The Force of Friendship is an Italian drama film starring Andrea Solombrino and directed by Jean-Marie Benjamin.

Synopsis: After a memorable visit to the Padre Pio church and museum, Luca, a very bright and determined 12-year-old boy, is inspired to embark on a meaningful investigation. His plan is to gather testimonials from people who had the privilege of knowing Padre Pio, in order to gather all their experiences in a book.

The Force of Friendship debut on the day September 21, only in theaters.

Our Dream (21/9)

Trailer of Nosso Sonho / Source: Trailer Cine via YouTube

Original title: Our dream

Our dream accumulators is a biopic Brazilian music that will portray the trajectory of the duo Claudinho and Buchecha, who left a significant mark on the music scene. The film is directed by Eduardo Albergaria, who co-wrote the screenplay in collaboration with Daniel Dias, Mauricio Lissovsk e Ferdinand Velasco. Lucas Hairstyle e Juan Paiva was the duo chosen to interpret the singers in the lead role.

Synopsis: Know the complete story of the duo Claudinho (Lucas Hairstyle) and Buchecha (Juan Paiva). See how their strength overcame many obstacles and took them from a community in Niterói to the top of the country's music charts.

Our dream debut on the day September 21, only in theaters.

The Expendables 4 (21/9)

The Expendables 4 Trailer / Source: Imagem Filmes via YouTube

Original title: The Expendables 4

The Expendables 4 it's a movie action e adventure directed by Scott waugh, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Megan Fox e Dolph Lundgren. Unlike previous films, the plot will not focus on Sylvester Stallone's character, Barney Ross. This time, the story will focus on Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham, alongside the character starring Megan Fox.

Synopsis: The Mercenaries are the last line of defense in the world and now, with a renewed team, they will have to face an arms dealer who commands a huge private army.

The Expendables 4 debut on the day September 21, only in theaters.

Bush or Hill (28/9)

Backstage scene of bush or hill
Scene from the backstage of Mato ou Morro / Source: A2 Filmes

Original title: bush or hill

bush or hill is a Brazilian film that unites comedy e suspense, starring Raphael Logan, Sasha Bali e Alejandra Grossi, with direction from Caco Souza. The script is signed by Enrico Peccin, who also serves as producer of the film with Gustavo Melo.

Synopsis: Marcos and Carlo are two friends who decide to venture out together, opening a guesthouse in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. To manage the establishment, they hire Paula and Álvaro, an Argentine couple who, after stealing a suitcase full of money, came to Brazil in search of refuge. What initially seems difficult becomes even more complicated when Paula and Carlo begin a romantic affair in secret, triggering a series of fatal events that push everyone over the edge.

bush or hill debut on the day September 28, only in theaters.

Resistance (28/9)

Resistance Trailer / Source: 20th Century Studios Brasil via YouTube

Original title: The Creator

Resistance it's a movie Science fiction with a cast starring John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Allison Janney e Ralph Inson. The direction was in charge of Gareth Edwards who participated in other works, such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Synopsis: The plot takes place in the distant future, in the midst of a conflict between humans and the forces of artificial intelligence. We follow Joshua's journey (John David Washington), a former special forces agent, recruited with the mission to locate and neutralize the Maker, the mysterious architect behind an advanced Artificial Intelligence with the potential to extinguish humanity. What Joshua and his team did not foresee is that such a powerful weapon would turn out to be an Artificial Intelligence in the form of a child.

Resistance debut on the day September 28, only in theaters.

Nosso Lar – Relaunch (28/9)

Nosso Lar Trailer – Re-release / Source: VEJA SÃO PAULO via YouTube

Original title: Our home

Our home it's a movie drama e fantasy released in 2011 and starring Renato PrietoFernando Alves Pinto Rosanne Mulholland. The film, based on the book Chico Xavier, the spiritual journey, was directed by Wagner de Assis. The film returned to theaters to promote the release of Our Home 2 which is due to hit theaters in January 2024.

Synopsis: Follow the spiritual journey of André Luiz, a doctor who says he spoke with Chico Xavier after going through a post-death experience. You will stay on top of all your pain and suffering story that was told in a kind of purgatory.

the relaunch of Our home debut on the day 28/9, only in theaters.

Bad for Dogs (28/9)

Ruim Pra Cachorro Trailer / Source: Universal Pictures Brasil via YouTube

Original title: Strays

bad for dogs it's a movie comedy adventure starring Will FerrellJamie FoxxWFisher Island and directed by josh greenbaum.

Synopsis: The plot revolves around Reggie, a naive and optimistic dog, who was abandoned on the city streets by his owner. Despite all the signs, Reggie believes he would never do that on purpose. His vision changes when he meets Bug, a stray who loves his freedom and believes that all owners are suckers. The unexpected duo teams up with a group of stray dogs to come up with a plan and teach Reggie's former owner a lesson.

bad for dogs debut on the day 28/9, only in theaters.

Reflection (28/9)

Reflection Trailer / Source: Film Movement via YouTube

Original title: Reflection

Reflection it's a movie drama with a cast consisting of Roman Lutskiy, Nika Myslytska e Nadia Levchenko. The direction was on account of the Ukrainian filmmaker Valentine Vasyanovych, who is also responsible for the screenplay.

Synopsis: Serhiy (Roman Lutskiy), a surgeon from Ukraine, is captured by Russian military forces in the middle of the conflict zone in the east of the country. While in detention, he is subjected to appalling situations of humiliation, violence and a complete lack of empathy.

Reflection debut on the day September 28, only in theaters.

Saw X (28/9)

Saw X Trailer / Source: ParisFilmes via YouTube

Original title: Saw X

Saw X it's a movie terror which represents the newest chapter in the Saw franchise. With direction of Kevin Greutert, known for his work on Saw VI (2009) and Saw – The Ending (2010), and written by Peter Goldfinger e J, the film features the return of villain John Kramer, played by Tobin Bell. The plot will take place between the events of the first and second film in the series. In addition to Bell's return, the cast includes the likes of Steve Brand, known for T (2011), and Synnove Madody Lund, from the series Ragnarok (2020)

Synopsis: Sick and desperate, John Kramer (Tobin Bell) leaves for Mexico with the intention of undergoing a medical procedure announced as risky and innovative. However, upon arriving at the destination, he soon realizes that it is a ruse to deceive already fragile individuals. Now, the infamous serial killer sets his most ingenious traps to turn the tables on the imposters, reminding everyone why he is feared.

Saw X debut on the day September 28, only in theaters.

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