Featured Image: Star+ September 2023 Releases: Season XNUMX of Impures and More

September 2023 Star+ Releases: Impuros Season XNUMX & More

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New season of Impuros, Grey's Anatomy and the start of the NFL season are just some of the Star+ launches in September. Check out the full list!

The month of September has arrived and along with it comes several news for Star+ subscribers. Emphasis on the return of Impuros, starring Raphael Logan, and the long-awaited new season of Grey's Anatomy, with surprises including the return of Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo. Don't miss the start of the season either NFL 2023/2024, with an electrifying match between Kansas City Chiefs, current Super Bowl champions, and the Detroit Lions, at Arrowhead Stadium.

New impure season, grey's anatomy and the start of the 2023/2024 nfl season are some of the highlights of September on star+
New season of Impuros, Grey's Anatomy and the start of the 2023/2024 NFL season are some of the highlights of September on Star+/ Image: Gabriel Princesval/Showmetech

Star+ exclusive series


Official trailer for Impuros / Source: Star+ via YouTube

Evandro do Dendê continues with its plans to expand international drug trafficking in the new season Impuros, the Brazilian series created by Alexander Fraga and starring Raphael Logan, Rui Ricardo Diaz e Sergio Malheiros.

In this new season, the intense battle for dominance over drug trafficking and “white gold” unfolds with increasing tension. The character Evandro do Dendê, played by Raphael Logam, persists in his bold plans to expand his drug trafficking operations internationally. However, his ventures abroad and his rise as a drug leader in Rio de Janeiro come into direct conflict with his family problems.

Watch more now new season of impures, available on Star +.

Brazilian productions

The Superfantastic History of the Balloon

Official trailer for The Super Fantastic Balloon Story / Source: Star+ via YouTube

The Superfantastic History of the Balloon is an original Brazilian documentary series from Star+ that marks the long-awaited reunion, four decades later, of the original members of the Turma do Balão Mágico: Simony, tob, Mike e jairzinho. In this exciting encounter full of nostalgia, we will explore the journey of this iconic children's group that transformed Brazilian music in the 1980s. In addition to revealing behind the scenes, the series shows that, behind the magic, there were long hours of work, family conflicts, disputes internal and a childhood that could not be lived.

The Superfantastic History of the Balloon is now available on Star +.

Call me Bruna

Scene from call me bruna
Scene from Me Chama de Bruna / Source: Star+

Call me Bruna is a Brazilian series that narrates the life of Bruna Surfistinha, one of the best known figures in Brazil who, for many years, acted as a call girl. The series was created by Marcia Faria and starring Maria Bopp, Simone Mazzer e Ariclenes Barroso.

Raquel (Maria Bopp) is a young middle-class woman who decides to become a call girl after being recruited by the pimp Stella (Carla Ribas). However, the newcomer arouses envy among her colleagues and quickly becomes the most coveted escort in São Paulo. The series follows the different phases of Raquel's life, from her first steps in the profession to the need to change locations due to competition for clients.

The four seasons of Call me Bruna are already available on Star +.

One Against All

Promotional image of one against all
Promotional image for Um Contra Todos / Source: Star+

One Against All is a drama series created by Breno silveira, Gustavo Lipsztein e Thomas Stavros. In the cast, stand out talents such as Julio Andrade, which gives life to the main character Cadu, along with Julia Ianina e Xando Graca. This acclaimed series, nominated for an International Emmy in the category of best drama series, tells the story of Cadu, an honest head of a family whose life takes a turn for the worse when he is unjustly arrested after being mistaken for the biggest drug dealer in the country.

Unmissable collections

Back to the future

Back to the Future trilogy is now available on star+
Back to the Future trilogy is now available on Star+ / Image: Gabriel Princesval / Showmetech

The Back to the Future trilogy is now available on Star+. This series of iconic science fiction films that began in 1985 has left a legacy in pop culture, adored by thousands of fans around the world to this day. In the films we are introduced to Marty McFly, a teenager who embarks on incredible time travel alongside his eccentric scientist friend, Dr. Brown, using a modified DeLorean. Travel through different eras, including the past and the future, as Marty and Doc face challenges to correct temporal paradoxes and prevent the future from being catastrophically changed.

the trilogy of Back to the future is now available on Star +.

new episodes

BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War — Season 2

Promotional image for bleach: thousand-year blood war
BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War promotional image / Source: Star+

BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War is an adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The series stars Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who acquires powers that allow him to see spirits and who becomes a Shinigami, a reaper of souls. In this saga, the world of Shinigami is threatened by a group of enemies known as the Quincies. Now, Ichigo and his Shinigami allies must unite to face this terrible threat, while dark secrets from the past are revealed.

The new episodes of BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War are already available on Star +.

Only Murders in the Building — Season 3

Promotional image for only murders in the building — season 3
Promotional image for Only Murders in the Building — Season 3 / Source: Star+

Only Murders in the Building is a series of comedy e mystery created by Steve Martin e John Hoffman, starring singer and actress Selena Gomez together with Steve Martin e Martin Short.

The plot unfolds on New York's Upper West Side, following three strangers who share an obsession with true crime and podcasts. Suddenly, when a murder happens in their own building, they decide to join forces to solve the mystery and create their own podcast about the case. However, they soon realize that a killer may be among them, putting everyone in danger.

The new episodes of Only Murders in the Building are already available on Star +.

Futurama – Season 11

Futuroma promotional image - season 11 / source: star+
Promotional image for Futurama – Season 11 / Source: Star+

A eleventh season of Futurama, the science fiction comedy animated series created by Matt Groening, the same creator of The Simpsons, now arrives on Star+ filled with the series' signature humor and exploration of futuristic and philosophical themes.

The plot unfolds in the 1999st century and follows the adventures of Philip J. Fry, a lazy pizza delivery man who is accidentally frozen in 1.000 and awakens XNUMX years in the future. He joins the team at Planet Express, a space delivery company, and starts working as a courier and going on great adventures.

The new episodes of the eleventh season of Futurama are already available on Star+.

On the Move — Season 1

Moving — season 1 promotional image
Promotional image for On the Move — Season 1 / Source: Star+

In motion is the newest drama on Star+. This South Korean production combines action e drama, being based on a webtoon by the South Korean artist KangFull. The main cast includes Lee Jungha, goyounjung e Kim Do Hoon.

The plot revolves around three young people who attend the same school and discover that they have inherited their parents' superpowers. However, the situation becomes more complicated when a series of murders devastates the center of Seoul, capital of South Korea. Faced with this challenge, they need to abandon the secrecy surrounding their abilities and prepare to take action.

The first season of In motion is now available on Star +.

Coming soon

Grey's Anatomy – Season 19

Scene from Grey's Anatomy
Scene from Grey's Anatomy / Source: Star+

Grey's Anatomy is an American medical television series created by Shonda Rhimes. The series premiered in 2005 and has become one of the most popular and long-running medical series on television.

The new episodes continue to explore the daily lives of professionals at Gray Sloan Memorial hospital, where decisions involving life and death are a constant everyday issue. In the long-awaited 19th season, fans of the series can count on the return of well-known characters, including the iconic Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo. However, this season, fans of the protagonist can expect a special surprise.

A new season of Grey's Anatomy reaches Star+ on the day September 6.

Buy Likes – New series

Buy likes promo image
Promotional image of Buy Likes / Source: Star+

Buy Likes is a series of comedy Brazilian film that takes a satirical look at the contemporary obsession with followers and likes on social media. Created by a talented duo composed of Andre Moraes e Ana Carol Machado, the series features an all-star cast that includes Fábio Lago, Ana Carolina Machado e Lucio Mauro Filho.

Follow the journey of Wagner, an aspiring actor who faces a series of casting rejections while making a living entertaining nursing homes and children's parties. In a desperate quest for stardom, he devises an audacious plan with the help of his friend Sarah and turns to eccentric guru Johnny Silva. Together, they explore the limits of what they're willing to do to achieve fame at any cost. With the professor's peculiar advice, Wagner builds a persona based on lies that, surprisingly, brings him success. However, when he is called to his first film role by an American director, he realizes that life on the big screen is not always a glamorous fairy tale.

Buy Likes, the new Star+ series, premieres on the day September 22.


NFL 2023 — Start of the season

nfl 2023 promo image
NFL 2023 promotional image / Source: Star+

A NFL, National Football League, is the main American football league in the United States, composed of 32 teams divided into two conferences: the American Conference (AFC) and the National Conference (NFC). It is considered one of the most popular leagues in the world.

The 2023/2024 season will start on September 7th, with the opening match between Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions, held at Arrowhead Stadium. It is worth mentioning that the Chiefs are the current Super Bowl champions. This regular season is scheduled to end on January 7, 2024, followed by the start of the playoffs on January 13. The Super Bowl, the grand finale of the event, is scheduled for February 11th and you will be able to follow all the details of this exciting season on Star+.

Follow the entire season NFL 2023 / 2024 No. Star + and don't miss any bids.

Premier League

Premier league promotional image
Premier League promotional image / Source: Star+

Do you want to watch Premier League online and don't know where? At Star+, you can enjoy the excitement of one of the main football leagues in the world, home to renowned teams and big football stars. Follow all the games of a season that promises to be electrifying. Defending league champions Manchester City, who also won the UEFA Champions League, are determined to defend their title. In the first month of the season, City already took the lead, winning all four games played and gaining 12 points on the league table.

Will any team have a chance against Guardiola's star squad? Don't miss any bids Premier League, available on Star +.

So, did you enjoy the Star+ launches in September? So, tell us here in the comments which of these releases you're most looking forward to watching and be sure to share the post with your friends and follow our website to stay up to date with other news like this.

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