Legion go, the laptop from lenovo | trio. Legion go leak, lenovo handheld console, russia aircraft is destroyed in lunar orbit and planet in earth core. This is your showmetech trio!

Legion Go, Lenovo's portable | TRIO

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Legion Go leak, Lenovo's handheld console, Russian aircraft is destroyed in lunar orbit and planet in Earth's core. This is your Showmetech TRIO!

O Showmetech TRIO is a compilation of the most interesting news of the week. Today we are going to talk about the leak of images from Legion Go, Lenovo's new portable console; We also brought information from the space agency Roscosmos who tried to send a spacecraft to the Moon, but ended up being destroyed before landing; And we will comment on the discovery that there is possibly a planet in the earth's core. This is Showmetech TRIO, your weekly news trio.

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Legion Go leak

Leaked images of legion go make the rounds on the internet. Image: smt
Leaked images of the Legion Go make the rounds on the internet. Image: SMT

Recently, the first images of Lenovo's new portable console were released, which intends to compete for its market share alongside the Steam Deck and the ROG Ally – and of course we cannot fail to mention the sales leader in the category, the Nintendo Switch.

Even after discontinuing its line of gaming smartphones, Lenovo remains committed to the industry and is gearing up for the launch of its next device, the Legion Go. Windows 11 and will be powered by AMD processors. However, the aspect that most attracted the attention of consumers in the leaked images was its striking resemblance to the design of the Nintendo Switch.

The outer shell of the console. Image: windows report
The outer shell of the console. Image: WindowsReport

The leak goes on to indicate that the Legion Go features an 8-inch screen and the ability to play Steam's top titles, offering a computer-like architecture. In the revealed images, an aspect that stands out is the presence of removable controls, which resemble the functionality of the joy-cons of the Nintendo Switch when used in handheld mode.

In the images it is possible to notice that there is a touchpad on the right side of the controller, now bearing a resemblance to the Steam Deck, which has touch pads on both ends of the console. In addition, on the back of this right control, we apparently see the presence of a wheel, like that of a mouse.

Among some features that will probably be present in the new console are the processor AMD Ryzen Z1 APU, or the version Z1 Extreme; large air outlet on the back for better ventilation of the device; two inputs for USB type C, a container for a memory card and a P2 input for headphones. Lenovo hasn't commented yet, so we can expect the official announcement any day now! Are you eager to take a look at the next notebook on the market?

Russia fails to land on the moon

Russia's attempt to land on the moon had a negative outcome last Saturday, August 19th. the spaceship Moon-25 failed to successfully complete its descent, resulting in a failure during the operation.

Legion go, the laptop from lenovo | trio. Legion go leak, lenovo handheld console, russia aircraft is destroyed in lunar orbit and planet in earth core. This is your showmetech trio!
The rocket carrying the Luna-25 lunar station that took off from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia. Image: PCMag

According to the Russian space agency Roscosmos, some kind of anomaly occurred when the spacecraft was in the process of adjusting to enter a descent orbit. The automatic procedure did not go quite as planned, which ended up leaving the spacecraft's position in an "unpredictable orbit", resulting in the accident.

Through an official statement, Roscosmos confirmed the failure of the mission, indicating that the spacecraft deviated to an unexpected trajectory and had its integrity compromised due to the impact with the lunar surface.

The luna-25 still at roscosmos station. Image: ap news
Luna-25 still at Roscosmos station. Image: AP News

The main purpose of the Luna-25 mission, according to Roscosmos, was to demonstrate Russia's ability to transport a payload to the Moon, while also aiming to ensure the possibility of access to the lunar surface for future endeavors.

Until then, it is uncertain whether Russia plans another attempt to land on the Moon. Roscosmos may face challenges in obtaining the necessary materials and components, given the current sanctions against the country due to the war against Ukraine, even if some companies have opted to for not following them. In addition, the significant devaluation of the ruble russo it entails higher costs for manufacturing new spacecraft.

A planet in the Earth's core?

The Earth's inner core, responsible for creating the protective magnetic field vital for life as we know it, has been the subject of intense research. A team of scientists led by University of Utah, supported by US National Science Foundation, decided to explore the subject using seismic waves from earthquakes.

Scientists imagine that in the center of the earth there is a place with an atmosphere similar to that of a planet. Image: weather
Scientists imagine that in the center of the Earth there is a place with an atmosphere similar to that of a planet. Image: Weather

For a long time, the inner core was considered a solid, uniform sphere. However, recent research, such as that of guanning pang from Cornell University, revealed that the core has different textures and shapes, even being different depending on where it is being analyzed, going against the previous view of a perfect metallic sphere.

An earlier study led by Pang found discrepancies in the rotations between the Earth and its inner core, possibly triggering a change in the length of days between 2001 and 2003. Keith Koper, affirms that "it's like a planet within a planet that has its own rotation and is uncoupled by this great ocean of molten iron".

Using seismic information, researchers have identified that the inner core of the earth has a diversity of structures. Image: time
Using seismic information, researchers have identified that the Earth's inner core has a diversity of structures. Image: Weather

It was in 1936 that scientists used seismic waves for the first time to assert the solidity of the inner core. Previously, it was believed that the core was liquid due to its high temperature, close to 5.537 ° C, comparable to the solar surface.

At some point in Earth's history, the inner core began to go through the process of "nucleation“, transforming into a solid state under the intense pressures in the planet’s core. Although the beginning of this process is still unknown, the research team was able to obtain crucial information from the seismic data, providing valuable clues about this process. solidification.

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Source: PC Mag e Time.

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